To Become Tear Chocked (Pt 1)

Translator: Silvia

TLC: Krrizis

Editor: kiti

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That Shitty Woman!! (Tachibana)


Kiuchi refused to let me drop her off at home in a taxi.


It was only out of kindness that I said that I would ‘send’ her home.


I don’t get it.


Does she not want to go home with me that badly? Each and every one of them, treating me like a fucking tumor.


I wonder if she actually called her boyfriend??


That woman who smells of poverty. I hope she didn’t just walk because she was too stingy to pay for the taxi charges.


If anything happens, it will completely be my fault.


Aaaa – !!   I’m getting irritated!!    What a pain – !!


Sorry. Could u drop me off at the corner please ( Tachibana)


If she actually walked home, I’ll throw her into the taxi next time.


I got down from the taxi and returned to the store.


That woman, she went that way, didn’t she?? (Tachibana)


I hastened in the direction that Kiuchi ran off towards.


After searching in the vicinity for a while, I saw Kiuchi coming out of a convenience store.


Taking out the canned chuhai she had just bought, Kiuchi started gulping it down furiously.



Then, she just walked off holding it in her hand.


That womanIs she an old man?


Kiu… (Tachibana)


When I was about to call out to her, Kiuchi suddenly stopped moving.


sobI heard her sniffle.


hic , hic It sounded like Kiuchi was crying.


I couldn’t call out to her.


I was sure she must have wanted to cry alone.


I wonder what happened to her.


Drinking the canned chuhai, Kiuchi walked whilst crying and I followed her from behind without being discovered.


I mean, of course I am worried.


Walking alone in the street at night itself is worrying, but she is drinking alcohol and crying as well.


If she gets caught by a suspicious guy, she’ll be easily raped and killed.




…  Still, it’s so far.


Haven’t we walked quite a lot? We’ve been walking for nearly 2 hours.


Where the heck is that woman’s house??


Just as I was somewhat regretting following her, Kiuchi stopped moving.


Kiuchi was gazing up at an apartment room with the lights on.


That’s Kiuchi’s room. Probably.


But instead of entering, she sat under a nearby street light, still crying.




It was past 5:00 AM when the room light finally went out.


The sky was getting bright.


– – – – – – Seriously, don’t fucking joke with me.


 Why am I even watching this… I mean, I did do it because I wanted to  and I was thinkingSomething terrible will happen if I don’t see her off properlybut it is still troublesome if it’s going to turn out like this.


This shitty woman, she is seriously unbelievable.


In the end, Kiuchi entered the apartment after 30 minutes had passed.


I wonder what happened, after she went in.


…  Did something happen with that woman’s boyfriend?


– – – – – – – – Aaa!! I have the early shift today!!


This isn’t the time to be sleeping!! Rather, if I don’t head back immediately, I won’t even have time to bathe.


Damn it!! That woman is seriously a nuisance. I totally hate her.


I don’t want to have anything to do with her anymore.




– – – – – – After reaching home, I somehow managed to take a quick shower and left for work.


I’m dead tired. This is all Kiuchi’s fault.


Maybe I should draw eyeballs on my eyelids and just sleepWhile I was fighting against my sleepiness with such a foolish idea, Kiuchi came to work.


Good Morning( Kiuchi )


Did she have the early shift too…?


Good mor…  What happened?? Your eyes are swollen?? ( Nozawa)


Kiuchi’s close friend, Nozawa-san who was pregnant, approached Kiuchi and was surprised when she saw her face.


Well, it’s only natural for it to swell if she cried like that.


I saw a movie yesterday… No, I’m thinking of parting ways with Satoru…(Kiuchi)


For a moment Kiuchi thought of lying, but maybe she realized she would be found out. So she told the truth.


 [ Why?? (Nozawa)


 [It looks like he has someone else he loves (Kiuchi)


Well, it can’t be helpedNozawa san returned a bitter smile to Kiuchi who was showing a painful smile..


I feel pitiful for Kiuchi but, when I remembered her behaviour yesterday, I don’t sympathize with her.


Whatever, I’m sooo sleepy!!




After the morning assembly was over, it was time to open the shop.


Today, the flow of customers was great as well.


I thought my drowsiness would fly away if I was busy, but I’m totally sleepy.


I feel sleepy even as I stand. My eyes keep closing on their own. When I fought to open my eyelids, my eyes rolled back.


Walcomeee– And I slurred too. (Tachibana)


(TN note : 『えらっしゃいましー』He says erasshaimashi instead of irasshaimase )


It wasn’t long before it was at the level where the shop manager warned me.


 「… Ummm, were you not able to get much sleep last night(Kiuchi)


Maybe she happened to see the state I was in as Kiuchi approached me.


My natural enemy. Kiuchi’s position in the accessory department was the same as mine.


Mou, even though I don’t want to have anything to do with this woman.


Rather, it’s your fault that I’m sleep deprived right now.




『Go away』I replied vaguely  ( Tachibana )


「… The truth is, I didn’t get much sleep last night as well… I bought too much so I thought of sharing this with you(Kiuchi)


As Kiuchi was saying that, she handed over an energy drink under the jewellery case.


If one isn’t enough, I have another so please tell me. Pretend you are going to the toilet and drink it (Kiuchi)


After saying that, Kiuchi hurriedly left me.


Although I dislike Kiuchi, I have no other choice but to depend on what she gave me.


I headed to the toilet feeling grateful.




I drank the energy drink and recovered my fighting spirit.


I was raised being told by my parents that ‘You should treat money preciously.’


Suddenly Kiuchi’s words from last night floated in my mind.


Huh?? Should I be paying her back for this portion as well??


For now, I am awake.


I returned to my post and resumed my work.


Across from me, Kiuchi was attending to some customers, a couple who came to look at rings.


It must be difficult for her right now.


The customers too were looking at Kiuchi’s swollen eyes.


Maybe I should switch with her.


When I went near Kiuchi to relieve her,


「… My apologies. My eyes are making you worried. It’s only an allergy. It’s not contagious so it’s alright」 (Kiuchi)


Kiuchi who noticed the customer’s gaze, explained as such while smiling. She must have thought up an excuse before the shop opening.


Looks like my worry was unnecessary.


「Really? I hope you get well soon」 (Customer)


The customers smiled back at Kiuchi too.


「Thank you very much for your concern. My eyes are just fine. More importantly, let me find a ring that suits you. If there is anything to your liking, please let me know and I will take it out from the case」 (Kiuchi)


At the customer’s kind words, Kiuchi’s expression became cheerful.


Enthusiastically, Kiuchi succeeded in getting the couple to purchase a ring.




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