Hi Ainushians!

You may have seen me tease about this in yesterday’s Debt Girl update.

I’ll like to officially announce that the volare Labour Day Bonanza is now live!

To celebrate Labour Day, we have a few chapters queued up and will release them all at once on the 4th of September if you, the readers participate in the quiz fest on volare!

Want those bonus (and instant release) chapters?  Then, check out the rules below:

  • Translators have brainstormed a variety of questions from all walks of life. Each question corresponds to a bonus chapter of their novel.
  • Each question is multiple choice. Please select your answer.
  • Only if the majority chooses the correct answer will the question be considered answered correctly.  If the majority chooses the wrong answer, the question will be considered answered incorrectly and the associated bonus chapter will not be released.
  • Please refer to the reward chart below.


Example : 
Question 1 has 4 choices.
Choices A, B, C, D.
Choice B is the correct answer.
3 people choose A. 2 people choose B. 10 choose C and none choose D, the majority has answered question 1 incorrectly by the majority, so the bonus chapter for that question is not unlocked.
If the majority chooses B, then the bonus chapter associated to question 1 will be unlocked and released after event ends.


Bonus chapters that we have up for grabs:


Novel # of chapter(s)
Flowers Reflecting the Sky 2
From Maid to Mother 3
The Noble Girl Living in Debt 2
Why Is the Prettiest Girl in School Trying to Talk to a Loner Like Me During Lunch Break? 5
Total Chapters


Want those 12 chapters? Then hurry! What are you waiting for? Check volare’s announcement here for links to the trivia!


P.S. I want you guys to all have fun so hint #1: the last 3 novels are story-related questions. Some can easily be googled (yes! I made it as easy as I could), others will require you to carefully read the text. 😀 Good luck, folks!

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