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Aristocratic Resentment (2nd Edit)

Ye Chen’s eyes dropped to the bustling nightlife outside the window, his exquisitely graceful face exaggerated by the dim lighting. Half bright and half dark, making him seem even more miserably lonely.

“Chen. . . . What happened?” Yun Ruoxi was an experienced woman, so her bitterness and jealousy merely flashed by. In front of Ye Chen, she was always gentle and considerate.

“Today I met my father.” Ye Chen’s gloomy voice came out ice-cold with hate.

Yun Ruoxi tenderly hugged him from behind, she had guessed right. These many years, every time after he saw his father, his mood would go out of control.

“It’s ok, there’s no problem!” Her voice was soft and gentle like a mother’s caress that brushed over Ye Chen’s heart, and his taut muscles slowly relaxed.

Yun Ruoxi only knew that Ye Chen was an illegitimate child and that his mother was a dancer who had raised him alone until he was 10 years old. When he turned 10, he had returned to the Ye household.

Mr. Ye had originally planned on marrying his mother as his third wife. Who could have predicted what happened the third day after they returned to the Ye household.

The Ye House’s young master, Ye Yukun, was stabbed by someone on Mr. Ye’s bed. When he died, his clothing was messy, and the suspect of the murder was Ye Chen’s mother.

When she was taken away by the police officers, his mother had suddenly broken free of them and ran towards a truck. She was run over on the spot.

The truth about Ye Yukun’s murder following the death of Ye Chen’s mother, became an unresolved case that produced nothing in the end.

These matters Ye Chen naturally hadn’t told her.

In those years, this case of aristocratic resentment had actively spread. A common woman waiting on a father and son, regardless of love, it was taboo. . . a scandal that went everywhere.

Mr. Ye exploited his connections to forcibly squash this scandal then, ten days later, he married his current wife.

As a result, this disturbance slowly grew tranquil, until only Ye Chen was bitter. At the time, he had also been there on the scene of the vicious case, and he’d seen his mother being taken away before she ran and was hit by a truck.

Because of this incident, Ye Chen didn’t open his mouth to speak for three years.

He had contracted a severe mental illness.

Yun Ruoxi had been with him for many years, but she had never heard him mention anyone from the Ye Household or his mother. In Ye Chen’s world, it was like he had always been alone.

Eternally by himself.

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