Chapter 9

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Due to Zhao Yi Bo’s actions, I felt a searing pain come from my lower body. It was as if he was ripping apart both my body and soul.

There’s no going back…

My motionless body was paralyzed like I had been hit by a lightning bolt, and my mind was a blur of white. For a moment, I felt like I was experiencing a delirious and preposterous dream.

Their movements still continued, and of course they didn’t stop in the slightest just because of my despair.

Why was it that even after emptying my thoughts, abandoning my reason, and becoming detached from my soul, was I still able to clearly feel the suffering that was coming from my body?

Zhao Yi Xuan used his hands to embrace my head and aggressively press it towards his body. His lower body also thrusted vigorously as the tip of his shaft forcefully fucked the deepest parts of my throat.

The intense pain caused me to clench my fists and pull tightly at my arms. Due to my strength, the coarse ropes chafed my tender skin and dug into my flesh, drawing a thin scarlet trickle of blood from my wrists. It gave the appearance of a deathly kind of beauty.

After Zhao Yi Bo entered my body, he started to furiously and frantically thrust. He added the weight of his entire body with every push, and violently pounded with a rugged and solid force.

My tense and young frail body was practically split open. The fiery, tearing quality of the intense pain made me begin to weep bitterly, but with my mouth filled with a male genitalia, it blocked my wails. Tears of suffering flowed freely.

The perverted desires that had been suppressed for so long transformed them into frantic beasts. Zhao Yi Bo lowered my legs which had been elevated high on his shoulders, and he withdrew from my body. I simply didn’t have any understanding of male physiology, so I actually thought he was already finished. I sighed a deep breath of relief.

However, I was wrong.

He used his hands to forcefully pry apart my legs and spread them open to their limit. Then, he kneeled between my legs, used one hand to grip my slender waist, and once again entered deep into my body and madly started thrusting. My delicate and frail body swayed uncontrollably as his frantic and ferocious movements wildly slid in and out.

Zhao Yi Xuan felt my body shaking and adjusted the pace of his thrusts. This made his penis capable of penetrating even deeper into the depths of my throat.

I felt like I was almost going to be tormented to death by them.

However, slowly, an odd feeling started to rise from my pelvis. This was a feeling that I had never experienced before. It accumulated with time and it began to overwhelm my body. I was even unable to distinguish whether it was closer to extreme pain or extreme pleasure. It was so intense, I felt like my body was being controlled by it. I even felt like it had permeated throughout my soul, like it was granting me life.

“Enn…. ngg…” I couldn’t stop myself from moaning.

My moans seemed to encourage them. Their movements started to become extremely rough, intense, and increasingly rapid.

Zhao Yi Xuan suddenly escalated the strength of his thrusts, and after a few more rams that almost seemed as if they’d skewer my throat, a dense and turbid liquid shot into the back of my throat. A pained and astonished expression appeared on my face, and I wanted to spit it out immediately. However, he firmly held onto my head, and his phallus continued to solidly occupy my mouth as it continued to spurt.

“Swallow it, sweetie.” He ordered with his husky voice.

I refuse! I gazed at him with a pleading look of resistance.

“Hm?” He looked at me with a dangerous look of displeasure, and the phallus that remained in my mouth rammed forward punitively one more time, as if to tell me that if I didn’t listen to his command, there would be some terrifying consequences.

The reprimand that I received earlier made me afraid of rebelling, and I obediently swallowed. However, there was simply too much and some of the liquid I couldn’t swallow trickled down from the corner of my mouth.

He pulled out his penis from my mouth after it discharged, and it was now soft. Then, he un-straddled from my body and stood up beside the bed to admire Zhao Yi Bo venting continuously on my body.

The feeling of shame once again rose, and I turned my reddened face away, avoiding his gaze that was full of lust. After all that abuse, I could barely even close my small mouth. The muscles in my mouth ached from being forced open to their limit, and my throat also felt like it was still burning.

However, the hot feeling that dominated my body continued to amplify, and escalated as Zhao Yi Bo’s movements continued to surge.

“Ah… Ahh…” A shameful moan came out from my aching little mouth.

Under Zhao Yi Xuan’s watch, Zhao Yi Bo’s motions became more rapid. He aggressively rammed my slopping wet nether regions, which produced a repetitive slapping sound as he struck. Mixed together with my erotic moans, it formed a truly rotten and obscene symphony.

As his brutal thrusting continued, a wave of heat consumed my body. It increased more and more and became stronger and stronger. Finally it broke the limit and shattered within my body. My vision became entirely white, and my body violently shuddered.

“Aaahhh…” I shrieked as if I were dying.

As I exploded, Zhao Yi Bo also reached his limit. He abruptly pulled out from my body, and a thick, turbid white fluid shot out from the tip of his dick. It splattered over my face that was soaked with sweat…


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