We keep getting new staff that I felt it’s high time I made a post dedicated to our newcomers. Starting from now, we’ll be introducing our new members and their projects whenever a new one is announced.

Please join me in welcoming MoMoe Pom and Isabelle! *chucks confetti*

MoMoe Pom is our newest resident Chinese translator who’ll be bringing you a plethora of Danmei projects. I’m so lucky to have her on board as I’ve been dying to get some Danmei out for a while. MoMoe may be new to translating but I’m impressed by the quality that she brings with her work and her professionalism. Please welcome her and check out her first Danmei project, ‘Flowers Reflecting The Sky‘.  It’s the third instalment in the Jianghu Frolic series.

Our newest editor, Isabelle has been around for sometime in the translation world. You may have seen some of her works at Yado Inn (formerly known as Insane Translations). I’m pleased to have her on board and am confident that any project she undertakes is in good hands.  She will be working closely with MoMoe Pom on her current projects.



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