Chapter 6

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At this point, this strange Christmas Eve started to go off the rails.

Not long after eating the birthday cake, I felt an intense feeling of tiredness attack me. I figured it must have been because I hadn’t been resting properly recently, and my exhaustion had finally caught up to me after being able to relax.

Seeing my sleepy appearance, Zhao Yi Bo considerately took the bowls and chopsticks I was presently putting away.

“Since you’re tired, you should go rest. You haven’t been able to rest properly these days because of us. Xuan and I will take care of cleaning the kitchen and dining room.”

“Okay.” I was already barely able to keep my eyes open. It looked like I’d have to depend on the twins to clean up this mess, otherwise I’m afraid I’d fall asleep and drop and break all the dishes.

I thought I would be capable of enduring until I reached my own room, but it became clear that I had overestimated myself. Before I reached the guest room I was living in, I was thoroughly defeated by my heavy eyelids and muddled thoughts. My legs went soft, and I collapsed onto the floor.

Before I fell, the last thought I had was: I’m so weak!

It seemed like a pair of warm and large hands caught me just in time. Who was it? However, I was unable to think clearly, and the darkness quickly consumed me.

I didn’t know how long I slept. I sluggishly opened my eyes, but I wasn’t fully awake yet. How weird. Even after sleeping, why did my body feel even more uncomfortable than before? It felt awfully stiff, and I couldn’t even lift my arms.

However, I very quickly realized that the reason why I was unable to lift my arms was because there was something wrapped around my wrists. It seemed like my ankles were similarly bound.

I hurriedly gave myself a hard bite on my lower lip, and the pain helped me feel more awake.

I looked all around me. This was a room that didn’t have windows, and there was only one small door that could be accessed. Apart from the bed I was presently lying on, there wasn’t any other furniture here. The walls and ceiling above me were completely tiled with mirrors.

What made me feel the most panic-stricken was that I was absolutely naked. My arms and legs were tied in the shape of a 大 on this bed.

Where is this?! Who brought me here? Wasn’t I just at the Zhao residence for Christmas? What about the twins? Are they okay?

Afraid and fearful of what was going to happen, I couldn’t stop myself from beginning to cry. I was just an ordinary eighteen-year-old college student, and I never wanted to be confronted with such a frightening situation.

The door opened and I quickly looked towards the entrance. I prayed that it would be a person who’d come to rescue me, and not someone who’d come to hurt me.

I was in luck! It was the twins who came in.

“Bo, Xuan, I’m over here.” I happily cried out. Even though it probably meant that they had also been caught by the bad guys since they were appearing right now, and although they were just children that wouldn’t be much of a help, it was always comforting to encounter someone you recognized in such an unfamiliar and strange place.

The twins came to the bed, but they didn’t help me undo my bonds. Rather, they stood at the side of the bed and stared at my naked body with extremely lewd looks.

An angry flush of embarrassment appeared on my face. Even though I always regarded them as my own little brothers, no sister would eagerly offer up her body for her little brothers’ research.

“Hurry up and help untie me!”

“No!” One of the twins responded. I wasn’t able to tell whether it was Zhao Yi Bo or Zhao Yi Xuan. Before, I had been able to distinguish them because Zhao Yi Bo always had a friendly and good-natured smile on his face, while Zhao Yi Xuan’s expression was always apathetic.

Right now, the two of them had deeply penetrating looks on their faces that only grown men possessed. This made me feel distant and afraid.

“Why?” Afraid, wronged, and upset about this betrayal, I couldn’t stop myself from starting to cry again.

“Sweetie, you still haven’t figured out why you are here?” They separated to the right and left sides of the bed and sat down. Then, they began to use their hands to caress my unblemished white breasts.

I endured the feeling of shame and anger while I recalled the events that happened before I ‘went to sleep’.

The cake?!

“It was you two?! You drugged the cake?!” I was astonished. The discovery made my face suddenly turn pale, and I almost fainted when I found out.

“Yes, sweetie.”

Their movements started to increase sensually, and those large hands simultaneously reached towards the private places that I had never allowed anyone to touch. Two similar-looking heads also approached my soft breasts and began sucking.

“No… get off…”

The peculiar feeling that arose from my body very quickly brought me to my senses, and I started to struggle with all my effort to shake them off. However, my arms and legs were sturdily bound with rope, and I was unable to accomplish anything. Tears started to roll down my cheeks with greater urgency.

My struggles seemed to please them, and they started to increase the intensity of their hands and mouths.

“Why are you doing this? I’ve been so good to you two, I’ve even started to see you as my own brothers…” I couldn’t understand why they would treat me like this.

They didn’t answer me, but they let go of my body and stood up.

I thought they had come to their senses and were about to release me, but when I saw their next actions, I felt a complete chill in my heart. The only reason why they had left my body was so that they could take off their own clothes. What happened when girls and boys were naked in a room together? I didn’t dare think any further.

Very quickly, they stripped off their own clothes, and they climbed onto the bed with their naked bodies.

“P-Please rethink this… it’s against the law…. you two are still small… please stop…” I started to struggle frantically.

No! I didn’t want this to happen!

“We’re not small at all, want to see?” A voice that was full of sadism appeared beside my ear. Without warning, the thick shaft of a phallus appeared in front of my eyes, and the tip of it lightly rubbed against my face.

I angrily jerked my head away. Shameless!

As matters stood, I now knew that they did not intend to release me. I gave up struggling, and the feeling of despair that welled up from inside suddenly made me wish I could kill myself.

Could I kill myself by biting my tongue?

Possibly because they saw through my suicidal ideations, the twins stopped their movements. One of them caressed my face, and softly whispered by my ear: “If you dare kill yourself, I’ll send your entire family to the grave. You should know by now that the Zhao family’s influence can actually accomplish this.”

I opened my eyes, and through my tears, I saw this familiar yet foreign face. From the ruthless and fierce look in his eyes, I knew that he wasn’t playing around. He was speaking the truth. Tears flowed freely from my eyes, and I lowered my gaze to the locket that hung at his chest. From the word that was inscribed on the platinum locket, I finally recognized him as Zhao Yi Bo.

No, this wasn’t Zhao Yi Bo. The Zhao Yi Bo that I knew was a friendly and thoughtful child, not this wholly wicked man before me.

I quietly stared at the locket that hung from his chest, which I had put on him with my own hands…


Translator’s Notes:

Before we go any further, krrizy asked us to leave a disclaimer saying not to attempt anything described in the novel at home… it’s just not a good idea… so please don’t try it!!! Also, Ainushi and the staff involved with translating this novel do not endorse any of the behavior seen in this novel. Please stay safe and don’t get into any trouble!

For all ya college students out there who are of the partying age, if you go to a party, (1) attend in groups with friends you trust and will look out for you, (2) don’t let other people pour your drinks, (3) guard your beverages and keep an eye on your drinks. If you lose sight of yours, it’s better to get a new one. “Roofies” (sleeping pills dissolved in drinks) are a real danger, and please careful when going out.


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