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Meeting at That Bar Again!

The silence in the car was explosive.

This was the first time Cheng Anya had been close enough to touch Ye Sanshao since seven years ago. This man was born with exquisite features. Some people look beautiful from afar. . . .

But a closer inspection would show nothing extraordinary.

Ye Sanshao was classified as that kind, where if you looked closer, it’d keep looking even more exquisite until it became that of a hair-raising evildoer’s. His entire face was perfect, like a carving.


She admitted it, she was an appearance enthusiast. Her immunity to charm was negligible.

His profile had grown so refined, yet his personality was so gloomy. It really was such a waste. He looked so much like her son, with a refined and courteous smile and was loved by all.

She always loved to let her imagination run wild and think about anything and everything under the sun when she was alone, but now that she was sitting beside Ye Chen, she felt a slight pressure in her heart, her nerves stretched taut.

After all, she and this man had had a very intense ***** fate.

Additionally, they had made a genius named Chen Ningyuan.

She still distinctly remembered that when she had said, “I’ll buy one night with you for¥10,000,000”, Ye Sanshao’s face had become terrifying like King Yama’s[1]. It had been extremely terrifying.

Ok, he’s had a lot of women whose bodies were better and personalities were much sweeter than hers. Her first time, she was like an unripe plum, where a bite was very sour.

He didn’t remember it properly.

But afterwards, she threw ¥100 at him and splendidly left behind a note that it was his prostitution money. Saying such a thing to Ye Chen, this kind of prideful person. . . there was no way it wasn’t a humiliation.


He wasn’t shortsighted and had held her for one night. These seven years, she hadn’t gotten plastic surgery and hadn’t changed, so why had he forgotten her completely?

It really wasn’t that she was narcissistic, o(╯□╰)o.

Cheng Anya really was at a loss, how come he was able to be so calm?

Don’t tell me it’s a conspiracy?

Trembling all over, Cheng Anya couldn’t help but recall the melodramatic and sad plots of ethical plays, so, in order to take revenge against her. . . .


A conspiracy theory rose in her mind, as expected, her thoughts really were murky.

“Chief Ye, can I ask you a very small question?”

Cheng Anya thought about how she should put it, balled her fists, and nervously pulled on her clothes. After using great effort to mentally construct it several times, she asked, “Have you ever been dumped by a woman?”

Ye Sanshao braked, and Cheng Anya’s body was suddenly thrown forward, then bounced back by the seatbelt. On the return, she suddenly felt dizzy and her eyes dimmed. . . .

Fuck! Even if you’re hurt by it, there’s no need to be so ruthless!

Glimpsing a few bright English letters, Cheng Anya felt like she was struck by lightning and turned her head to look at Ye Sanshao in alarm. . . .

The bar from seven years ago?

* (Author’s Note)

Today there’s a second edit…………

[1] Yama, King of Hell, he’s supposed to look really scary. Hopefully that jogged your memory. ^ ^;;

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