Chapter 31 – Not Yet


TL: Agni

TLC: Kriz

Editor: Puissansa

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TN: As suggested by one of our reader, I’ll add number beside the text I’m referred to in the TN notes. Thank you, and any other suggestion to make this translation better will be much appreciated :’D


「In this problem, you need to substitute the number first. And then by doing so, it will turn into a simplified expression?」


I wonder why…… since a while ago I’ve had this odd feeling that Asakura-san tried to bump into me on purpose…… Was I just imagining it? But I have been in that kind of perilous situation numerous times already. (Andou)


Andou-kun… he is surprisingly formidable, isn’t he? Somehow, he’s been deftly avoiding my attempts at physical contact since just now. But rather than that…… (Asakura)


「Wait a second! Andou-kun, why are you suddenly writing the solution while saying ‘it will turn into a simplified expression?’ What about the equation……」

「Eh, isn’t it troublesome to especially write the equation?」

「What…… are you saying? When you’re doing the calculations, aren’t you supposed to write the equations down??」

「Nope, you see. First, take a look at the question.」


「Find the equation needed to solve the problem.」


「After that picture the answer in your head?」


「Then write that answer on the paper. So, since I’ve found the answer, it’s troublesome to add the calculations before it……」

「Hold it hold it hold it? What, Andou-kun? Did you solve all the questions in the test using mental calculation?」

「That’s right」

「Haaah? Wait, Andou-kun, show me your test!」
「My test? Uuum…… ah! Here it is.」

「Let’s see~~ uwaa……」


H-he was telling the truth. Andou-kun’s mathematics test…… in every problem except the last question, he simply wrote down the answers instead of constructing the equations first. (Asakura)


「You are skillful enough to not make even a single mistake while calculating… 」

「It’s alright. You see, in mathematics, once you’ve got the equation, the remaining task is merely things like addition and multiplication. But, for the last question, it’s indispensable to write the equation even though I found it to be a bother」

「Indeed, the instructions for the last question is always 『write the equation used』 —– Hold on, you don’t mean…… ?」

「Nn, it seems that the mathematics teacher said 『Since Andou always got full marks despite not writing down the equations, the last question will be made veeeeery difficult in accordance to Andou’s level. Of course, points will be deducted if the corresponding equation isn’t  written down』 and made that question」

「Heeee…… So, you mean that one of the reasons why I couldn’t get full marks on mathematics was because I missed one score on that aaaaaawfully hard last question?」


In other words, I couldn’t get full marks in mathematics because of Andou-kun! Unforgivable! Andou-kun, I won’t simply let this —— (Asakura)


「It’s okay! That’s the reason why I’m teaching you mathematics! I will absolutely help you to earn full marks!」
「Yes!」 *zukyuuuun!*


No way…… Andou-kun was so cool! Eh…… this is bad! It’s like I’ve been charmed by Andou-kun’s, right. Something like this, the situation where only my heart is throbbing because of Andou-kun, it’s not fair! Soon, I’ll make sure to be successful in having physical contact with Andou-kun and have his heart throb for me instead…… Alright, let’s take a break for a while to contact class rep and hold a strategy meeting with her. (Asakura)


「Andou-kun, can I use the bathroom for a while?」

「Nn, you will see it once you exit the hallway」

「Then, please excuse me—-ah 」


C-crap…… I tried to get up but my feet are numb, more numb than I had expected…… m-my balance is……  (Asakura)



「Eh, Asakura-sa——guh!」


Uu…… why, of all people, did I trip on my feet and fall down…… e-eh? Although I fell, it’s surprisingly not painful? (Asakura)


「Uu…… 」

「Eh——– Andou-kun!?」


No way! I fell over and pinned him down!? Ah, but, this could be considered physical contact, right? Alrighty! In that case, I’ve cleared the goal assigned by class rep! (Asakura)


What——happened? Asakura-san was about to fall down…… aa, is that why I am pinned under her…… well, as long as Asakura-san is safe—— (Andou)




Monyu…… What is this? (Asakura & Andou)





My hand is—— (Andou)

My chest is—–I? (Asakura)


「Nooooooooooooooooooo! Andou-kun, you pervert!」


Shit! Isn’t this Asakura-san’s breast! This is bad…… I can’t keep my hands off Asakura-san’s breast as my instincts going against my reasoning…… what an amazing suction power like Dy*n (1)! (Andou)


「T-till when are you gonna keep touching it!」

「Thank– (2)…… umm, you got it wrong! Asakura-san——-gah!」


Oh nuooooooooo! Andou-kun was doing such a crude thing to…… to my breasts! My breast was, by a-a-a-a-a-Andou-kun! I was so ashamed that I reflexively slapped Andou-kun……  (Asakura)


「I-I’m going to the bathroom」

「……… okay」


Doing such things…… it’s still too early for that! (Asakura)


I-It’s soft…… (Andou)


TN Notes:
(1) Referencing Dyson Electronics. Dyson Electronics –> vacuum cleaner (being one of their product) –> suction power…

(2) He was about to thank her for the treat *coughs*, before realizing he was close to dig his own grave.

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