Chapter 6 – I can make that declaration (part 2)
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I hid my jealousy and maintained my smile.

「Mimosa really is a good girl.」

I spoke in the gentlest tone I could manage.


Mimosa-chan nodded vigorously and hugged me.

….Even though she looks to be about 8, her height was roughly the same as mine.

It’s somewhat shocking.

「Ah- erm?」

「What is it?」

「Mimosa Bathory, 8 years old. Can you tell me your name?」

She introduced herself all of a sudden.

It was rather cute.

At this moment, I felt that my smile was no longer forced.

It couldn’t be helped, right?

She really was cute.

「I’m Ria. 11 years old.」



「Then, you’re Nee-sama!」


I wonder why this gave me a yuri yuri feel…

This is what I yearned for in my previous life as a male – which I had given up on after becoming a girl – but right now the feelings were welling up in my heart…

Though when faced with the excessively sparkling pure eyes of Mimosa-chan, my wicked thoughts were blown away.

「Ano- Nee-sama?」


While I was still in the midst of confusion, Mimosa-chan caressed my stomach.

Ah- this is bad. She will think I’m fat.

To put it bluntly, it’s a woman’s shame.

Wait, isn’t this the self-awareness of a woman? I started panicking a little.

「Is there a baby inside?」

Mimosa-chan’s face was dyed with surprise.

Her servants too, raised voices of shock.

Appearance-wise, Mimosa looked to be around the same age as me.

This is inevitable too, right?

Her hand that was caressing my stomach without reservations withdrew with a start.

But, I reassured her.

「It’s fine, try touching it gently?」

I held her hand and slowly placed it on my stomach.

My baby – who could read the atmosphere – kicked near Mimosa-chan’s hand.

「Fuwawawawawa!? It went pokon! It went pokon, Nee-sama!!」

「Un, it’s a greeting.」

「Hello! I’m Mimosa!」


What is this soothing atmosphere?

The servants around seemed to feel the same way.

This is moe, isn’t it?

She went kya-kya as she put her ear to my stomach.

If we become close, I’m going to make her cry again…

I felt a little depressed.

I’ll be leaving this town tomorrow after all.

Leaving her behind, as her brother did…




I once thought that way.




I drew water from the well closest to my house, on the west side of town.

I lifted up the bucket full of water with both hands, 「yoisho」.

Back when I was a guy, I could probably hold a bucket in each hand, but now it’s laborious for me to walk even with just one bucket.

If this had been Makugaia’s port city of Soyuze, right now, I would have already received many helping hands. But in Aphaze, despite feeling many concerned gazes, it’s rare for anyone to step out to help.

It’s probably a difference in the citizen’s dispositions.


As someone with the memories of a modern-day Japanese, this feels more comfortable.

When I’m truly in need of it, I do receive help.

It takes me 5 minutes to get to the well, but 15 minutes to get back. Entering through the backdoor, I poured the water into the water jug beside the kitchen.


I panted, and sat down on a round stool in the kitchen to take a short break.

There’s still so many things I need to do. But as a pregnant mother, I couldn’t even manage simple tasks.

It’s kind of frustrating.


「I really want to eat something sweet…」

Girls in general likes sweet stuff.

As someone who used to be male, I didn’t really like sweet stuff that much.

But recently, I kept craving for sweet things.

Could this be the craving that pregnant mothers have, similar to the craving for sour food?

I stroked my 『8 months pregnant』 belly while pondering.

….Now then, I can’t keep slacking off.

I still didn’t have enough water for the day, and the traps I was granted permission to set in the sea, river and forest also needs to be checked….

「I need to focus.」

I reinvigorated myself and stood up energetically.

「Pardon my intrusion. Nee-sama, I brought a souvenir~」

Mimosa-chan’s voice came from the entrance.

Totatota, she hurried over.

「Sorry for the intrusion.」

Her attendant said as she entered behind Mimosa-chan.

「Welcome, Mimosa. You sure are lively today as well.」

I greeted her with a smile.

In the end, I did not go to Mir. I stayed behind in this town of Aphaze, instead.

The reason being that I could buy a plot of land with a detached house cheaply with the assistance of the Bathory family, which was the head of Elder Association.

While I’m at it, I should mention that with their help, I could use the valuables I had on me directly as payment as well.

Of course, I did consider other things, such as what I was going to do from now on.

After giving birth, I will focus on taking care of my child for 3 years, and live on my current funds, before going out to look for work.

Since I bought a plot of land with the house, I still have at least this much assets secured. Even if I won’t be hired with my 11 year old appearance, when I’m around 14-15 , I would have grown up, so it will be easier to get a job.

This is all thanks to the Bathory family….or should I say, thanks to Mimosa-chan’s attendants, making things so easy for me.

Assets-wise, I’ve easily doubled it now.

That is why I stayed in this town.

Furthermore, I was introduced to embroidering for sale at home and it has gained me a small amount of income.

More importantly…


Mimosa-chan is here.

She’s the first friend I made since I reincarnated.

Unlike the lip service from my time as a noble, this is a real…

…. – although she feels like an imouto – friend.

That’s why.

Since I made a friend.

It can’t be helped that I changed my initial plans, right?




I spent about 5 years in this town.

Giving birth and raising.

The most crucial and tough period was spent here.

In retrospect, I had my share of bitter experiences in this town, but…

「Sorry, I’m not yet done with today’s chores.」

「It’s okay! Mimosa will help a lot, so let’s finish it quickly and go play!」

I don’t hate a single aspect of it.

I can make that declaration.





The flow of events so far:


Anecdotes of future generations

The King fell for her at first sight when she was 14, it was a mutual love and she entered the palace as a concubine
Got pregnant at 16 and left the palace in tears
Sailed east to Freedom City State from port city Soyuze via inland sea
Created legends of battling demons in the villages on the her way
Took up residence in Mir and was moved by the town people’s spirit ← currently here



Kidnapped and locked up in the palace at the age of 11
Got pregnant several months later and was made to leave
After spending 2 months in Soyuze, sailed to Freedom City State
Was seen singing enthusiastically and and viewed with warm gazes by the residents
Took up residence in Mir and Mimosa-chan p r p r*← currently here

(TL note: short for peropero, which is a sfx for licking)

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