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When Cheng Anya finally arrived at Central Plaza, she immediately caught sight of Ye Sanshao’s silver Rolls-Royce. It was already near 11:00pm, so the General sales counters and so on had all closed, leaving the entire Central Plaza almost completely empty.

Ye Sanshao was sitting on his car somewhat arrogantly. Within that was a hint of laziness as he lit a cigar, the faint smoke curling upwards and covering him in a layer of hazy mist.

A gangster. . . .

Cheng Anya glanced at him from a distance, inwardly cursing him. This was the normal attitude of gangsters: arrogant and ruthless.

He still hadn’t slept even though it was so late; was he playing gangster here or something?

“Chief Ye, it’s so late, do you have any instructions?” Cheng Anya smilingly asked. Ye Sanshao tilted back his head, his exquisite face was a combination of devilishness and gracefulness, forming a somewhat enticing tension.

He swept her a profound glance that was less cold than during the day and, in the dim night light, his eyes glittered, as if Adam was casting a spell enticing Eve to commit a crime.

It only took a quick glance to cause people’s downfall.

The night had an impatient heat, and the wind carried a few hints of summer’s intensity.

Cheng Anya’s heart was beating rapidly, and her cheeks had also began to heat up. This special atmosphere made her feelings that her pride and intellect had suppressed grow restless.

Sometimes, this evildoer really was sexy, Cheng Anya thought to herself.

Ye Sanshao stood up, throwing aside the cigarette butt, ruthlessly crushing it underfoot. Opening his car door, he tilted his head and ordered, “Get in!”

Cheng Anya wanted to throw out a courageous line asking where they were going, but, seeing Ye Chen’s look, she only hesitated a second before obediently getting in.

This man was unsettling. It would be better if she was more clever and provoked him less.

Ye Chen got in the car and cast her a sidelong glance. Cheng Anya sat upright and still, stubbornly wearing her signature smile. Ye Chen swiftly leaned forward.

“What are you doing?” Cheng Anya’s tensed.

Ye Chen didn’t say anything as he reached out to fasten her seatbelt.

The pure scent of a male directly assaulted her, mixed with Estee Lauder’s “Pleasures” perfume. As Ye Chen’s Chief Secretary, Cheng Anya’s mind contained all the information of the women he currently was going out with.

What they liked and their habits, all of this and more she was very clear about.

Estee Lauder’s “Pleasures” was Yun Ruoxi’s custom trademark. Clean and refined, with a special distinctive flavor.

Cheng Anya’s brow wrinkled slightly and her red lips pursed, slightly changing her expression and making that signature smile a bit rigid.

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