Chapter 1: Prologue

Translator: XHu

Editor: Isabelle

Quality Check: Kittsune

First Published on Ainushi. 


I blankly stared at the mirror, which reflected the figure of a woman.

Her long hair messily dangled behind her and reached as far as her thighs, which was erotic in a disheveled sense. She had delicate eyes, ears, nose, and mouth on a face the size of a palm, and her skin which barely saw light year-round was almost translucent. Her slender and delicate body was naked, and her skin was covered with bruising hickeys and all sorts of various marks left over from lovemaking. There were thin metal shackles on her wrists and ankles, and her neck bore a metal collar, making her look like the exclusive property of a man.

Looking at the reflection in the mirror, I asked myself: “Is this really me?”

This is something I would do after waking up every day since I got married, but after all these years, I never got a response.

Many women envied me for being able to marry a young, handsome, and wealthy man. Furthermore, he utterly loves me. It is like he took in a plain ordinary sparrow and transformed it into a high and lofty phoenix.

However, they’re all wrong. I simply wasn’t married to “one” man. On paper, I only have one husband, but in reality, there are actually two men showering their lust and using my body. The two of them are brothers, and in fact, a pair of twins.

I often ask myself, is this real? But nobody can answer me.

That’s because we’re all part of an illusion……​


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