Chapter 7 – Alternative Setting (part 2)

TL: Januva
Editors: Puissansa and Momielxai
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Rublade Rud Grantham

An existence that is becoming increasingly influential by the day.

A Count of Hero Kingdom Makugaia, and Hero Areido’s first aristocratic vassal.

When Hero Areido started raising his army, Count Grantham was the first to pledge his allegiance.

At that time, none of the other nobles were willing to support Areido, so Count Grantham’s presence was greatly welcomed.

After the war, the Grantham house was promoted from Count to Marquis, while his adopted son took up the position of Foreign Affairs Minister.

Rublade’s personal achievements were not to be belittled as well, as he fought like an Asura against the forces of Makugaia and personally led the assault into the royal capital.

Despite being more than 60 years of age, he mowed his way through swathes of enemies, dyeing his body red with the blood of enemy forces.

However, just as he was about to reach the throne, his injuries piled up and he succumbed to death.

For his valor, he was awarded the posthumous medal of a 1st class general.




2. (Non-Canon) If Fria married the bald chubby old man…


Rifirudeidoa Kiaru Grantham.

Nicknamed Fria.

Countess Grantham.

Hobby: Embroidery

Married the Count on her 16th birthday.

With an age gap of more than 30 years, the Count was 47 at the time of their marriage.

Their marriage was brought about due to strong proposals from Count Rublade.

He felt deep shame for his own unattractive appearance, so he did not have any expectations for her to reciprocate his love.

Even so, he did not give up and lavished on her whatever expensive dresses and jewelry that she seemed to be interested in.

Although Fria curtly rejected them all.

Since he had an inferiority complex due to his unattractive appearance, he initially interpreted it as Fria not wanting any gifts that he personally gave, and felt down.

However, that was soon proven to be a misunderstanding on his part.

「I truly love you as family from the bottom of my heart, so I have no need for dresses, rings or necklaces.」

From then on, Rublade changed his mindset and fostered their bonds as family.

They had a son and a daughter.

Although Fria wanted a 3rd child, Rublade surprisingly strongly objected, and so they carried out their nightly activities with protection.

When Fria realised that it was so that she would not have to risk her life again with childbirth, she was moved, and gave up on having a 3rd child.

Rublade then began making primitive condoms for the sake of avoiding conception (the thought of abstinence never crossed his mind).

As a result of his success, Rublade became known as the Father of Contraceptives.

His achievements on the political side of things increased as well, to the extent where he seemed to have become a completely different person post marriage.

Fria was consequently praised as a model wife.





As someone who used to be male, I did not particularly like dresses, rings or necklaces. Since I was one step short of being a wizard in my past life, I painfully understood Rublade’s feelings and sympathized with him.

That’s why I worked hard to love him and copulate with him. But, kissing a guy felt wrong. Even still, I endured it as rejecting him would hurt him.

I wanted to end it at 2 kids, but for nobles, it would be best to have at least 2 sons.

While thinking that it couldn’t be helped, I brought it up with my lover and he objected.

Though, he had no intention of ceasing nightly activities, but was instead brimming with vigor.

What was he going to do if I ended up getting pregnant again? Using my suggestions, he started making condoms.

As a result of the Ero-power of a fat old man, this world’s first condom was made, much to my ire.

After reaching adulthood, I stopped growing at a height of 150 cm, as opposed to Rublade’s height of over 190 cm and weight of over 100 kg.

His waist size is no joke. I always get crushed. Mugyu-

In this aspect, I’m quite pitiable. Although he does shower me with love.

With this, Fria never became Ria and lived a life of happiness (?), which makes for an uninteresting story.


By the way, Rublade is not a lolicon. It just so happens that the one he loved was a loli.

That’s why he was willing to wait till she grew up, and he only wanted Fria.

A pure love.


The King, on the other hand, was truly a lolicon.

He just so happened to have met the kawaii loli that is Fria. Even if it were to be someone else, it would have been fine.

He was just being honest to his carnal desires.


The Hero had an Oedipus complex.

He only saw his mother as a member of the opposite sex.




Author’s note: Rublade won’t turn up in the story from here on haha, but I wanted to write such a character so I made this alternative setting.

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