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Chapter 19 – Doujinshi: Yoooooo ~

Credits: BC Novels – readerz, XD, and smr85

Xiu embraced Du Ze and increased his speed.

When he used lightning to destroy the stone giant, an overwhelming sense of fatigue burst out from inside of his body. The power of Destruction was very overbearing and frightening; the energy it consumed was too much for Xiu to bear.

At that time, he felt like he was being controlled by something. Although his body was obviously so tired that he could not even raise a finger, his soul was very excited. His excitement even suppressed his fatigue and encouraged him to keep fighting. When he embraced Du Ze, that abnormal feeling gradually disappeared. In order to suppress his condition, Xiu had no other choice but to grab Du Ze and fly away.

A white line suddenly appeared at the boundary between the red wasteland and purple sky. As they closed the distance, the white line become more clearly defined. Appearing before Xiu’s eyes were countless white skeletons. The boundless white bones replaced the red soil, spreading to the distant horizon ‘til they met with the purple sky – just like an ocean of bones.

At this point, Xiu finally reached his limit. He found a hidden place with enough room to lay down before he retracted his wings and placed Du Ze down onto the ground. Afterwards, he sat down quietly to recover his physical strength and scrutinize the demonic blade in his hand. The burning silver blade reflected a pair of purple eyes. The pupils were no longer red and full of demonic charm. Xiu thought for a bit, took out the piece of metal he found in the necromancer’s tower, and placed it on the blade of the demonic sword. The metal suddenly started to “boil.” It turned into silver liquid that covered the blade. The scarlet blade began to flicker as if it was in crisis, almost as though it was trying to escape, but the metal piece completely swallowed it up.

Eventually, the sword was completely absorbed by the metal piece. The Qian Bian integrated with the demonic blade and turned back into a dull piece of metal. Xiu picked it up and mentally willed it to change. It quickly reverted into the form of the silver-red sword.

Satisfied with the weapon, Xiu then moved his eyes to the dark haired youth who was still in a coma.

In his darkest, most pathetic hour, this person with an unknown background and mystical power appeared. While in his undead form, Xiu only cared about this man’s use and value. As a gnome, he was always skeptical and curious towards him. And now, he felt that none of that was important. As Xiu’s black nails glided over Du Ze severed arm, he thought to himself: as long as this person stays beside me, I will not care about his identity.

He wants to control this person.

The two moons climbed higher in the sky. Under the moonlight, the dark haired youth’s severed hand returned to its original state. Xiu watched quietly. He knows that at midnight, Du Ze will recover. Not just his body, all his possessions are like that. This makes Du Ze’s origin even more enigmatic. This caused Xiu to feel a little bit unhappy; although he does not care about Du Ze’s identity, the mystery makes him feel like he cannot completely control this person.

Xiu’s eyes fell on the book on Du Ze’s bosom. Every time he notices the book, this man’s face immediately becomes tense. Is that book… very important?

Xiu reached out his hand to take the book.


Du Ze was dreaming.

In the dream, he was happily walking on the road. Suddenly he fell into a pit; the hole was extremely deep, with no bottom in sight. He plummets, descending forever. When Du Ze felt like he would continue to fall like this, he suddenly saw a bunch of people also performing the same free fall. Those people looked at him calmly: “A newcomer?”

Du Ze looked blankly at the group of people hanging in the air. They all have the same cold and lonely atmosphere, which gave him a feeling of intimacy. It was as though he was going to join an organization.

“Dear seniors,” Du Ze asked, “why is this pit so deep?”

“Because this pit was dug by the author,” the crowd answered with a vicious tone. “You know what? This hole is called ‘Mixed Blood,’ haha.”

“Yi Ye Zhi Qiu, you eunuch (cheap)! (PS: eunuch = pit)1

… WTF!!!

Du Ze was furious and opened his eyes. He then heard a low magnetic voice beside him: “You’re awake?”

Du Ze reflexively looked at the direction of the sound and immediately saw a demon sitting next to him. Lowering the book in his hands, the demon turned his head and look at Du Ze. At this point, the silly and adorable reader’s thoughts were still in dreamland with the evil author. He just stared at the demon, his thoughts slowly processing that he is now seeing a tall and handsome male protagonist, very unscientific … protagonist?

Memories of the time before he fell unconscious finally came back. Du Ze was so nervous that he almost jumped up. He looked around: Where is the meat mountain? Where is that f**ker Dan? Most importantly – where is the protagonist?!

However, other than the demon there was no one else there. The demon sitting by his side has a pair of curved horns. Under the black hair, his extremely beautiful purple eyes shone. There was a faint, wicked smile on his pouty lips, making it seem like he’s amused about something. The demon was really too good-looking, yet there was something very familiar about him. The cute reader thought: How could I not remember a person like him who looks like every man’s public enemy number one?

Then the idiot reader caught a glimpse of the very ill-fitting white shirt on the demon’s upper body. Crazy, hysterical thoughts filled his head.

… Hello, are you the protagonist of Daming Lake?2

Du Ze restrained his impulse to escape from reality by taking off his glasses and cleaning them. Trembling, he asked: “Xiu?”

The demon’s smile became bigger, he seemed to be in a pleasant mood: “It’s me.

Du Ze… Du Ze said: “It’s not me, the world is changing too fast.”

– Who can tell him why the protagonist awakened his demon blood? Ah!

Du Ze wants to kneel down.

The sequence of events of the “Mixed Blood” novel is roughly like this: the orphanage (human) → the Magic Institute → examination in the magic tower → inter-school match → Temple of Light (undead race awakened) → whole mainland hunts him down → Lost Lands → lost elven village (elven race awakened) → … → gnome ruins (gnome race awakened) → … → reverse side of the continent (demon race awakened).

In the reverse side of the continent, the protagonist fought 72 gods and goddess. He levelled up by going through this difficult trial, eventually defeating the chief god – Bael. Bael is the god at the peak of the 72 magical gods and is also the strongest god of the demon race. The Bael Citadel is the most prosperous landmark in the entire continent, whether in economics or military might.

The protagonist must try to gnaw through these hard bones. He fought until he was severely wounded. In the central square of each city stands a statue of the god they worship. It is said that each statue contains a drop of blood from that god.

The Bael Citadel must of course erect Bael’s statue. As the protagonist struggled with the enemy, the statue suddenly burst. Bael’s blood soared straight into the protagonist’s body, awakening the demon blood inside him. At this time, there was a high status demon in the area. The demon saw the protagonist’s demon form and was unable to control his excitement, involuntarily revealing Xiu’s status: the protagonist is the descendant of Bael. So the protagonist instantly become part of the royal family of the demon race; the whole mainland was dominated by the protagonist.

But now, the storyline … how can this happen?

The combat power of the Demon is a BUG/CHEAT; the protagonist who awakens the blood of the demon race will have his power go up a whole level. But the storyline now is messed up. The struggling reader who relies on his ability to predict upcoming events ah… Without the plot advantage, how he can improve his favorability rating?

Du Ze’s heart is broken.

Xiu cannot see the pieces of Du Ze broken glass heart lying on the ground. Holding the book in his hand, he placed it in front of Du Ze’s eyes, pointing to the first page. He asked a question, trying to find answer to what he was curious about from the beginning: “What is this?”

Du Ze saw the picture of two people together with the sentence “A ~ I want to ~~~”… The picture became infinitely large in his eyes, zoomed in, enlarged, enlarged, enlarged …

This is it.

This is.


Ah ~

The whole world plunged into a mysterious silence. Du Ze stared at the Teammate who was transmitting a “yoooooo ~” in Xiu’s hands. The brain’s CPU has overloaded.

It was seen, seen, seen … shi*!

– Wait a minute, the protagonist just asked “What is this” and not “This is me”, right?!

A stupid reader suddenly reacted. Pretending to be calm, he asks: “Up to where did you read?”

“Just to the second page.”

The second page … That was when the protagonist and his old enemy fired his pistol,3 a yaoi H scene, very good.

Du Ze’s tension relaxed by half: “Did you understand?”

“The drawings can be understood.” His eyes narrowed. “The words, on the other hand, are words I never saw before.”

Looking at the reaction of the protagonist, the reader who was coerced into bringing the doujinshi felt temporarily relieved. The two dimensional fanart did not look like the real thing. As long as Xiu does not understand the words in the book and does not see the transformation in the later parts, he will not be aware that one of the two passionate characters in the book is himself. The worst is that he will just assume this is a porn book.

Speaking of words and languages, Du Ze found out that he has no trouble with them at all. He can understand the languages others have used even though he never heard them before, as if there was an invisible translator around him that taught him to talk.

The protagonist is now focusing on the strange text, so Du Ze profoundly says: “This is an ancient language … Return the book to me.”

Xiu heard the sentence and glanced at the book, tilting his head as if thinking of something. Du Ze readily accepted the challenge and prepared himself to answer Xiu’s questions. As a precaution, Du Ze also checked his hearing aid to see the battery, afraid that this companion was going to go on strike at an important moment.

Very good, this time the battery is quite full: enough for them to talk for a long time.

Hearing aid: Haha.

In front of Du Ze, Xiu let down his colleague and looked over, opening his mouth as if to say something. Du Ze was just thinking “Come on!” before hearing the demon say: “I’m hard, help me.”

… I’m sorry, you still have no electricity! @headphones

Du Ze immediately started cursing in his head: “Your mother!!!” He could not look directly at Xiu’s evil, demonic features. Facing the protagonist’s gun, he wished he could talk about his three world views (life philosophy) with him.

Author! You should take care of your bear child (naughty child)! Although the Demon form affects the character of the protagonist, how can he drop so low to the point that he can’t differentiate between male and female?!

In the original, Ye Zhi Qiu described the demon race in this way: “A race of people who are very honest about their own desires.” Most readers warmly welcomed the words of the author as the focus of that statement is: honesty with their own DESIRE … Everyone understood the meaning. So in the “Mixed Blood,” the protagonist’s bed scenes while in the form of a demon are unlimited, and he dares to experiment with all kinds of things. But it does not mean that you have to eat men as well as women. The way he set things up must be wrong!

Du Ze hugged his precarious three views, hesitating to ask: “Help…?”

Xiu said nothing, instead he directly pulled Du Ze’s left hand, pressing it down towards his lower body. His hand on Xiu’s pants, Du Ze discovered that Xiu’s demon form really is unexpectedly honest – he’s really excited. But according to this trend, the protagonist should just want to shoot his pistol.

In YY literature there is a strange phenomenon; the protagonist, whether virgin or not, will want to fully practice his H skills with a woman. There has never been a YY novel that had the protagonist solve his problem with his own hand. The protagonist was excited when he read the hardcore doujin and his demonic temperament is such that he doesn’t want to suppress his own desires. He is unable to solve his problem by himself and there is no sister around, so he wants Du Ze to help?

The original protagonist was not familiar with the idea of asking other people to help, how can a doujinshi make him gay? The attitude of this life winner made the loser envious and cutely embarrassed 囧.

“You want me… to help you shoot?”

The demon in front of him nodded; he had no psychological barrier at all but the reader has one! He has never helped others stroke the tube! Some idiot tactfully used the words to dissuade the demon: “I’m a man…”

Protagonist, please be patient! You will immediately have many sisters lining up earnestly, wanting to enter your harem!

“You do not like this?” Xiu seems to be glancing at a certain book. Du Ze suddenly felt annoyed. Fortunately Xiu did not recognize the main character in the book, but being misunderstood as having strange tastes … Du Ze silently looked at the doujinshi. “Yoooooo ~” Suddenly feeling sad, he dejectedly thought: Why did I not throw away this disaster earlier! Throw it away!!!

While Du Ze was still thinking of how to explain his relation with the devil book, he heard Xiu say: “With our relationship, this is not something big.” His voice sounds mellow, very magnetic, with a slightly hard to detect temptation.

Their relationship? Du Ze is little confused. Because of his social barrier, Du Ze basically did not get along with other people. But it is said that this behavior of brothers helping each other with their guns was normal. So he was included into the ranks of the protagonist’s brothers? The silly reader became excited and at once accepted his role. Helping brothers in a pistol fight is kind of normal, isn’t it?

The protagonist whispered urgently, not hiding his intention, with a voice that made people unable to refuse his order: “Hurry up.”

Du Ze was in a daze, and when he had returned to his senses he had already grasped the thing with his hand. Although he initially felt awkward, the weight and size of it immediately captured Du Ze’s attention, bringing his thoughts into a strange direction again. Man, who can resist comparing? The stupid reader can once again attest to the power of protagonist. This is exactly the weapon of the eight races, used to conquer the sisters in one night! Ye Zhi Qiu did not specifically describe the protagonist’s stallion activity, but the next day the protagonist had a “still not satisfied” expression while the harem was already dying.

This is the difference between a loser and the winner of life.

Du Ze is right handed, so using his left hand is not convenient. As he tried to change hands, the protagonist stopped him. Xiu, staring at Du Ze, speaks with his low and mellow voice brimming with desire: “Use your left hand.”

Du Ze was at a loss, but he did not argue with Xiu about it. He started to move his hand. Xiu’s pants are made from a fabric that was very soft and also quite loose, so occasionally his hand would slip off it from time to time. After rubbing a few times, the demon impatiently dragged Du Ze’s left hand inside his pants. Because of this move, the distance between the two became a lot closer. Du Ze was caught in the half circle of Xiu’s arms. He suddenly felt a very hot object placed into his hand. It was so hot that he almost reflexively withdrew, but this action was predicted by Xiu. The demon covered Du Ze’s hand with his and placed his other hand on the back of Du Ze neck, stroking it slowly while narrowing his purple eyes that were filled with desire: “Continue…”

Since things have now progressed to this extent, Du Ze decided to just do it. First, he traced the length of the hot object from the root to the tip, then covering it with his five fingers, he slowly teased it again and again, repeating his action like a piston movement. Xiu seems satisfied with Du Ze’s service as Du Ze can feel the thing in his hand get bigger and bigger, hotter and hotter. He can feel his shoulder sinking; it was Xiu leaning on his shoulder, his soft black hair flowing down, feeling like silk on Du Ze’s skin. Something touched Du Ze’s ear. It was Xiu’s horn, accompanied by his hot breath caressing his ear.

Du Ze uncomfortably moved to avoid it. Because of his hearing problem, he is very concerned with things getting close to his ear This caused his ear to become very sensitive. He accelerated the movement of his hand, eager to get out of this ambiguous situation as soon as possible. But no matter how much he moved, the thing that was in his hands became harder and harder; there was no sign of explosion.

Well, I’m going to give him a killer move.

Du Ze’s palm moved to the top of the shaft. While holding it in his palm, he pressed his thumb on the tip, slowly rubbing it. Xiu’s breath suddenly became harsh. Du Ze, unable to react in time, heard a tearing sound. The sky suddenly darkened. A pair of huge bat-like wing covered both of them, blocking the light.

Du Ze was stunned to see the wings above his head. He suddenly felt a tingling sensation on his shoulder; he was bitten. In the darkness, the demon rested his head on Du Ze’s shoulder, his hot breath echoing in his ear. With a hoarse voice, he commanded: “Continue.”

– Protagonist, this is not stamina, this is a sickness, ah!!!

When Du Ze’s hand was finally released, he could no longer feel his fingers. Some cute, silly person anxiously looked at his left hand. Although it was already wiped clean, the fact that he used it to help the protagonist shoot still left big impact on Du Ze’s mind. Du Ze stared blankly at Xiu, whose face still showed an obvious unsatisfied expression. At this time, Du Ze had a strange feeling that he was able to understand the harem’s mood: It was not because our fighting power was too weak, but because the enemy was too strong!

Noticing Du Ze’s line of sight, the demon was ready to make trouble again and suddenly proposed: “One more time?”



When the war was at a stalemate, the statue of the god, Bael, suddenly cracked!

It started as a little crack which then spread little by little. In the end, a fracture shaped like a spider web covered the whole statue. In front of everyone’s gaze, the giant statue broke into rubble, leaving a bright red liquid floating in the air.

Bael City’s Lord stared at the liquid: “It was true!”

According to the legend, the 72 cities were made by the 72 gods; supposedly each city has their respective god’s statue, in which a drop of the god’s blood was placed. But up until now, no one was able to destroy those god statues, so this rumor has not been confirmed.

At this moment the red blood floated on the air as if to tell people that it was not a legend, but the truth.

But why did Bael’s statue suddenly burst …

All the Demons greedily gazed at that red liquid. This is the god’s blood! The blood of the powerful god Bael!

The Demons were tempted to grab the legendary god’s blood, the Lord was the first to reach out. But when he almost touched the red liquid, the drop of blood flew in between his fingers, and directly flung itself between eyebrows of the villain who attempted to dominate the reverse side of the continent!

Xiu, feeling a pain in his forehead, bent down. A strange, painful feeling once again filled his entire body. He looked at his hand. His black fingernails do not look human anymore. The top of his head and his back were assaulted by a severe pain and felt hot – something was coming out from those places.

The demons stared at Xiu, amazed. The blue-eyed human was no longer there, instead becoming a … demon? It was a very handsome demon, with large bat wings rising wide behind him, his black hair fluttering, with curved horns and a pair of purple eyes.

Xiu glanced at the changes in his body. He licked his finger, laughing happily.

Of course, he was a monster.

– excerpt from “Mixed Blood”

The author has something to say:
“The reader is sick of fighting”4
Doujinshi: yoooooo~
Author: yoooooo~
Protagonist: Yo.
Readers: … So annoying (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻!!!5

1. The parenthesis was written by the author. If you remember the early chapters, book eunuch = book never finished/abandoned. The parenthesis says it’s also called a pit.
2. A reference to a quote from the popular TV show, My Fair Princess (还珠格格). “Emperor, do you remember eighteen years ago, Daming Lake during the summer rain?” Uh, in this case, Du Ze is just realizing that this demon is Xiu.
3. The internet in China is heavily censored. Therefore this entire H scene is told in terms of euphemisms such as pistol, gun, shooting, etc. “Fired his pistol” – please use your imagination. But it’s not an actual pistol.
4. 烦语 – when a person is so annoyed by someone that he/she shuts down and won’t talk or react anymore
5. 神烦 (god trouble) = The spirit is not good, feeling super troubled

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