2-7: I Became a Mother

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

First published on Ainushi


「Will a ring on your left hand do?」


It was like the posture of a prince proposing to a princess in a fairy tale. I blanked out. Erm, wait a minute.


「… A ring?」

「Yes. No good?」


He also tilted his head in confusion, like a solo performance.


Should I make Leonard-sama kneel on his knees? Although I wasn’t going to make him do it, I began ranting at him to release my hand.   


「Listen here, Leonard-sama. Please don’t mind me saying this but you made a lot of suggestive remarks」


「Yes. Like asking me if I was fine with being bestowed with a ring and the posture you struck like you were proposing to me. Frankly speaking, this can only incite misunderstandings. If it was any ordinary women, they would certainly be under the illusion that you are interested in them」

「… Even you, Lily?」


Leonard-sama’s sudden gloomy gaze and sigh made me smile slightly.  


「Didn’t I say “If it was any ordinary woman”? I am your maid. You should know very well that I have no such intentions 」

「That’s a relief」

「But normally, it would a cause a misunderstanding. Please be more careful」

「Mm, I understand… So no to the ring?」


   Didn’t I say clearly it was a no?


「Typically, a man would give a woman a ring if he was courting her. If it’s to be worn on the left hand, that would still be inappropriate」


「Because an engagement or wedding ring is worn on the left hand」


More specifically, it’s worn on the left hand ring finger. Even in this world, an engaged or married person will wear their ring on that hand. I wish you would comprehend that as common sense.  


「If I wore a ring on my left hand and furthermore, if people knew it was a gift from you, they will greatly misunderstand」

「I see」


To be honest, I feel unease if there was a misunderstanding. It would be simply terrifying if the maids and ladies-in-waiting that were aiming for Leonard-sama were to find out. I honestly don’t want to fan their jealousy.   


「Then, will you be fine with a bracelet?」

「If it can be covered by my cuffs」

「Mm. Okay」


Rather, I’m a bit curious.


「Would a pendant not work?」

「When you’re moving and touching things with your hands, it would be best to have it as close to you as possible. Pendants are effective for protective magic. By having it on your chest, it will spread out in a circular shape and cover your entire body」


Heh, so there was such a difference.


「… Was that interesting?」

「Yes. I don’t know much about magic so it was very interesting」

「I see」


Seeing Leonard-sama slightly pleased, I smiled.


Yeah, I don’t dislike this sort of atmosphere.


Magic tools, as the name implies, are tools that have special magic and power dwelling within them. It is produced by embedding a magic stone. That is as much as I know as it is an object that has nothing to do with me, given that I possess no magic.


Oh! By the way, as I am unable to emit mana, the magic tool bracelet that he created was designed using a special method for my exclusive use. As long as I wear it, it looks like I’m able to use all of Leonard-sama’s constructed magic tools. In other words, this means I can operate all the devices within the mansion.   


Leonard-sama is truly an unusual magician.


「…You made the whole thing…」


It was so strange to see the silver bracelet form before my very eyes. I recalled Leonard-sama move something that looked like silver powder in accordance with his finger till it turned into liquid, then it formed a ball in mid-air and spread out until it formed the shape of a really fine bracelet. There was a fine pattern that was only engraved on the surface and to finish it off, there was a rose-colored stone embedded into it that emitted a gentle glow.



「Mm. Try it on」


As I was still flabbergasted, Leonard-sama handed the bracelet over.


「Eh? Oh, yes…」


Wow! This is the first time I’ve seen such a pretty bracelet. It was surprisingly light when I tried it on nervously. This won’t likely be a nuisance for me. Moreover, it’s adorable.


The pattern was probably some sort of character that was imbued with magic. It was a neat decoration that I thought was awfully refined.    


Come to think about it, Leonard-sama also came up with the interior for Jill’s room. You have good taste as expected, Leonard-sama. I mean, you got my taste dead on.


「Is it strange?」

「No, it’s really pretty and it feels nice to wear. It’s my first time wearing such a lovely bracelet」

「I’m glad you like it」


Satisfied, Leonard-sama smiled fondly. He took my left hand, started rotating and setting the bracelet in motion to check it.


「The circuit and structural formula are fine. As there’s an authentication spell applied to it, no one else can use this besides you. The spell is working… However, isn’t it a bit big?」

「Somewhat. But not to the point that it falls off from my hand, so it’s fine」


Although it spins around easily. Well, it’s tolerable.


「I can easily add other things too, so tell me if you need them」


So saying, Leonard-sama released my left hand. I cheerfully thanked him whilst bowing.


「Yes, thank you」


But unless it’s a genuine issue, I won’t alter it.  After all, he went out of his way to make this for me.


「Can this also be worn when I’m sleeping or in the bathroom?」

「If it’s not a bother, then I’d like you to keep it on as much as possible. But would you be okay with that?」

「I would hate to lose it. After all, you gave this to me and as much as possible, I don’t want to remove it」



  Leonard-sama nodded his head somewhat delighted, grabbing my hand again to explain everything bit by bit.


「This bracelet will protect you. I’ve enchanted it with that sort of spell too」


「Yes. Because there’ll be all sorts of dangers」


… I became uneasy, wondering what sort of dangers. Yes, what is so dangerous to the extent that you must protect me?


「Dangers as in…」

「Jill. And you may likely be dragged into my affairs as well」


Umm, he was probably referring to Jill losing control over her magic, right?


「Your affairs…?」

「There are people who hate me. They are very unpleasant. You might get dragged in because of them」

「Basically… There are people out there who are hostile towards you?」

「Mm… There’s some magicians and some nobles」


… Leonard-sama, just what did you do… Ah! Could it possibly be…?


「Did they suddenly become hostile as you were talking to them?」

「…Mm, you understood it well」


Ah– Yeah. It’s pretty obvious. Probably because Leonard-sama doesn’t say much, they misunderstood him and was exasperated by him. Being a poor talker seriously puts him at a disadvantage.


「For now, I understand」



What sort of adversary would go so far as to have danger possible befall a maid? When I unconsciously made a distant look, Leonard-sama suddenly smiled slightly.  

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