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Who is Crayon Shin-chan[1]? (2nd Edit)

Ye Sanshao moved closer, his cold eyes filled with a dangerous glint as he pinned her down with his tall, lanky body.

His scent was already quite faint and most of it had faded during the journey, so as Ye Sanshao’s clean odor filled Cheng Anya’s every breath, she began to feel nervous.

“What did you say?” The chill in his gloomy voice swept her away.

Cheng Anya did her best to shrink away, but she was surrounded with no way out and wasn’t able to escape anymore. Ye Chen’s exquisite face was extremely close to hers, his gaze chilly, and she felt a tiny bit alarmed.

From start to finish, the cool-headed Cheng Anya had been endlessly flustered, her heart beating fiercely, and she looked at him, startled.

“I just asked a question without thinking.”

She was completely frozen. As his stoic aura pressed against her, her face began to heat up, and she turned to the side.

She didn’t like people who were so threatening.

He was so close.

Her heart apparently wasn’t her own, as her pulse was like thunder, and her nerves were stretched frightfully taut.

There was a faint fragrance on Cheng Anya’s body. Her face was slightly red, and her lips were bright and soft. They were so close together that Ye Chen could hear her heartbeat go out of control.

His throat tightened and his gaze darkened, those delicate and tasty-looking red lips arousing him and making him grow restless, giving him a strong urge to move closer.

His body followed after his thoughts, and his Adam’s apple moved slightly. Cheng Anya’s heart abruptly sped up more. This Ye San really was a demon, His every movement seduced her soul.

“Miss Cheng, why is your heart beating so fast? Did you fall in love with me?” Ye Sanshao slid a finger along her cheek, faintly, distinctly. . . .

Compared to direct contact, it made her heart even more restless, longing for something she couldn’t have. It was the most tempting feeling, love.

Ye Chen was an expert at provoking passion, so how could the inexperienced Anya be his match.

She wasn’t any competition, yet she didn’t appear to be someone absorbed in starry-eyed infatuation. After Anya heard these words, her bright and beautiful eyes became furious and she pushed him away, killing her trademark smile, “Chief Ye, are you thinking with your lower half? My heart is beating fast, was it? My heart can even beat quickly for Crayon Shin-chan.”

The implication is that you, Chief Ye, and Crayon Shin-chan are on the same level.

However, she thought wrongly that Ye Chen would become violently angry. Who could have known that he’d be puzzled, and that he’d unwillingly and angrily pinch her chin, gritting his teeth as he asked, “Who is Crayon Shin-chan?”

Cheng Anya: “. . . .”

(⊙o⊙)…, It wasn’t possible, right? You aren’t that outdated, right?

Fuck, wasn’t it the worst when you curse someone a lot in an argument, and they actually don’t know you’re cursing? And they even became more sullen than before for some reason?

[1] A character from a JP kid’s show.

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