Chapter 17 – As I suspected, I lack common sense!?!?

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After a while, the two raised their heads; seeing that I nodded my head, they seemed to be relieved. Kei-san had a bitter smile on his face when I looked at him.

[I’m really sad. Because Az will be going to Tournons. I was hoping that Az would stay in this country. You are an important tea friend that I want to enjoy being with together forever. To not shame Az who changed our lives, I will fulfil my duties in this country.  If possible, I would have liked it if you would watch over this Kingdom next to us. In any case, though I should have been determined since four years ago, it seems that I was pathetically unaware and acted stupidly. But to think that I didn’t notice until I met Az, how disappointing. When you return from Tournons, I’ll work hard so that Az won’t be disillusioned. This time for sure, I won’t be a fool.]

As he suddenly stood up from the bed, he walked towards me. While I was trying to figure out what was happening, he suddenly straightened up and put his right hand over his chest. Seriously what in the world is going on!? What’s happening!?

[I vow to the Kingdom. I won’t be caught up with foolish people. I swear by my life to create a country where the citizens aren’t harmed and live happily. …I will show you a country filled with smiles.]

As soon as Kei-san finished speaking, Ani-san also stood next to Kei-san. Their heights were really tall, so the feeling of pressure from their stature was impressive. It seemed like the chairs are about to fall backwards. … should I also stand up!? While I was panicking by myself, Ani-san also placed his right hand over his chest. Hiii!

[I vow to the Kingdom. I will eradicate those foolish people, and protect the citizens and this country with my life. I will support and protect my brother, and together make a country overflowing with smiles. I will work hard to make a country that Az won’t be ashamed of.]

I was lost for words. How should I react to this? In the first place, why would you vow in front of me? Is this harassment against me because I was mad just now? No no, they aren’t the type to do that, it’s not about that!! Both of them are seriously telling me, with their strong gazes. What’s with making a country I won’t be ashamed of. I’m just a normal commoner!? I guess it means a country where commoners can live happily…or not? I don’t understand it at all. Anyway, such a thing, I’m not someone who can accept those words. But they spoke to me so seriously that I can’t say anything. Such passion…if the King saw these two, he would definitely work harder.

[Umm, if there are nobles like Kei-san and Ani-san, then I’m sure it will become a wonderful country. The King as well, if the nobles -… the retainers? If they who cared about the country and people are next to the King, they would be like a thousand forces!

I can’t do anything, but I’ll cheer you on, and I’ll pray that this country will become one where the people are overflowing with smiles, even more than now.]

I recalled the time when I met the tattered two today.

[But, don’t overwork yourselves. Though you guys said you would bet your life on it, please treasure yourselves more. I don’t think someone who can’t treasure themselves could protect others…I don’t want you guys to get tattered and hurt again anymore. Don’t forget that there’s someone who wants to see you two keep smiling]

When I finished speaking, I remembered that I was still sitting, so when I tried to stand up in a hurry the two of them started laughing. You don’t have to laugh!! This is because of you two in the first place. But, as the sense of pressure from before vanished, strength started leaving my body. Seeing me like that, Ani-san started stroking my head while laughing.

[We’ve became strongly attracted to Az, not because of your amazing swordsmanship or magic, but by talking to you and coming to know you. Az is an indispensable and important existence to us. Since Az is important to us, we will prioritise Az’s feelings. Just come back to this country. I’ll be waiting.]

When I looked up at the two, they were looking at me with such a very gentle smile that I started to blush. Like…I give up already…

[Thank you for your warm words. I feel grateful that you two wonderful people think of me as important. When I come back to this country one day, would you have a cup of tea with me again?]

When I’m finally free from Koihana, I would like to return to this important and warm place.

[Of course. I’m looking forward to that time. Don’t feel grateful but throw out your chest out with pride. Because that’s how important you are to us.]

The two started laughing – I also started laughing.  It was a very warm time.

[Before I go to Tournons, may I invite you over for tea again?]

Kei-san turned shy when he heard that. Why are you being bashful!? It’s a crime for such an ikemen to blush!!

[I think I still have about half a year left, so I’d be happy if you came. Just make sure you are unscathed!!]

As I said that with my cheeks puffed out, Ani-san suddenly started speaking.

[It will be fine. I’ll protect him this time. So can I come together as well?]

[Of course! But Ani-san can’t be injured as well!? It’s a promise.]

When we all started laughing, Kei-san suddenly opened his mouth like he just remembered something.

[That reminds me, that person also wants to meet Az. It has been quiet lately, but after what happened recently, that person started making a fuss again. If I can’t keep that person obedient, would you come with me? Would that be alright?]

[Who is ‘that person’!? why does that person want to meet me?]

When I asked timidly, Ani-san started asking.

[Could it be, your…the lady?…Does…sister-in-law, know about Az?]

Ani-san…why the subtle questioning? And you even rephrased it. I wonder why? Do they not get along?? No, rather than that, is “that person” your wife!? Say it properly, like your wife or bride~!!

For some reason, the two of us seemed rather anxious about it, while Kei-san smiled wryly in response and replied.

[Ahh. 4 years ago, when she found out that I only told Az about our marriage, she was astonished. Even though it was a political marriage, I was really mad at that man who came onto my wife. So I proposed, after the advice from Az.

Of course I couldn’t say anything more about it! She kept asking me whose suggestion was it, I was really troubled at that time. She asked me about it so much that when I told her, she became really excited. Well, that was then and now we talk about many things, and I’ve shared everything.]

[So it was like that. I guess…. certainly if that’s the reason, it would be difficult to calm her down.]

As Ani-san said that while sighing, I pulled back a little. If such a strong-willed lady comes here, one would worry about what she will say, right? In the first place, I’ve never had a chance to speak with females in this life and in my previous life, so I’m not very good at it!! Hm?? But, since I can face these two ikemens, I feel like the me right now might be able to do it!!

Or rather, it might be a bit late to ask this now but, how old are these two actually? From my observations, Kei-san seems to be in his thirties while Ani-san in his twenties.

[Um… there’s something I want to ask you two. Can I?]

Kei-san also seems fine now, so I’ll continue asking when they sat down. I’ll sit on the edge of the bed.  The two said it was okay as they sat down, so I decided to ask.

[It’s a bit late asking now but, how old are you two?]

They looked at each other and wryly smiled.

[It seems that we really didn’t tell you anything. I’m 41 years old and Ani is 34 years old.]


…What!? Does everyone in this country make themselves look young? I thought it was strange that time with Mooks-san, but… Haa? 41 years old and 34 years old? They definitely don’t look like it. Not at all!!

[Hm? Is something wrong?]

Ani-san tilted his head as he asked. No no no… they’re not lying right? It can’t be helped even if they were lying.

[The two of you look really young!? Kei-san looks like he is in his thirties and Ani-san in his twenties!]

The two of them had a strange look on their faces.

[That’s, because of that. It’s because we are in our adult phase.]

To Ani-san’s words, a question mark floats on top of my head. …Hm? Adult phase?? What’s that??? I don’t know anything about it. The two were dumbfounded when they noticed that I didn’t know what it meant.

[Perhaps, Az doesn’t know about it?]

Ani-san who was still stunned asked me.

[I’m not sure what it is that I don’t know about, so I probably don’t know.]

All three of us were stunned. I wonder what it is with this atmosphere.

Eh? But I don’t know, I don’t understand, what is it?? Is it related to age?? Looking at me, the two who unable to let it pass taught me about it. So I learned about it. There was also something else I’ve noticed. Human beings, if they become seriously surprised, their voices really won’t come out.

Who could guess that the average lifespan in this world is 150 years old to 200 years old? You wouldn’t think so, right? I’ve never thought about lifespans in the first place. It never came out in Koihana at all!! At most, the age of the main characters came out?

If I summarise what Kei-san and Ani-san told me… if I explain it to so that it’s easily understood, the panicked me won’t be able to understand it at all, that’s the kind of feeling.

The average lifespan is from 150 to 200 years old. But there is a difference depending on whether you have magical capacity or not. It seems like the lifespan of a person with magic powers is 200 years old, while people without it is 150 years old.

Life can be broadly divided into four periods. Child phase, teenager phase, adult phase and old aged phase

To summarise regarding people with magic – child phase is from age 0 until 10 years old. Teenager phase from age 10 to 20 years old. Incidentally, it seems like 16 years old is an adult. Adult phase is from age 20 to 130 years old, and after that is old age.

The point is that when one is in their adult phase aging becomes considerably slow. The speed might be related to magical capacity…is what I think but I am not sure. Once you are in the old age phase, it seems that you would age instantly. Therefore, people in their adult phase generally retain their youthful appearance. People without magic age slowly, regardless of their adult or old age phase. I think I, who haves memories from my past life… probably wouldn’t know the difference …

Looking at me who was in a state of absentmindedness, Kei-san unintentionally leaked out his true thoughts.

[Az is, how should I say it, has amazing knowledge, but is missing knowledge basic to humans?]

Ehh, it probably is like that. I don’t even know myself what it is I’m missing. But still, I’ve survived this far without any disadvantages. As I suspected… I lack common sense!!






A person’s growth phase (Sorted by stages) | Lifespan approximately 150 ~ 200 years

 ・魔力受容量ありの場合 (In the case of having magic powers)

  幼 成 期    0歳 ~  10歳 Children phase (0~10 years old) / Young

  熟 成 期   10歳 ~  20歳 Teenager phase (10~20 years old) / Maturing

  壮 成 期   20歳 ~ 130歳 Adult phase (20~130 years old) / Prime

  老 成 期  130歳 ~ 200歳  Old aged phase (130~200 years old) / Matured


Upon entering into the adult phase, aging gradually slows down but resumes as per normal, upon entering the old aged phase.

 ・魔力受容量なしの場合 (In the case of not having magic powers)

  幼 成 期    0歳 ~  10歳 Children phase (0~10 years old) / Young

  熟 成 期   10歳 ~  20歳 Teenager phase (10~20 years old) / Maturing

  壮・老成期   20歳 ~ 150歳 Adult/Old-aged phase (20~150 years old) / Prime & Matured


There’s no distinction between the adult and old-aged phase, aging occurs slowly.


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