Chapter 12: A Dream Filled with Fluffiness


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The next day, Bernard reported to Lazare about Agnes after work.


「I thought of reporting it in as soon as possible but…..」

「Maa, there’s nothing wrong with your decision」



It has been two months since Bernard was assigned to the 『Third Division Assault Corps』.

It was a delicate period for him to build a trusting relationship. Moreover, this was slightly before he was deeply involved privately with Agnes’s case, all the more reason for him to hold his tongue.


「――I’ll bear the responsibility of sheltering her in my house」


At those words, Lazare firmly agreed.


「Is the Orlellian house in the outskirts of the kingdom?」

「Yes. Since it’s in the depths of the forest, unless they go to that extent, they won’t find her」

「Got it. This will be very hard on you but should anything arise, I offer you my assistance」

「Thank you」


He felt the knots in his heart untangling slightly.

Bernard further perceived that it was difficult for a single person alone to take on the problem. For now, he let out a relieved sigh. Nevertheless, the conversation was far from over.


「There is just one more thing」

「What is it?」

「The matter of violating Ernesto Barthelemon’s order」

「Ah, that」


If ever the situation of them accepting Ernesto Barthelemon’s request were to be discovered, Bernard announced he will assume full responsibility for it. .


「I will not hear of it」


「Regardless of who is responsible, I will certainly be punished.. Besides, Sir Barthelemon may not turn a blind eye on Agnes’s case until she is discovered.」

「What do you mean by that――」


For quite some time, there were dark rumours about Ernesto Barthelemon. Through the course of the investigation, Lazare thought that it was possible for him to prosecute Agnes on a separate charge.


「Sir Barthelemon probably didn’t mention he was prolonging her imprisonment, did he?」

「That is, well, certainly. Do you have any evidence?」

「There is and isn’t any talk of it」


「Maa, you can leave these matters to me. Perhaps, if ever you need me to take care of things, ask me when the time comes」

「I don’t really get it but understood」


For the meantime, Bernard had settled the conversation with Lazare on how to somewhat deal with Ernesto with regards to Agnes’s matter..





Left with the task to look after the kitten, it was Agnes’s first attempt to raise a cat.


That very night she learned how to do it from Gigille. Tonight, Dominic was looking after the cat..


「――then,it goes like this but how’re you going?」

「Y, Yes. I can do it」

「If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can ask me anytime」

「Thank you」


Gigille told Agnes to bring the cat to the veterinarian tomorrow.


「Is a veterinarian a doctor responsible for the animals?」

「Yep, he is」



About half acentury ago, a wicked disease spread amongst the cats and dogs raised at home. Since there was fears of the infection spreading from animals to people, theriatrics was widely practiced around this country.


「He’ll heal his eye completely」

「I’m glad」

「That’s why there’s no need to worry」



Lastly, she told her to decide the cat’s names.


「The master will definitely like it」

「Umm, alright. I’ll do my best to think of one」

「I’ll leave it to you」


Gigille informed her that her task for that day had ended..


Since Agnes was bedridden with fever, she had hoped to be moved to the servant’s quarters but as there was no immediate room for her to rest in currently, she was allowed to continue using the guest room she was using before.


The next day, Dominic brought the cat to the veterinarian first thing in the morning. There, he injected medicine into the cat’s eyes and cleaned its’ body.

It was clear from the results of the examination that though it was thin, its body was in good health.

Back home, though the kitten’s eyes wasn’t fully opened yet, it’s fur had become clean and fluffy.

As for the name, she spent the whole night thinking about it but couldn’t make up her mind.. However, when she looked closely at the cat’s appearance, it suddenly hit her.



Its name will be Miel.

Since it had a honey colored fur, she christened it after that. [1]


It was fed three to five times a day. It was given white fish meat and chicken tenders that were boiled until the meat was mushy.

At first, the kitten did not eat the food on it’s plate. Taking Gigille’s advice, she scoop the chicken tenders with her fingers and brought it under the cat’s nose when it began to lick it. With a relieved expression seeing the kitten sleep after filling its’ tummy, she wrapped it in a soft blanket to lie on.


Taking a break from taking care of the cat, she went to help Gigille.

They headed to the garden to the dry the sheets.


「Agnes-san, are you ready?」


「All together now! One, two~」



The moment they hung the large sheet they were carrying onto the pole, something happened to Agnes’ clothes.

*Pop* Having recognized where the sound originated from, Agnes’s face was ghastly pale as she crouched down on the spot after she hung the sheet on the pole..


「A~re, what’s wrong?」

「E, excuse me!」


Agnes glanced up at Gigille’s face with teary eyes.. She was holding onto her chest tightly.

Asking what happened, it seemed that the button on her dress near her bosom had came off.


The livery that she wore was Clarisse’s, Gigille’s eldest married daughter. Since there wasn’t much difference in their stature, she thought that it would be fine but it seems that there was another problem.


As she had an apron on, she had no idea that it had popped open. In order for her to temporarily change her clothes, Agnes went back to the room together with Gigille.


「I have other liveries but it’s pointless if the measurements don’t fit」

「I’m really sorry about it」


Agnes asked if it was alright for her to wear a dress that she brought from home underneath her apron to work.


「It might get dirty though. Is that fine with you?」

「Yes. I have quite a number of clothes are easy to move in」


It was a dress she bought downtown which was cheap and easy to move in. The dress was the color of dry wood so even if it was  dirty, it won’t be noticeable.

She took out the dress that was hung up in the closet and removed the livery with the button that had came off.


「――Eh, what’s that!?」


Gigille was surprised when she saw Agnes’ undergarment.

She was wearing on her body a type of undergarment that was used to forcibly correct the bust. [2]


「Do the noble ladies wear this sort of undergarments these days?」

「Eh? Yes. Isn’t it a common thing….?」


The vogue in high society was was to create a slender silhouette from the chest to the hips.

The undergarments that were used to reform the body by squeezing the hips and flattening the bust were worn by almost every one of the noble ladies.


「Even it’s to flatten your chest, since you’re busty, the button still came off」

「E, Eh, tha, that’s right. That was embarrassing」


Seeing Agnes’s face is turn beet red, Gigille who didn’t get the fashion sense of nobles said in astonishment.


「Agnes-san, won’t you stop wearing that undergarment?」


「That’s because, isn’t it tight?」

「Yes, but――」


Agnes glanced down, her cheeks blushing as she was embarrassed to admit what she was trying to do to her body


「There is no buts」

「But, the girls that are of the same age as me are well shaped」

「Well, girls might like it well-shaped however men prefer them to be bust–….. No, nevermind」


Gigille asked if she had any other undergarments but it seems like everything was the same.


「Agnes-san, you need new undergarments」

「N, No way!」

「If you continue to wear such restraining undergarments, you won’t be able to work properly」



Broken-hearted, Agnes fell to the ground on her knees.

She seemed to receive some kind of shock but she immediately stood up, filled with determination.


「I see. Got it……. More than my personal embarrassment, being of use here takes precedence」

「Sorry about that」

「No, same here. My apologies for saying something selfish」


Gigille decided not to bring up the big slip she made about ladies fashion and men’s taste.


Since Agnes was still in her undergarments, she decided to take proper measurements of her.




Returning home, Bernard was greeted by Eric.

It was rare to find his twin little sisters, Carol and Celia, behind him.


「What are you guys up to?」




The twins followed Eric along as he came to report the happenings of the day.


「――And, about the new livery」


It was Carol and Celia who brought up the request for new livery because Agnes’ measurements didn’t match with her growing spurt.  


「Master, I have a request!」

「There’s a uniform we want」



Carol and Celia’s conspiring came to light.

On top of the table, there was a catalogue for livery spread out. [3]


「Please buy us the puff sleeved uniform」

「We’ll work hard!」

「What is this pafu surifu?」


Puff sleeves. 

A type of clothing that was inflated and puffy at the cuffs, the puff sleeve livery were worn by many female servants over the last few years.


When he asked them why they coveted it, they only answered because it looked cute.

It seems like Gigille had declared that such clothings were unnecessary. Having thrown themselves at his feet, Eric slyly put in the request to Bernard


「You know you both were scolded this morning about your hair by Gigiller」


In the twin’s school, it was strictly prohibited to have fancy hairstyles. Their mother had told them to tie their hair in braids but because it looked lame, they tied two ponytails at the top of their head..


「Starting tomorrow, I’ll wear braids everyday when I go to school!」

「I won’t braid them loosely anymore, I’ll have them tied up properly like the class rep!」


While they conversed, he was struck by a better method on how to keep Agnes inconspicuous.

 If she wore braids, she’ll give off a slightly old-fashioned feeling and looked unfashionable.



「Eh, is it fine?」

「Yeah, it’s good!」


「Alright~!」the twin’s voices quickly shouted in delight.

He had said the words 「Okay!」having thought of disguising Agnes but Carol and Celia misunderstood.


However, he thought ah, whatever! He’ll allow them to have the puff sleeved livery.

Foot Notes:

[1] Miel –  old term for honey. Source

[2] Corset – is a garment worn to hold and train the torso into a desired shape, traditionally a smaller waist or larger bottom, for aesthetic or medical purposes (either for the duration of wearing it or with a more lasting effect). Source

[3] Livery – special uniform worn by a servant or official. Source

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