Chapter 30 – Physical Contact (Skinship)


TL: Agni

TLC: Kriz

Editor: Puissansa

First Published on Ainushi


「Still, being my room isn’t wise, is it alright if we study in the living room?」

「Yes, not a problem.」

「That’s great. Then, Asakura-san, could you sit on that side over there?」


To be honest, I really wanted to see Andou-kun’s room…… but it’ll be improper for me to say such a thing. B-but…… if being in Andou-kun’s room is an impossible feat, then at least! (Asakura)


「A-Andou-kun! That…… about where I will sit, is it okay if I sit next to you instead of sitting across from you…… ?」

「Eh?! W-why?」


What! What? WHAT!? What’s wrong with you, Asakura-san? Asakura-san who’s been a bit weird of late is now acting even weirder! (Andou)


「D-don’t misunderstand me! It’s not as if I think that it’ll be nice to sit beside you, I’m just not used  to seeing your face from up front since I usually sit next to you! That’s why, b-b-by sitting next to you like usual, I won’t be so nervous, as I’ve grown accustomed to see Andou-kun’s face from the side, that’s all it is!」

「M-mm? Hmmm??? O-okay……」


F-fuee…… I wonder if I managed to deceive him?? I was a bit nervous, so I answered vaguely, but wasn’t the gist of it 『It’s hard to see Andou-kun’s notes from the opposite side』 ? As expected of me! Despite being nervous, I was able to promptly think up such a splendid excuse! (Asakura)


What? What did Asakura-san say just now? I’ve a feeling that she declared something like ‘I have always been looking at you from the seat beside you’……. ? Eh, doesn’t that mean Asakura-san has always been looking at me in class? Pourquoi*? Why? As I thought, towards me, Asakura-san is—– nononono! Don’t be deceived, Andou! A loner’s happiness index for a day is scarce, so even if it isn’t much, a loner will instantly jump to his own conclusions when something happy occurs……. So don’t carry any hope! Don’t harbor any desires! You must believe that any good will is merely lip service! …………. Fiuuh, it’s okay now.  Asakura-san must be kinda nervous to be invited to my house, so surely her speech just now unintentionally came out in the spur of moment. I think she doesn’t even understand what she had just said. If that’s the case, I can simply brush it off like it was nothing. (Andou)


「Then, go ahead and…… sit next to me」

「E-excuse me……」




I-I’ve to say something! (Asakura & Andou)


「So, should we start with mathematics?」

「Sure. But given that it’s you,  I can’t teach you much on that though.」


Now, my goal for this study session is 『to physically touch Andou-kun’s body』……….. But, how should I physically touch him? Nn~n, that’s right! At times like this, how about I use the light novels that I’ve always been reading as reference? U~mm, according to the development of the light novel that I recently read, what comes next is …… (Asakura)


「Then, Asakura-san. For a start, how about we review this question that came out in the last proficiency test?」


This is it! If this is the light novel, this is the scene where I move my face very close to Andou-kun while I say 『Eh, let me see?』, then Andou-kun will say 『Eh, UWAA!』 as he becomes surprised at the proximity of my face and his chest beats faster! A-Alright! (Asakura)


「Eh, l-let me—–」

「Ah, I dropped my eraser」


Eh? Isn’t Andou-kun’s face suddenly too close to —– (Asakura)

Eh? Why is Asakura-san’s face this close to—– (Andou)



「Eh, guaah!」


Oouch! Why was Andou-kun’s face so close……uu, because of that I head-butted him with all of my strength……. With this, instead of his chest, it’s his head that is 『throbbing』! (Asakura)


「A-Asakura-san, are you alright? That was a fairly hard bump.」

「E-Eh…… I’m sorry. My eyesight is a bit bad. Rather than that, aren’t you in pain? Didn’t I bump into you at almost full force?」

「Aa, it’s okay. I am surprisingly thick headed, you know.」

「I-Is that so.」


That was careless of me. I didn’t expect  Asakura-san to lean in as I bowed my head. It is cramped enough for two people to sit side by side at this small table. Though our bodies are involuntarily close to each other, as such, right now I have to be even more careful not to carelessly bump into her….. (Andou)


Uu…… That was a failure earlier, but I’ll get it right this time! This time for sure! The next strategy is to make his hand touch mine by matching Andou-kun’s timing when he stretches his hand at the table! (Asakura)


「Asakura-san, so for this question——」


Here it comes! Right now Andou-kun is about to point his finger to 『question number 8』! Alright, I’ll match the timing and put my hand there! (Asakura)


「This question, I won—-」

「Ah, this textbook! There is a typo in here!」


Eh, Andou-kun, why is he pulling back the textbook at this moment……? (Asakura)


「—-der!」 *Guh!*


Ah, ouuuch! I sprained my finger……but, somehow I was able to gather all of my strength to stop—– (Asakura)




「Eeeeeeeeeh? A-Asakura-saaaan!? Why did you smack the table that hard!?」

「…………. There was a bug」

「I-is that so……. Your finger must be hurting, are you okay?」

「……. I-It’s okay」


What’s up with her? Why is Asakura-san acting really strange today? (Andou)


I’ll get it for sure next time! Next time, I’ll……..! Andou-kun, this study session has only just begun! Get ready, before this day is over, I will absolutely touch your body! Whether it’s your evasion skills, or my body which wears out from self-inflicted wounds, I wonder who will emerge as the winner! (Asakura)


How should I put it, even though I’ve been careful not to touch Asakura-san, why has she been pouncing towards me since a while back?! (Andou)


TN Notes:

(1) Why’ in French. In raw Andou-kun used ‘why’ in English lol

Class Rep’s fan art by BabyDylan~

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