Chapter 7

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“Don’t cry. You love us too, isn’t that so?” Zhao Yi Xuan walked over and gently cradled my head. He tenderly kissed my face.

“The kind of love I have for you two is a brother and sisterly kind of love, not this perverted kind of love.” I snarled brutally at them.

Their eyes went dark for a moment.

“We didn’t want to do this either, but why did you make us fall in love with you at the same time? The feeling of sharing the woman you love with another person is very distasteful, even if that person is your own brother,” Zhao Yi Xuan said quietly. Zhao Yi Bo, who was standing beside him said nothing, but from the expression on his face you could tell that he agreed with Zhao Yi Xuan.

Distraught, I felt like my thoughts were a mess. I pitied their misfortunate childhood deprived of love, admired their handsome appearances, was impressed by their outstanding academic abilities, and hatefully resisted their irrational and blunt sexual assault. I had too many complicated feelings about these two, and I was unable to think clearly. All I knew was that my sense of morality deeply rooted inside my head made me incapable of accepting a boyfriend that was younger than me, and furthermore, an underage one, let alone threesome sex between two men and one woman.

“You’re wrong about yourselves. It’s only because the old butler passed away and you lacked an emotional outlet; I just happened to be coincidentally present at the time and was very friendly to you two…. you may think that you love me, but this isn’t love…” I frantically tried to explain. I didn’t know if I was trying to convince them or if I was trying to convince myself.


Zhao Yi Bo laughed as he stroked my face. “We’ve known exactly what we wanted from the very beginning. And actually we’ve never had any sort of attachment to that old butler. To us, he’s just a mere servant who takes care of our daily necessities. And it’s not like he was fond of us either. There just isn’t all that much compassion in the real world. When he died, it was a very troublesome inconvenience. In fact, I only got sick because my daily living habits were disrupted, not because I was excessively sad about his death.”

“But he’s taken care of you for so long…” My head was in a muddle of confusion, and I didn’t know what I wanted say.

“It’s because we have money.” Zhao Yi Xuan cut in to explain.


“Didn’t that senior of yours who introduced you to our place warn you about what kind of people we were? Everyone who is even slightly close to the Zhao family knows how frightening we are.”

My club senior did tell me, but I didn’t believe him. I had always believed that waiting to judge people until after I met them in person was the best choice, but I was naive. And it is due to this mistake that I’m now paying a bitter price.

“The main reason why our parents never come is mostly because they’re afraid of us.” Zhao Yi Xuan continued to explain their true nature.

“But they’re parents…” I felt dizzy. In just these short ten minutes, my entire sense of morality and common sense about the world received an enormous challenge. Did I land on an alien planet? If not, how did the rules of this world suddenly change so unbearably in such a short period of time?

“When somebody angers us, we don’t forgive so easily, even if it’s our parents…” He turned his line of sight towards me. “Except maybe you.”

The last phrase he spoke was practically murmured, but I still heard it. I blushed and looked away. I couldn’t keep eye contact with his scorching gaze.

“Stop messing around you two. Let me go. Why can’t we go about this slowly like ordinary girls and boys?”

I was so ensnared by their story that I almost forgot about the dire straits I was presently in. When I came to my senses, I started to coax them. As long as I could run away today, I would definitely draw a clear line between me and the Zhao brothers and never deal with them again.

“You’re trying to trick us,” the twins said simultaneously. There was that damned twin synchronization again.

“I’m not! I’m not! I swear!”

“You really have no talent in lying. Just from a glance, people can tell that you’re lying.” Zhao Yi Bo was making fun of me. Damned kid ruined my act. I fiercely glared at him.

“Sweetie, do you know why we had use such extreme measures? If we pursued you like ordinary men, you wouldn’t have become ours for an entire lifetime.”

“I don’t care! If you can’t win me over, that’s your own fault. Also, please don’t call me “sweetie”. I’m not your sweetheart. If either of you dare touch a hair on my head, I’ll never you let you see the end of it.” Knowing that they liked me and that they wouldn’t actually hurt me, I felt a little courage come back. I opened my throat and shouted at them.

The two of them exchanged a smiling glance, and they once again helped themselves to my body.

“Sweetie, isn’t it you who won’t be seeing the ‘end of it’?”

“Aaah…” An ear-piercing cry rose once again.


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