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Father and Son’s First Conversation 2 (2nd Edit)

“My name is Cheng Ningyuan!” Ning Ning said, his voice not hiding that he was smiling.

A soft and immature voice like a spring wind’s caress, or a spring rain falling in a dry desert. Ye Sanshao’s jittery mood immediately improved by quite a lot.

“Have your older sister take the phone.” Knowing that the other was a child, Ye Sanshao’s tone became gentle. His family name was Cheng, and Cheng Anya also wasn’t very old, so Ye Sanshao naturally thought that this was her little brother.

In his heart he couldn’t help but curse. See, this child is so polite and his voice makes people comfortable, how did a single mother give birth to such different children?


“Older sister?” Ning Ning’s voice dragged out his words, laughing lightly. These were his own words, not what Ning Ning said, but Ning Ning didn’t refute it.

There wasn’t a law that said it was mandatory to correct a person’s mistaken first impression.


Ning Ning was a astute child, wise and mature with a powerful personality. His most beloved person was Cheng Anya. If Cheng Anya didn’t wish for something to happen, he wouldn’t go do it.

Even though he was really, really curious about his biological father.

The bathroom’s door opened and Ning Ning smiled, “Wait a moment!”

“Baby, who called?” Cheng Anya asked as she dried her hair.

“The Ye guy.”

Cheng Anya’s hands stopped, the towel dropping to the floor. Dumbstruck, in her mind a scene where Ye Sanshao grabbed her neck, wanting to kill her, suddenly appeared.

She was shocked, pouncing on the telephone and covering the receiver, panickingly looking at Ning Ning.

Ning Ning smiled, shrugging his shoulders, and picked up the towel to help her dry her hair.

Cheng Anya was apprehensive, her heart beating rapidly. Because of her nervousness, Cheng Anya’s voice trembled a bit, “Chief. . . Chief Ye, is something wrong?”

“Central Plaza, now!”

“Just a minute. . . . Hold on, it’s 10:00 right now.”

“The most basic request of a well-qualified secretary is for them to go wherever and whenever they’re told to.”

Ye Chen stopped speaking and resolutely hung up the phone. In Cheng Anya’s mind, flames rose up. Damn, it’d be fine if I didn’t do it, right?

“Mommy, calm down!”

“Ning Ning, what did you talk about with him?” Cheng Anya was apprehensive. She could handle anything, but only Ning Ning was able to make her completely fall into confusion.

“Mommy, just now he said that I should give my older sister the phone. I was just thinking about saying that you were my mommy when you came out.” Ning Ning’s gentle and soft voice was placating.

This was good, Cheng Anya’s urgently suspended heart finally relaxed. It was the kind of thrill as if she had stepped over a precipice and into empty air, but was pulled back.

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