Chapter 33 – Want to Know

TL: Jaon

Editor: Momielxai, Shirani, Puissansa

First Published on Ainushi



「Andou-kun, should we take a break for now?」

「Ahh, you’re right. Somehow, we’ve already been studying for over an hour huh…… You know, I’ve never actually studied this much outside of class before.」

「Never studied this much, as in…… Andou-kun, that’s why all your scores besides math are low. Rather, do you normally not study at all?」

「If I had the time to study then I’d rather be reading light novels, after all.」*Straightforward*


I totally get that feeling! But if even I, who studies properly, can’t get 100 points, it feels a bit unacceptable for Andou-kun who doesn’t study at all to be getting full marks…… (Asakura)


「Wait, if you don’t study at all, then when do you even do your homework? In the first place, how are you able to get 100 points in math even though you normally don’t study?」

「Nn, homework? If it’s homework then I do that at school. During class.」

「Eh! During class!? Wh-what do you mean?」

「Well, math homework is always like, the questions that appear written in the section for next time yeah? That’s why, during the lessons, I’d have already grasped the contents beforehand in the previous lesson, so during class I’ll be preparing for the next section we’d be doing. So, in my textbook I’ve always got all the problems in the section ahead solved beforehand.」

「So basically…… In just the lesson time you’ve got the day’s lesson material and the next lesson’s preparation plus the reviewing and the homework all done over with? 」

「Yeah that’s it.」

「Andou-kun…… You’re doing that much for math, yet nothing for your other subjects?」

「Well~ I’m like bad with memorising and stuff so yeah.」

「Isn’t math also memorisation?」

「No no, math is『calculation』after all.」

「Is is it like that? I wonder…… But, you read light novels, yet you’re still bad with Japanese eh.」

「Ahaha…… I’m fine with writing, but kanji and classical literature is impossible!」

「Ufufu, that’s right huh.」


For some reason I thought that Andou-kun was an arts type, but he’s unexpectedly more of a science person. I would never have even been able to imagine such a thing back when I was just staring at him the whole time. Haa…… Before, I had just wanted to talk to Andou-kun about light novels but, now— (Asakura)


「I, want to know more about Andou-kun…… 」




Ah, what did Asakura-san say just now!? Want to know more about me? Why…… Can it possibly be—!! (Andou)

Oh no! Why did I say such a thing out loud…… Ah, Andou-kun probably heard that!? (Asakura)


「Asakura-san, just now was…… 」

「Y-you’re wrong! Andou-kun, that was…… hahahaha」






This sound is…… Eh, it’s already this late! (Andou)

No way! Someone’s come home! Perhaps it’s, Andou-kun’s…… (Asakura)




『I’m home~~…… Huh? Hey, did someone come over—?』

「A-Andou-kun! It seems likes someone’s come home but…… Could it be, your parents?」

「Nah, to come back at this time it’s……… Most likely, my little sister.」


 ………… Eh!? (Asakura)


「Your little sister!?」


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