Translator: Mandarin

TLC: Tangerine

Do You Love Me? (3rd Edit)

“Chen, have you sincerely loved anyone?” Yun Ruoxi softly asked, a hand covering his heart. Who had this place once loved?

“I love you!” Ye Chen’s gaze swept past the fair hand on his chest as he unenthusiastically spoke.

Love. . . what is that?

In his words, it was an excessively luxuriant thing.

All those he loved left him in the end; so, he had learned since he was young that he shouldn’t love anyone.

In any case, if they wanted to leave in the end, then what use was love?

He didn’t fall in love, so when he left them it wasn’t sad. He wouldn’t cry, and he wouldn’t shut himself down like an idiot. He also didn’t lose his willpower to keep on living.

He was already fed up with the pain of loss.

Mother, younger sister. . .and also. . . and also who else? He couldn’t recall clearly. He always felt that there was still another, but he couldn’t remember her face. Still, Ye Chen knew that they had all left him.

Once he tried to reach out and grab them, his fingers would only come back empty with loneliness.

Nothing would remain.

If he forgot the cold and lonely nights and the quiet emptiness, then Ye Chen felt that this kind of life wasn’t too bad. He didn’t want to bear another loss.

There were some things that, to some people, they couldn’t afford to lose. As a result they would no longer have courage.

Yun Ruoxi smilingly laughed, her graceful and beautiful face was full of happiness and satisfaction, “No matter what you say, you have let me accompany you for so many years. I’m very happy.”

She knew that Ye Chen didn’t love anyone.

Even if the rumor outside was that she was his true love and that their feelings for each other were very serious.

However, which man with a dearly loved girlfriend can continuously change girls? There was no way she could endure this kind of thing.

Yun Ruoxi knew, Ye Chen was only lonely. . . .

And also insecure, that’s all.

In other words, it really was quite ridiculous, stirring up problems in the business world. The Iron Fist, Ye Sanshao, could be insecure?

Surely it was a fantasy. However, Yun Ruoxi knew, Ye Sanshao really lacked security because he had already sealed himself off for three years. Once he had had a severe mental illness, and he had become indifferent towards the entire world.

However, sometimes she would think that he was waiting for someone.

He would often gaze into her eyes while being lost in thought, and—although he never kissed her—he frequently kissed her eyes tenderly and only for that moment.

Only for that moment would Yun Ruoxi feel that she was blessed.

A woman’s intuition was always very accurate. She knew that there really was someone, and that everyone else was a substitute for them. However, she had tried to discover this person’s identity for many years, but couldn’t find it.

When all was said and done, they must be some kind of god to be able to make him think of them for so long.


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