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2-8: I Became a Mother

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

First published on Ainushi


「You catch on quick」

「Do I?」

「Mm. I can see why the Crown Prince was proud of you」

「I’m honored by your words but I can’t imagine that the Crown Prince would be proud of me」


I expect that I’m nothing but a thorn in his side to the Crown Prince. Ah! I wonder if that was to pique Leonard-sama’s interest in me? Perhaps, so he could get rid of me for good? If he was successful in getting me hired, I would have to leave the castle.


Oh well! Thanks to him, I’m really happy right now so I don’t have any complaints. When you’ve hurt ojou-sama’s feelings, you’ll just have to deal with it by yourself somehow.  


Whilst I was having those thoughts, Leonard-sama spoke bit by bit.


「… Finding someone to look after Jill was quite difficult」


「Yes. I wanted an excellent magician. Most that I would have entrusted were single and wouldn’t be good at raising a child」


So basically, although the country would have liked to have a magician assist Leonard-sama, they couldn’t arrange for a suitable environment where she could be cared for and raised in. Was that why he was looking for a maid to act as her mother?   


「Everyone I met after I decided to adopt Jill would just act weird. I said that I wouldn’t accept any other ladies that came knocking unless it was you. The Crown Prince agreed and said that it’ll surely be fine if it’s you. He convinced everyone that since you were able to take care of the Crown Princess, you could manage this somehow. For that, I’m grateful」

「No, I too am grateful that I came here」


   I knew he was trying to get rid of me, the Crown Prince! And what’s with the “somehow”?


Be that as it may, Leonard-sama sure is bad at dealing with women. Even though he hardly ever spoke to me, he nominated me only on the pretext that it wasn’t going to be a love affair.  


「I heard you mentioned earlier that you have trouble dealing with women but I’m sure there are other maids besides me who are qualified for this?」

「Yes. But most of them have families. I can’t tell them to care for Jill more than anyone else」



 Obviously, they would prioritize their own family if they have one and there’s an overwhelming amount of single maids who are looking to fall in love.


There are certainly plenty of cases of maids that work for a noble seeking for a partner. If there was a person who met their requirements, they will most certainly try to approach him in desperation as much as possible.      


Meanwhile, I don’t intend to get married or even fall in love.


Previously when I told my parents, they kinda cried. I’m sorry. Please expect my brother to bring home a cute wife instead. I live for work.  


「Moreover, I had seen you before」

「You had?」


Huh? Somehow I have a bad feeling about this.


「When you would make caustic remarks to the knight commander or when you would warn or calm the Crown Princess. Also, when you would do your own work whilst nonchalantly helping others」

「AAHHH~ Please forget those! They absolutely aren’t worthy details to remember so please forget them!」

「Why? It’s because I saw you in that state that I knew fairly well you are serious and trustworthy. Besides, you didn’t give me any weird looks when we talked. So I thought it would be fine to have you in my house if it’s you, Lily」

「I have no idea what sort of reaction I should have」


My head was in a muddle, I didn’t know if I should be embarrassed or happy. Please give me some time to put my thoughts in order, seriously.


「You were the mother that I wished for for Jill. You really understood your role. I’m really glad I said it has to be you」

「I, I see…」

「Mm. When I adopted Jill, many nobles suggested their daughters and said I should go ahead and marry them. But when I said I was going to ask you to live-in with me so I didn’t need any other women, and if that didn’t work out, I would quit being the court magician, there was a huge uproar」

「Ah— … Well, your expectations are unusual, Leonard-sama」



   I reflexively smiled wryly at him as he looked puzzled. I mean, afterall.  


「Usually, I don’t think most bachelors can raise a child. Furthermore, the child you adopted is a girl. I’m sure those people thought that you needed a wife to raise Jill. Even though, there were some who took advantage of it to offer their daughters up for marriage, it’s not that surprising」




It would be a great situation for those nobles wishing to be related to Leonard-sama by marriage. But I wish to respect Leonard-sama’s intentions.


「Will you please remain by my side from now on?」

「Of course」


As soon as I gave an immediate reply, Leonard-sama smiled enthusiastically which also made me happy.



「Otou-san, that’s unfair」


Whilst eating her spaghetti bolognese for lunch, Jill puffed her pretty cheeks. Leonard-sama blinked his eyes.



「Yeah! You made a bracelet for okaa-san. I wanna make one too!」

「… But Lily–」


Yep, I’m glad that she feels this way but…


「Isn’t there a lot of things that you still need, Jill?」

「Things that she needs?」

「What’s that?」


Ah… Leonard-sama and Jill both threw questions at me. Eh? Do I really have to explain this?


But both of them are staring at me with blank faces, urgh. Should I just say it?


「Education. Doesn’t Jill still need to learn how to control her magic and prevent it from going berserk?」


Upon my words, Leonard-sama clapped his hands together.



「While we’re at it, it’ll be good to start teaching her how to read and write as well. I don’t really mind waiting a bit longer for her to quickly learn it but」


When I was about Jill’s age, I was already at the level where I was able to read picture books.  


In this country, even those who aren’t the rich, the commoners, know that reading, writing, and arithmetics is general knowledge and study them. I also started when I turned three years old, and quickly memorized it.  


Later on in my studies, I was taught by a tutor together with my brother. To be honest, I feel like I did something inexcusable to him. He was told, “Your little sister is better at studying”. I was able to because I had applied the knowledge from my past life.


Because of that, my brother came to hate me. Certainly, I was a brazen, unlikable little sister if I say so myself. Doted upon by Father, my employment was arranged ahead of him.


When it was decided that I would serve ojou-sama, I hadn’t forgotten the words that he uttered, “I despise you” in front of me. As I didn’t want him to hate me more, it’s been a good number of years since I’ve seen him. Nevertheless he’s my only brother …..  No matter how depressed I get, there’s nothing I can do about it. Right now, it’s about Jill, yup.


「I could teach her reading, writing, arithmetics, and simple history. When she gets older, we could send her to school?」

「Mm. But first, I need to teach her how to use magic」

「Otou-san? Okaa-san?」


As Jill stared puzzled, unable to understand the conversation, Leonard-sama smiled as he replied to her.


「Later, let’s have a magic lesson. With me」

「With otou-san?」

「Yes. So you don’t lose control of your magic and hurt someone around you」


The moment Leonard-sama uttered that, Jill’s expression stiffened. An expression like she was afraid, like she was fearful. After being engaged for a moment, she raised her head and look at Leonard-sama with a strong gaze.    


「I’ll do it. I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore」



Leonard-sama gently brushed Jill’s head. Jill’s expression gradually softened, showing a sheepish grin.


It was a situation that I couldn’t waltz in but watching them interact was rather pleasant. Feeling lonely, feeling left out – I didn’t feel any of those feelings.


To begin with, I’m a complete amateur when it comes to magic. Even if I comprehend it, it’s something I don’t understand. It is vexing that I can’t be depended upon but even if I am able to exert myself somehow, it will not make their attitudes change. Besides, what I ought to do is support them.


「Well then, I’ll go prepare a delicious snack for tea. So you can do your best, Jill」


「… What about me?」

「Fufu, naturally, I’ll prepare something for you as well, Leonard-sama」



  Oh my, even Leonard-sama looks delighted. He must really love sweets. I’ll go all out and make a delicious snack for them.

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