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TLC: Juzi

Father and Son’s First Conversation 1

“Ruoxi, If there’s a day that Ye Chen will get married, he’d surely pick you!” Ye Chen said, on his exquisite face was a kind of gentle coldness, promising without the slightest hesitation.

Yun Ruoxi nodded, smiling gently. This was fine, wasn’t it?

Touching Ye Chen’s lips was forbidden. . . . It was like he was intentionally saving them for someone, just like his heart. At the very least, however, Ye Chen was willing to marry her, so this was already enough.

Wasn’t it?

“Thank you!” Yun Ruoxi tenderly smiled, and Ye Chen suddenly became somewhat fidgety. All day his mind had been stretched taut and out of control, so when he had faced Yun Ruoxi’s tender feelings, he felt a bit exhausted.

Sweeping his necktie to the side, he tied it as he said, “I’ll leave first, good night!”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t wait for Yun Ruoxi to respond, opening the door and leaving.

A silver Rolls-Royce ran on the street, amidst the interweaving light and darkness, revealing the reckless expression on Ye Chen’s face.

Suddenly, he braked, the wheels of his car on the street letting out a high pitched screech, and Ye Chen lurched forward, hitting the steering wheel. By the edge of the street, the faint yellow lighting shone on his back weakly.

Suddenly he looked up, his refined face that was like a carving seemed mischievousness, the dim light of night dying it with a seductive tint. He took out his cell phone.

Hesitating a bit, he dialed a number.

In Cheng Anya’s apartment, a cellphone’s ringtone echoed. Cheng Anya was in the shower, so she yelled for Ning Ning to go answer it.

Ning Ning was laying out her quilt as he looked at the caller ID. Ye BT[1]?


“Miss Chen, Central Plaza, come now!” A male with a magnetic and gloomy voice ordered.

The corners of Ning Ning’s mouth curled up in a brilliant smile, Don’t tell me this is Ye Chen?

“Are you mute?” Seeing that she hadn’t made a sound in answer, Ye Chen impatiently ridiculed her.

This father’s temperament doesn’t seem too good, no wonder Mommy always comes back with a dispirited face.

“Who are you?” The first time he heard his voice, and they talked, Ning Ning’s mood was a bit complex.

He was a bit riled up and a bit excited, similar to a child who tried hard in order to be praised, and his tone was still a bit graceful compared to his usual.

The child’s distinctive voice startled Ye Chen. He looked at the phone number, his brow creasing a bit, “Who are you?”

[1] BT means “idiot”, can also be used flirtatiously by couples. . . ? Idk, that’s what I found online, lol

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