Chapter 34 – Little Sister

TL: Jaon

Editor: Shirani, Puissansa

First Published on Ainushi



『Onii~cha~n? Is someone there?』

「Aah, you…… have a little sister!?」

「Yup, one year younger, she’s a first year at our school. She’s in the tennis club so with club activities, this is usually around the time when she gets home.」

『Onii~cha~n? Where are you~? Are you there~?』

「I’m here—sorry, today I’m using the living room with a friend from class to study for our tests!」


Fr-friend-! Just now, Andou-kun just called me a friend didn’t he? So Andou-kun really recognises me as a friend! (Asakura)

Honestly, I don’t really know about calling Asakura-san a friend of someone like myself, but we’ve already been to each other’s homes, so I hope Asakura-san also thinks of me as a『friend』 a little…… (Andou)





Fr-friend…… (Asakura & Andou)


『Haa—? Onii-chan you really suck at lying! There’s no way you’d ever study.

 Rather, Onii-chan you don’t have any friends right—?』





This damn little sister…… (Andou)

N-not good…… I accidentally let it out. The footsteps are coming closer to this room. I wonder what Andou-kun’s little sister is like? (Asakura)


「Onii-chan, finally found you. So, just who is this friend of yo—」

「H-hello. Uhm…… I’m Andou-kun’s friend Asakura.」


「—ur’s!? Wait, A-a-a, Asakura-senpai!? Eh! O-Onii-chan, what is the meaning of this! Why is Asakura-senpai in our house? Onii-chan’s friend is—Ha-!

No way, a kidnapping……?」


「Hey, is the me in your head a man that could only ever get Asakura-san to our house through kidnapping?」

「Eh, is Onii-chan someone who has the courage to invite Asakura-senpai to our house?」

「…………You’ve got a point there.」

「Andou-kun, that’s where you’re supposed to retort back!」


I see, thinking about it, Asakura-san being in my house is like something super impossible isn’t it. Seems I was a bit numbed to the experience from going over to Asakura-san’s home last time. (Andou)


「Actually, hey, you. You called her Asakura-senpai but, how do you even know Asakura-san? Were you an acquaintance of hers or something? 」

「Haa, this is why the loner you is…… Onii-chan, if we’re talking about Asakura-senpai, then normally there wouldn’t be anyone in our school who doesn’t know about her. Rather, from what I’m seeing, why Onii-chan is with Asakura-senpai is the bigger mystery here…… Hey, is it really true that your friend is Asakura-senpai? Not your own delusion? 」

「You think the Asakura-san that you see in front of your eyes, could be a delusion created by me?」

「I’m, not a delusion you know. I’m the real thing.」

「Nah, I’m not doubting the existence of the Asakura-senpai here. Rather, isn’t the fact that Onii-chan is thinking that Asakura-senpai is his 『friend』the 『delusion』here? Or something, you know like how you see on TV? Like 『That is only your own imagined personage is it not—』」

「Oi, cut it out. I’m starting to lose confidence!」

「Andou-kun, don’t lose confidence! We’re proper『friends』right!?」


H-huh……? I had thought that it was definitely impossible for Onii-chan to have a female friend but…… This response from Asakura-senpai is…… Eh, is it perhaps? (Sister)


「I, I had thought it unbelieveable but…… Asakura-senpai, are you really friends with my brother?」

「Y-yep…… 」

「You’re not being threatened or anything!? You’re not being paid or something!?」

「Hey, just what are you thinking of your brother? Your big bro ain’t got the guts or the money for that, you should know that best as the little sister right?」 

「Ah, right!」

「Hey! Just where do I even start to retort here!? Andou-kun too, properly assert that I’m really your 『friend』 here!」

「Ah, yeah…… Sorry, Asakura-san. Calling a beauty like you my 『friend』 …… In my joy I got a bit embarrassed. 」

「Nwha! Whawhawha-what are you s-saying! I-it’s not like I feel embarrassed thinking that Andou-kun is my 『friend』alright!」




Houhou, what have we here…… I thought it was impossible at first, but Onii-chan’s unexpectedly pretty good! What’s more, this is a super big catch that you’ll certainly regret later if you let go! (Sister)


「Hey, Onii-chan. If you’re gonna be studying, then rather than the living room, wouldn’t your room be better! Why are you studying here?」

「Hah, what are you saying? Asakura-san’s a girl so isn’t my room no good?」


「Haa…… 」


A, a girl! I, am being treated as a girl by Andou-kun! (Asakura)

Oh Onii-chan you, to be able to call a girl over to your house, yet still unable to bring her to your room…… (Sister)


「Jeez, Onii-chan you idiot! Stupid! Sukapontan [1]! This damn light novel otaku!」

「Wait just a second! Why do I suddenly have to be berated by my little sister!? Also, being a light novel otaku is unrelated right!」

「This is exactly why Onii-chan will always have the heart of a 『loner』…… Asakura-senpai’s come all the way to our house, so isn’t it obvious that she’ll also want to see your room!」


「Eh, is that true?」


No good! I did think that but there’s no way I can say it out loud! (Asakura)


「Th-that is—」

「That’s right isn’t it—? Asakura-senpai! Even Senpai, should be curious about your friend’s room right?」


Nn? Certainly, even if it’s not as a person of the opposite sex one would be curious about a classmate’s room, wouldn’t they. (Asakura)


「—certainly the case! I, reeeeeally want to see Andou-kun’s room!」


「You see, Onii-chan! See, if you get it now then you’ve gotta hurry up and show her to your room!」

「O-ohh…… Then, Asakura-san. Wanna go check out…… my room?」


「Please, take your time~~」



M-my feelings…… Did his little sister find out— (Asakura)

Fufufu, Asakura-senpai…… I’ll leave my brother to you♪ (Sister)

Yup, looking at her, it seems she hasn’t found out! (Asakura)

TL Note: 

[1] Sukapontan is a catchphrase from a really old TV show called Time Bokan, which is related to Yatterman if anyone even knows about that. It basically means idiot.

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