Chapter 28 – Location


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「Stand! Bow!」



『Please take care of us!』


「Well then, let’s begin this afternoon’s homeroom~」




「Everyone, please go straight home after homeroom is over~」





「Then, that’s the end of homeroom.」


「Stand! Bow!」


『Thank you very much!』



「Yosh! Homeroom is over! Yamata, where do you wanna go?」

「Let’s go to the game center! Game center!」






Haa, school’s finally over for today…… but Yamata’s group of normies sure is super noisy. Didn’t Sensei tell us to go home? Also, in contrast, although homeroom is over, it’s a relief that Asakura-san isn’t letting loose and being quiet instead. (Andou)




Yeeeeessshhhhhhh! Homeroom has finally ended! With this, it will be the study group session alone with Andou-kun after this! (Asakura)



「…………」*glance* *glance*




Hm? For some reason Asakura-san is meaningfully glancing at me…… Is there something—- Ah! Is it perhaps about the study group? Eh, does Asakura-san, by any chance…… intend to have the study group today?! Err, I only casually mentioned that we’ll do it next time during break but…… (Andou)




「……….. U-umm Asakura-sa—–」

「About the study group!」




Uwaaaaaaaa! As I thought, Asakura-san intends to have the study group session today! Oh—That’s right…… Asakura-san is obviously the type who’s very fond of studying. Is it better to have the study group today?…… But, where are we going to have this study group after school? (Andou)



「But Asakura-san, about the location…… 」

「How about we do it at the library?」

「Aa, that’s right. Now that you mention it, we could do that. Then, let’s—-」


「invite class rep at once too」

「…… Mm?」

「Eh, err, I mean isn’t class rep also joining the study group?」



T-that’s right! I thought that I’m certainly the only one who was invited to the study group, but class rep was also there from the start. If that’s the case, following the course of events, isn’t it only natural that the study group was meant for everyone who was there?! B-but…… then my long awaited study group with just Andou-kun will be! (Asakura)



「A-Andou-kun, do you have a minute?」

「Class rep! Good timing. I was about to call you out.」

「About the study group right? Speaking of that, I can’t join you.」

「Eh, why?!」

「I have to attend the library committee meeting today. That’s why, can you have the study group without me? Also, since we are have the meeting, you can’t use the library today.」

「Aa, it can’t be helped then.」

「Yes, that seems so.」


Well, that’s a lie though. There’s no reason for me to join the study group in the first place. By leaving Andou-kun and Asakura-san alone, this ought to develop their relationship! They can’t screw around in the library since the other students will also be there, but if the library can’t be used, isn’t a family restaurant their only option? Also, with the casual dating atmosphere, their relationship should deepen…… Fufufu, as expected of me! (Class rep)



「Having that said, please go 『elsewhere』 to enjoy your study session, okay~」

「Alrighty~ class rep」

「C-class rep…… ?」



Asakura-san, the rest is up to you! (Class rep)

No way! Did class rep do this for me?! I understand. I…… will do my best! (Asakura)



「Class rep has left eh. Asakura-san, where shall we do it?」

「I-I wonder~~」


Aaaaaaaaa! Even though I said I’ll do my best, but, in this situation, what’s a good place to suggest? A location that we can study at, besides the library…… my house? No no no! My house is the best place for sure, but there is an exceptional nuisance by the name of ‘Mama’. But, if I were to suggest anywhere else…… (Asakura)


「Yup, as I thought, there is no place safer than home.」


It can’t be helped then…… Even if Mama is at home, this is still the perfect chance to be together with Andou-kun! To repay class rep’s sacrifice, my house will be—– (Asakura)


「Alright~~Then, Asakura-san. Let’s go to my house?」


「……….. Eh?」


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