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19 – From a Family Meeting to an Onee Meeting

Dad, Mom, Oneesan, Nina, I’m……thinking of working as a singer too, while modelling. I might be a bother, but please take care of me.」

The day after the preparatory meeting with the director, Miroku requested for all the members of the family to gather together during dinnertime.
Naturally, the whole family gathered for the sake of Miroku. His elder sister Mihachi seemed somewhat drowsy, but that was a trivial matter.

「I won’t oppose what you have decided, but it will surely be a difficult path. Don’t overdo it.」

「Mom1 likes Miroku’s singing. That’s why mom will cooperate with you as far as possible.」

「If something happens, don’t keep it with yourself. Please keep that in mind.」

「I wonder if I’ll get to become Oniichan’s hair and makeup artist…. Ah, Of course I’m all in favour of it!」

The reply Miroku got from his family was just as he thought, but in spite of receiving a reply he had anticipated, the tears he had been holding back started flowing.

「Dad1 is happy. Ever since you were a small kid, I always told you to do things that you wanted to do, whenever I saw you. Dad is really happy.」

「Sorry, I just couldn’t do well, and I made you all worry……」

「Are you stupid? Isn’t family there for when you can’t do well? Isn’t everyone there for you? Even if you decide it by yourself, it’s good if we all can go ahead from there on together. This isn’t the time for apologising?」

Mihachi, unusually having bags under her eyes, reclined on the sofa. Sensing his elder sister hiding her embarrassment, Miroku wiped his tears off and smiled.

「Thank you everyone. I’ll continue to be under your care!」






(Dad, Mom, Oneesan, Nina……I seem to get discouraged at the earliest……)


The following week, because of Onee’s message that he would come personally to Yoichi’s office, all the employees came to meet him.
Because they didn’t know if they’d get a chance or not, Miroku’s model colleagues were at that place regardless of gender.
And now, Miroku was seen with compassionate eyes by everyone at that place.

「So, you’re Miroku-kun.」

「Y-Yes. I’m Ōsaki Miroku, Pleased to meet you.」

Onee Kamo was a tall and well-built man, with a physique like that of a foreign pro-wrestler, and was wearing a well fitted suit.
Rather, the suit was a monochromatic orange. Even his shirt, necktie and shoes, were all uniformly in shades of orange.
On top of such an eye piercing figure, with swept-back hair and sunglasses, his appearance while crossing his long legs and sitting, gave of an air of「Depth」like that of a character out of a Hollywood movie.
Such a muscular orange man, told this to Miroku.

「Well, will you sit on my lap?」


Miroku was grateful to the gods that Fumi wasn’t at that place then. Only men were called to the conference room.
Yoichi, the Director, as expected, had decided to reject sitting on the lap and the like, but Miroku’s single line, saying 「I’ll do it.」, and with Onee’s words, saying 「I absolutely won’t touch from here on.」, he reluctantly gave an OK.

Onee skilfully ate the tea-cake while holding Miroku on his lap.
He wasn’t thin, Miroku had a tall stature and at the same time had muscles, but in front of the pro-wrestler-like brawny muscular giant Onee, he would seem small, no matter what he did.

「Well then, I’ve finished eating the cake, is it fine if I ask you something, Miroku-kun?」

「Yes, what is it……」

「Why did you sit on my lap?」


Never imagining the person who had told him to sit on his lap himself asking such a thing, Miroku was perplexed, but sensing his possibly sharp eyes from behind his sunglasses, he straightened his posture.

「I see. First, it wasn’t an order. Also, you said you absolutely wouldn’t touch. And the fact Director was also present……」

「Even if he were present, I could have assaulted you?」

「That is impossible. Director would save me without fail.」

When he looked at Yoichi after saying that, he gave a warm smile and nodded. Miroku too, became happy and smiled.

「……I see, confidence……you trust him, right?」

「Yes. And……」

「Hm? You still have more reasons?」

「Yeah. I was thinking I would boast to my family today about sitting on the producer Onee’s lap……」

「What? Boast?」

「Ah, Yes. I thought it was a test of something. I never thought I would have to sit on your lap in front of everyone, I think big-shot producers are different after all……」

Miroku hadn’t realised it, but the blood had drained from Yoichi’s face. If he decided to say such a thing, what would Mihachi……No, his family say? Yoichi, prepared for the worst death of it came to, looked far into the distance with the face of a samurai.

「…… Please stop it for the sake of the otaku Director. He’s making a face as if he’s on the verge of committing seppuku2.」

To Onee who said it out of pity, Yoichi gave a slight bow filled with gratitude. It seemed he’d barely managed to survive.

「This certainly was for me to see your response, but you are the first one to actually sit.
Outward appearance like that of a university student, actual age 36, and a child-like pure nature……That imbalance is fascinating yet dangerous.」

Onee kept a watch with his eyes under his sunglasses.

「I’m pleased with you. Miroku-kun, and two others, right?」

Yoichi nodded and confirmed the people who could sing and dance. The office staff all together prepared the documents.

「Director and the former host-like guy there, the three of you are main, so I’m fine.」

「「Huh? 」 」

Yoichi and Shiju, who were called out, became stiff. The documents he had been holding dropped down with a smack.


While listening to the two ossans shriek, Miroku was relieved, thinking that it’s good if he isn’t alone.

Author’s Notes –

Who said that it’s only the protagonist who becomes an Idol……?

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1. She/He is talking in third person. Supposed to sound cute…

2. A form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment. Seppuku was originally reserved only for samurai. Part of the samurai bushido honor code, seppuku was either used voluntarily by samurai to die with honor rather than fall into the hands of their enemies (and likely suffer torture), or as a form of capital punishment for samurai who had committed serious offenses, or performed for other reasons that had brought shame to them. Also known as harakiri.


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