To Become Tear Chocked (Pt 2)

Translator: Silvia

TLC: Krrizis

Editor: kiti

QC: Kittsune

First Published on Ainushi


When the late shift team reported for work, the early shift guys that were freed took turns to go for their lunch break.

I went to break 5 minutes late because of Kiuchi.


… Should I return the money for the energy drink.


When I went to have a look in the resting room, Kiuchi was not there.


…  What a pain. Where did that woman go?


The rooftop??


I took the elevator to the top floor and climbed the stairs from there to the rooftop.


When I opened the door to the rooftop, Kiuchi was sitting on the bench, eating her lunch all alone.


「Kiuchi-san. 」  (Tachibana)


When I called her name, Kiuchi stopped moving her chopsticks and looked in my direction.


「 Tachibana-san??   What’s the matter?? 」  (Kiuchi)


「 I came to return the money for the energy drink. 」  (Tachibana)


I drew a 1,000 yen note from my wallet and hand it over to Kiuchi.


「 Aaa,  the change… I wonder, if I have any?? 」  (Kiuchi)


Instead of taking my 1,000 yen, she put her lunch box down on the bench, took out her wallet and started checking for small change.


A stingy woman to the end.


「 I don’t have any change.  Well then– 」  (Kiuchi)


I decided to put the 1,000 yen note under her lunchbox so that it wouldn’t fly off in the wind.


「That… it doesn’t even cost a 1,000 yen. 」  (Kiuchi)


Saying this, that cheapskate woman stopped me.


– – – – –  Obstinate.


「Yesterday, in the end you didn’t drink anything other than tea right??  That tea, wasn’t even a 1,000 Yen. 」  (Tachibana)


「Aaa…  Is that so?   Thank you for going out of your way for me. 」  (Kiuchi)


After finally feeling inclined to accept it, Kiuchi put the 1,000 yen which was under her lunchbox into her wallet.


…  But still, Kiuchi’s lunchbox looks delicious.


– – – – Grrrr.


I still haven’t had my lunch and I didn’t even had time to eat my breakfast properly so my hungry stomach made a really loud sound.



Even though I was like that, Kiuchi handled it like an adult.  Silently pretending she didn’t hear my stomach growling.


… Wouldn’t it be polite to say “please help yourself”  and give me a bite to eat?? 」  (Tachibana)


What is this? Is she like defending her lunchbox to the last bite? Kiuchi…  That’s rather charming. Let her hold on to it, that lunchbox.


… No. Afterall it’s a lunchbox that can’t be eaten by anyone else but me, it’s quite inappropriate. It’s not something others can eat. 」 (Kiuchi)


Suddenly getting shy,  Kiuchi was trying to hide the lunchbox with the lid.


What is this?! She is cute.


Or rather,  even without hiding it, the lunchbox looked pretty good.


「Let me have that tamagoyaki. 」 (Tachibana)



Looking through the gap of the lid, I pointed at the tamagoyaki lined up beside the wiener sausage.


Kiuchi’s tamagoyaki,  was a lovely yellow colour without any burn marks.


… My tamagoyaki, it’s not sweet you know?? 」  (Kiuchi)


「 Heh. So it’s salty in your house?? 」  (Tachibana)


「 It’s not salty either. It’s shiradashi* and mayonnaise. 」  (Kiuchi)


「 Mayonnaise?? 」  (Tachibana)


What is that? Makes me want to have it more and more.

「 If you add mayonnaise, it becomes fluffy and … Aaa! 」  (Kiuchi)


Kiuchi kept going on and on, so I just ate it on my own.


「 It’s so good!! 」  (Tachibana)


Crap. Delicious.


Kiuchi,  is cooking her speciality?


Aaa!!  Placed in an aluminium cup, there’s also the butter spinach and fried fish that look so appetizing.



While I was staring at Kiuchi’s lunchbox, she said,


…  Please eat those that suit your taste. Aa, but you don’t have any chopsticks 」  (Kiuchi)


Kiuchi held out the lunchbox to me, saying  ”I’ll wash this and come back” and taking the chopsticks she was using just minutes ago, she was about to step away from the rooftop.


I grabbed a hold of Kiuchi’s arm and snatched away the chopsticks.


「I am not at the age where I’ll cause an uproar over something like an 『indirect kiss』.」 (Tachibana)


Hurry up and let me eat, Stupid. My stomach is singing really loudly.


I tossed the butter fried fish into my mouth immediately.


So delicious~  The spinach is also delicious and the side dish with the gomae is also yummy.



But anyway …  


「 The lunchbox is too small. 」   (Tachibana)


Not at all filling for me.


…  I don’t have anything else except gummies. 」  (Kiuchi)


Kiuchi,  removed the heavenly lunchbox from my knee and placed a pack of gummies on it instead.


「 Rather, I’m sorry. Since I ate that much, your food has run out. 」   (Tachibana)


「 No, it’s alright.    I am not that hungry today.  Seeing you eating it like it’s so delicious, made me happy. 」 (Kiuchi)


Kiuchi, made a little sorrowful smile.


– – – – – Her boyfriend must be the cause of it.


Since I ate Kiuchi’s lunch, maybe I’ll at least be her agony aunt.


…   Is it not going well with your boyfriend ?  Sorry.  This morning, I heard your conversation with Nozawa-san. 」  (Tachibana)  


…..  I see. 」  (Kiuchi)


Saying that, Kiuchi looked down without a word more.




Translator Note:

  1. Shiradashi/shirodashi (白だし しらだし/しろだし): White soy sauce or light soy sauce blended with various kinds of dashi stock. The stock is mainly made from dried bonito flakes, kelp and dried black mushrooms. Can be used as the substitute for light soy sauce.
  2. Gomae(胡麻和え) is pounded sesame dressing.




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