Chapter 8

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Trigger warnings: Violence, Rape


“Get off… get off…” With my four limbs tightly bound, I could only cry out desperately.

Possibly because he disliked how noisy I had become, Zhao Yi Xuan forcefully seized my chin and brutally yanked my mouth open. He immediately covered my lips with his, effectively muffling my cries. His warm tongue also took advantage of this opportunity to enter my mouth, and it began to probe every inch inside, forcing my soft little tongue to tango with his.

I was almost unable to to breathe. My body lightly trembled, and a strange feeling rose from my lower abdomen.

No! I can’t yield! I ordered myself, but I felt my reasoning gradually slipping away from me.

His hands were presently ravaging the breasts that I hardly touched myself. He used his palms to forcefully grab my delicate breasts, and his slender fingers squeezed and savagely tugged at my little pink nubs. The feeling of pain instantly radiated from my chest, drawing tears from my eyes.

“Uugh… nhgh… uaah…”

I whimpered, but Zhao Yi Xuan simply didn’t have an ounce of mercy. Rather than becoming more delicate, his movements increased in intensity.

After a while, his hands finally released my breasts and his lips also left mine. He slightly straightened his body and looked down at me. From this position, I was able to see the wicked and feral desire in his eyes more clearly. This made me so afraid that I couldn’t stop myself from quivering.

“Please… stop…”

His gaze fell upon my lips. After receiving such rough abuse, my lips had this itching, bruised feeling. He seemed very pleased when he saw this, and the corners of his mouth curled into a slight smile.

“Sweetie, you’re so beautiful that you make my pulse race.”

I had always considered my looks to be only average. Ever since I was little, no one had ever called me using words like “school beauty” or “class angel”. Although there were a few boys who were interested in me, it was never like all the boys were crazy for me.

But then again I never really cared much about my appearance. I was fortunate enough that I wasn’t born with a crooked mouth, slanted eyes, or a missing arm or leg. However, now I wished I could have been born so ugly that people would be disgusted when they saw me and would find me completely “inedible”. At least I would be spared from my present plight.

He bent over once again and his head moved closer to my chest. He bit my left nipple with his teeth, and the fingers of his right hand pinched my right nipple and twisted it around.

“Aah… it hurts…”

The sharp pain that came to my nipples made the tears roll freely from the corners of my eyes. However, the sense of alarm that came from my lower parts made my entire body shudder even more.

While Zhao Yi Xuan toyed with my chest, Zhao Yi Bo sensually stroked my lower body. From my navel to my thighs and my butt, he didn’t spare anything. Finally, his hands stopped at the mysterious triangular zone between my legs.

He began to use his finger to explore my tight vagina.

“Please… take it out… stop…” I helplessly and tearfully cried, wailing like a pitiful injured animal.

They didn’t heed to me in the slightest, and they continued to humiliate me.

Zhao Yi Bo took his index finger and middle finger and put them together before slowly inserting them into my vagina. A feeling he felt from his fingers caused him to take a deep breath.

“Sweetie, you’re still a virgin. Haha~~~”

Those horribly obscene words almost sounded like they had come from the God of Hell.

His right hand started to slowly move in and out, making my private area feel the full extent of this illegal intruder’s invasion. My body shook slightly, but I didn’t know whether it was from my fear and desperation or if it was because of the strange feeling that was coming from my body.

“No… No….”

As the thrusting movements of his fingers intensified, an indescribable feeling rushed to my brain. It made me make these shameful whimpering noises, and I wanted to bite my lips to hold them back. However, how was it possible that I, who had never experienced this kind of stimulation before, would be able to endure this kind of assault?

After several minutes, my rationality practically disappeared from my brain. Sticky white mucus flowed from my forbidden private area and the volume kept growing more and more with his movements.

Seeing my tantalizing appearance, their breathing was heavy. Already unable to hold back any longer, the phalluses between their legs had grown to a throbbing purple color from excitement.

Zhao Yi Xuan once again forcefully grabbed my chin and made me open my mouth. He then forcefully inserted his long, thick phallus into my small mouth and thrusted back and forth.

Unable to bear this, I frantically jerked my head away and spat out his penis.

He raised his left hand and slapped my face hard. The sting of the pain spread across my face put me in a daze. This was the first time I had ever been slapped in my entire life, and a feeling of resentment arose from inside me. I bit my lower lip as tears kept flowing down endlessly, and I stupidly stared at him.

When he saw the resentful look on my face, he seemed to look somewhat regretful. His actions suddenly became gentle and a light kiss landed on my stinging cheek, almost as if that represented his apology.

“Sweetie, open your mouth. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I didn’t know if it was because I was frightened to pieces by his vicious slap, or confused by his tender voice, but I obeyed and opened my mouth, allowing his thick and long phallus to slide in.

Zhao Yi Bo impatiently untied the ropes on my ankles, and he bolstered my right leg against his shoulder.

In a moment, a shocking feeling reverberated up my spine.

No! No further than this! Any further, and there’d be no way for us to go back.

I struggled with my life and madly twisted my body. Regaining freedom of my legs, I kicked and bucked. However, I was only 160 cm tall [1] and not even 45 kg [2]. How was it possible for me to oppose two sturdy and strong men mad with lust?

My head, which was shaking left and right, was grabbed by Zhao Yi Xuan’s hands and tightly held in place. His lengthy, thick phallus still remained in my mouth, almost touching the back of my throat. I found it difficult to breathe, and my struggling upper body was firmly trapped under his bulky legs.

Zhao Yi Bo sturdily grabbed my ankles and crudely propped my legs over his shoulders. His penis was pressed against the entrance to the forbidden part of my lower body, and I could already feel the fiery heat that came from it.

“This is a mistake…” I miserably cried out.

As he straightened his back with a powerful stroke, his shaft penetrated my final defense.



Translator’s Notes:

  1. 160 cm — approximately 5’ 3” [back]
  2. 45 kg — approximately 99 lbs [back]


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