Chapter 32 – Responsibility

TL: Jaon

Editor: Momielxai, Shirani, Puissansa

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「Shall we have you take responsibility for that now?」



The first thing Asakura-san said after returning from the washroom was this… Ahh, my school life is totally dead. As the final accomplishment of my life though, I managed to cop a really good feel when I did that.

Ahh, I have no regrets. (Andou)


Honestly speaking though, that was mostly an accident. B-but… even if it was an accident, Andou-kun touched my breasts for the first time in my life…… M-m-m-my breasts were touched you know! If no responsibility is taken I won’t be able to properly separate this issue from the happy and embarrassed feeling I’m having right now! (Asakura)


「Asakura-san, it’s alright…… Even though I also see it as an accident, I did touch your—well… right? Since I ended up doing such a thing, as a man I will take responsibility!」



B-by responsibility…… Andou-kun, you don’t mean! (Asakura)


「Asakura-san, please name anything! As the responsibility for this, I will…

listen to anything you say!」


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh! (Asakura)


「A-a-a-Andou-kun…… Just now, you said ‘anything’?」

「Yes! Men don’t go back on their words! To earn your forgiveness I will gladly listen to anything you say!」


Wh-wh-wh-what should I do! By anything…… he means ‘anything’ right!

Kyaaaaa—–! What should I do! What should I do! Andou-kun will listen to ‘anything’ I say…… S-such a thing…… I-i-i-is such a thing really okay!? Re-really!? (Asakura)


「Andou-kun…… C-can I really name ‘anything’ at all?」

「Oui votre Majesté!」


Fuaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Th-this is for real! This isn’t a dream, right?! (Asakura)


So, Asakura-san. Just what kind of order will you give……? I did touch her chest so it’ll probably be something fitting the severity…… Like ‘Then, let me hit you until I’m satisfied’ or something would be fine but, if it was ‘Then, when you’re in school you are now forbidden from reading light novels’ or something, I’m confident that I’d die of deprivation in school…… or maybe, if it’s something like ‘Then, perhaps as compensation I’ll have you buy me a brand new complete set of the Sla*ers series?’ my savings would die…… But, even if it’s something like that I must take responsibility! After all, after all! I had touched something that had a ‘value’ even greater than all thaaaaaaaaaaat! ‘Asakura-san’s chest’ was the ‘promised land’ sought out by all boys who knew of her, wasn’t it! God damn! To atone for this sin, however slightly, I will accept anything thrown at me! (Andou)


What should I do! What should I do! ‘ANYTHING?’ ‘Any-thing’ ‘anything!’ Andou-kun said he’d listen to anything I told him but…… In the first place, Andou-kun only touched my humble chest so, is it fine have ‘anything’ as an order……? But, since it’s come to this if I were to let myself be selfish—

‘Then, as punishment, come pick me up at my house tomorrow!’ I wonder if it’s fine to say something like that! But, maybe that’s too greedy……? After all, it’s a bit pitiful to make him come all the way to my house right? Ah, then! ‘Andou-kun! As punishment you’ll walk home with me tomorrow!’ or something, maybe? But but, besides that~~ I could even do ‘As punishment, we will eat lunch together tomorrow!’ or something…… In that case! ‘Then…… As punishment, will you gently pat my head……?’ like that, kyaaaaaaaaaaah! I can’t say something like that! Am I an idiot or something!?? (Asakura)





I, I wonder what it is. Asakura-san has been making a difficult face and fidgeting since earlier…… I-is she really planning on ordering something that dreadful! (Andou)


「I’ve decided!」



In the end, I’ll just say the thing I want most here! (Asakura)


「I command you in the name of Asakura!」

Andou-kun, if I get 100 points on my math test, then give me a ‘reward’!」


「H-huh? Maybe you didn’t hear it properly? A-a reward! Reward! If I get 100 points on my math test then you must prepare a ‘reward’ for me! Of course, the ‘reward’ must be chosen by you on your own! No getting the Class rep or someone else to help you choose, alright?」



REWARD……? (Andou)

Andou-kun, he’s gone stiff. After all, just for touching the chest of someone like me, was it a bit too much of a request to ask for? (Asakura)


「Eh, Asakura-san…… By a reward, you mean that’s all? Are you really fine with just that?」

「Of course!」

「But then there’s no point to it if you don’t get 100 points on your math test right?」


If that happens, then it won’t be able to serve as my apology— (Andou)


「What are you talking about? That’s exactly why there’s a point to it, right?」


「After all, you’re well…… sorry for touching m-my chest right?」

「Of, of course!」

「And so, you want to apologise, right?」

「By all means!」

「Then, for me to obtain the ‘reward’ for your apology, you’ve got to properly teach me right? So then, since I’ll be able to get your ‘reward’ if I get full marks, I’ll also be motivated to study hard!

Ahh~ I wonder just what kind of ‘reward’ I’ll get from Andou-kun~~ I’m looking forward to the ‘reward’ so much that I can’t wait~~」 *Peek*


Aah…… I see, so Asakura-san doesn’t intend to blame me. That’s why she….. (Andou)


「Ahaha, that’s right, isn’t it. Then, for the sake of receiving a wonderful ‘reward’ from me as well, we have to work hard on math.」

「Yes, of course!」


Fufufu…… That was perfect, me! Besides making this promise, it’s also great that I’ll be super motivated for the test! What’s more, thinking that the contents of Andou-kun’s ‘reward’ will be chosen by him gives me twice…… No, three times the excitement! Furthermore, it won’t just be a ‘reward’ that I’ll be getting……

What I’ll be getting, is Andou-kun’s effort for me! Thoughts for me! Chosen for me! A ‘reward’ Andou-kun put his heart into!

Haahahaha! With this it’s guaranteed that I’ll succeed on the math test!

I’ve won big time…… Gaahahahaha! (Asakura)

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