Chapter 10

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Is it over? Am I still alive?

After recovering from my orgasm, I asked myself this. I looked at the twins who were now sitting at the side of the bed, examining my naked body after venting themselves. I had my answer: I was alive, but this cruel and frightening episode had not yet ended.

“Sweetheart, this devastated look of yours right now can really make a man’s lust flare up.” Zhao Yi Bo gently brushed away a strand of hair that was plastered to my face from sweat, but the words that came out of his mouth were full of malice.

“Indeed, the way you look right now makes us so reluctant to leave you alone. Have you seen yourself?” Zhao Yi Bo’s large hand suddenly seized my hair, rendering my head immobile. It forced my eyes to stare straight at the huge mirrors tiled on the ceiling.

“It hurts…”

The pain that came from my scalp left me with no choice but to look at the bright mirrors on the ceiling.

The mirrors reflected a completely naked maiden with skin as white as snow. Her legs were shamefully spread open, and thin trickles of mucus flowed nonstop from the private area at the confluence of her legs. It moistened her soft and glossy black pubic hair, and it slowly followed her thighs as they dripped. Her pure white waist and ample chest was covered with greenish purple bruises. Her slender arms were outstretched on both sides of her body, bound tightly with rope to the posts of the large bed. Several spurts of white-colored sticky mucus were plastered on her small face that was as big as a palm. Her red, tender, and moist lips were swollen like a ripened cherry, and the sweet breath they emitted was tantalizing. Her long hair spilled messily over her body, and its jet-black color only made the contrast with her skin appear even more pale. Several strands of beautiful hair were stuck on her face from the sweat.

This was the image of a miserable, ruined, and depraved young woman.

“No… this isn’t me… it isn’t me…” This reflection left me at my wits’ end and I couldn’t accept it. I wailed as I shut my eyes, trying to erase the image that had practically imprinted itself in my brain.

“Sweetie, you are just refusing to accept reality.” They whispered beside my ear.

This isn’t real! This isn’t real! This isn’t real! It’s just a nightmare! I screamed inside my heart.

However, the pain and warmth that once again arose from my body made me unable to continue lying to myself.

This is real! It’s not a dream!

I helplessly opened my eyes in despair, but what made me feel even more hopeless was although their penises had just ejaculated, they were once again standing erect. That merciless and obscene look appeared yet again in their eyes.

“No… didn’t you two just…”

I frightfully wanted to shrink back, but the headboard behind me left me with no way to retreat.

“Darling, aren’t you underestimating us too much? If it weren’t for the fact that this is your first time, we wouldn’t have let you off so quickly.” Zhao Yi Xuan reached with his hand to my still moist private area, and slowly teased my still sensitive body.

“Why are you so frightened? Could it be that you weren’t pleasured by the rush earlier? Or was it not deep enough to make you want to experience it again?” One of Zhao Yi Bo’s hands climbed up on my plump breasts as he murmured into my ear, and he used his teeth to nibble lightly on my round earlobe.

“Let me go…” I was crying. In just these short few hours, so much had happened. It was so much that I had difficulty accepting it. Didn’t they keep repeating that they loved me? Why did they make me suffer like this when they said they loved me? Was this their love for me?

“Okay. Sweetie, you’ll slowly learn to love this feeling.” They moved their hands away after tormenting my body, and they untied the ropes that bound my wrists.

I don’t want to love this feeling! I just want to go home! I want to forget all of this! The powerful feelings of my moral values made me really want to die, but I didn’t dare. Their threats made me scared. I loved my family, and I didn’t want anything to happen to them because of my mistakes.

Zhao Yi Bo princess carried me out of this isolated and strange room. Zhao Yi Xuan did not follow immediately, and before we left the room, I saw him fumbling for something through the chests that were stacked up in the corner of the room. However, I did not think very much about it.

I’m free!

After leaving this room, Zhao Yi Bo carried me towards the stairs. It was only after careful observation that I realized we were still at the Zhao residence. The room that we were in earlier was most likely one of the rooms in the second underground floor.

When we entered the living room, Zhao Yi Bo did not stop and continued to carry me up to the second floor.

Even though the living room was the place I was most comfortable with, I still did not insist on staying here. I was stark naked, and I had nothing to cover myself with. The living room was bright, and the superb lighting from the massive floor-length windows that spanned the length of the room made me feel as if I was shamefully standing naked on the street for everyone to see. There was no way I could be as natural with my naked body as Zhao Yi Bo was.

He opened the communal bathroom on the second floor and carried me inside. Only then did he put me down.

When my feet touched the floor, the aching in my thighs and sharp pain in my private area made my legs go soft. I practically collapsed to the floor. Even so, Zhao Yi Bo extended a hand to help pull me up.

“You have so little strength. Even after just this little bit, your legs are weak?” He laughed lightly and gently picked me up to place me in a huge bathtub that was so big that I could probably go swimming inside it.

I sat inside the bathtub, tightly hugging my legs with my hands, wanting to hide my weakness.

Warm water filled the entire bathtub very quickly, and under the buoyancy and moisture of the hot water, I felt as if my body didn’t ache as badly as before. However, my sore arms made me unable to forget how much of a sorry state my body was in.

“Let me help you, baby.”

Zhao Yi Bo tenderly scrubbed my body. He let me lay flat in the bathtub, and he used one hand to support my neck so my head could float on the surface of the water. With his other hand, he gently massaged my exhausted and aching body.

I didn’t want to resist, and I didn’t have the energy to resist. Right now, with my mind and body weary, all I could think of was relaxing. I just wanted to rest. The warm flow of water and his soft lanky fingers eased my tense muscles and exhaustion. I comfortably closed my eyes.

When I was practically about to sink into a dream, a strange feeling once again arose from my body. I startled, and my bitter eyes snapped open. Zhao Yi Bo had entered the bathtub while I was dozing off, and he leaned me against his broad chest. Since he already finished washing my hair and my face, his fingers were now digging into my vagina.

“You said you’d let me go…” I weakly pleaded to him.

“Don’t worry, darling. I don’t have any other motives. All I want to do is help wash you clean.” He explained as he pecked my dainty ears.

I stiffened my body and allowed him to continue cleaning, but feeling something hard on my back made me realize he was extremely dangerous right now. I didn’t dare move, and I didn’t dare resist. I was afraid that my actions would provoke his already excited and aroused body. I could only hope he would finish with this uncomfortable torment sooner.

Time passed extremely slowly, and it seemed like an entire eternity went by. His finger continued to insert back and forth inside my vagina, and it slowly drew out a trembling wave of heat from me.

“Enough… I’m already clean…” I pleaded weakly.

“Still not quite.” He refused, and also added another finger.

Two fingers opened up inside my body, spreading open my tight hole. Then, they inquisitively began to explore everywhere.

Due to their actions, my body became weaker and weaker. A sticky fluid flowed from my body and trickled over his hand. I felt as if I was going to melt into the water.

Suddenly, he increased his hand speed and added a third finger.

“No… it’s too much…” The third finger stretched the walls of my insides to their limit, and my small vagina faintly hurt from being injured. However, it also brought an extremely intense feeling, and I cried out. My weak voice was like a kitten’s whine.

He forcefully seized my head and savagely covered my lips with his own. His warm tongue boldly explored the inside of my mouth, muffling my wails.


From his vigorous pistoning, I once again reached a climax of pleasure. In the warm water, I felt myself release on his hands.

Orgasming twice in a row stole away all the strength in my body, and very quickly I sank into darkness…


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