Chapter 35 – Bookshelf

TL: Jaon

Editing: Shirani, Puissansa

First Published on Ainushi



「So this is Andou-kun’s room.」


「Even if you said that you wanted to take a look, there isn’t much here other than light novels?」


「That’s true, huh. Uwah such a big bookshelf…… Hey, Andou-kun just how many volumes are in here?」


「Hmmmm, I often sell the ones I don’t need anymore in Akiba so, I’m not sure exactly…… but probably, just on this bookshelf there are at least 200 volumes.」


「200 volumes!? No way, I don’t even have one third of that!」


「Well, you also have quite a bit. Generally, most of your reading is done on 『Narou』 right? So, isn’t that why you’d have less physical copies?」


「Aah, now that you mention it that is true. But don’t you also read on 『Narou』?」


「Well I guess. Though, when the stories get published I end up reading the published versions. See, this row on the shelf here is mostly works from 『Narou』.」


「Oh, you’re right! This one here is that Transported to another world story where food is everything with the competitive eater protagonist, 『Esophagus of another world』[1]!

And over here, isn’t this the story where the guy runs away from Japan’s labour laws to another world, where he promotes making the residents working for free as the norm 『Other World Izakaya 「Wata」』[2]!

This is, the story of the protagonist who worked at a pharmacy in Japan who got reincarnated into another world bringing modern knowledge and opening a pharmacy, creating a monopoly in the market 『Other World Drug Store: Matsumoto』[3]!」


「Ahaha, as expected of Asakura-san’s knowledge of 『Narou』.」


「Aren’t you also quite familiar with it yourself?」


「Well, I mostly read only the popular or published ones, and not just『Narou』, I’ve also been reading various other light novels recently too.」


Now that he mentions it, Andou-kun’s bookshelf has the different types sorted on each shelf…… I think the top section is for the 『Narou』 ones? On the middle shelf there’s 『The Familiar of Ero』『Nekokami』『My little brother can’t be this cute』[4]…… I see, it’s probably the big titles from a while back? And just below the middle are the more recent ones. Nn? For some reason only the bottommost shelf is crammed with dictionaries for some reason…… This is— I see! Andou-kun, so these were the dictionaries you used to use for looking up unknown kanji when reading light novels and stuff! (Asakura) 


「Andou-kun, the dictionaries at the very bottom are—」


「Th-th-th-th-those are just dictionaries okay! They’re just completely ordinary dictionaries that I used to use to look up kanji so there’s absolutely nothing interesting about them whatsoever yep! 」


「Ara, so it really was like that. But, you really have a lot of various types here huh.」

「Th-th-th-that’s! Unlike regular novels light novels use some weird and difficult kanji and stuff so to look them all up, I’ve gathered various dictionaries is all!」


Ahh, I see! Indeed even in 『Narou』’s works there are words written like 「漆黒」(Shikkoku) yet read as 「やみ」(Yami) or cases where 「炎」(Honou) is written as「焔」(Honou) [5] (Asakura)


「Although used, they seem to be in considerably good condition. Would it be alright if I took a bit of a look?」


I wonder what the dictionaries Andou-kun uses are like? (Asakura)


Crap! Asakura-san, those are things which must not be seen! (Andou)


「Asakura-san, wai———ah!」


Ah, my foot slipped……  (Andou)


Eh, why is Andou-kun diving over— (Asakura)


「Fue…… Kyaah!」




O-ouch…… My foot slipped from trying to move all of a sudden and I ended up pushing Asakura-san onto the floor…… H-however, this time I managed to put both of my hands on the ground so, I managed to avoid touching Asakura-san’s body…… not to mention her chest! Though it’s just a bit disappointing……  (Andou)


「Asakura-san, sorry for suddenly falling like that…… are you okay?」


「Awawa…… 」




Huh? Why am I…… why was I pushed down by Andou-kun? No way, could this situation possibly be the so-called 『Yukadon!』I, I-I-I, I! I’m currently being 『Yukadon!』ed by Andou-kun [6]! What’s gonna happen after this!? Maybe— you can’t! It’s still too soon! Even though I’ve still only had my just chest touched so far…… at least— (Asakura)


……? I wonder why Asakura-san is closing her eyes and puckering her lips? Did she hit her head? If that’s the case I’ve gotta get off her quickly! (Andou)




「Asakura-san, sorry! I’ll get off n—」


「Asakura-senpai! I have brought some drinks—— te, aaAah!? Onii-chan, what are you doing!?」


WhaaaAT!? The little sister intrudes with this timing! This situation is bad! (Andou)


「No, this isn’t! This is!」


「O-Onii-chan you pervert! Lecher! Erogappa [7]! This damn light novel otaku!」


「Like I’ve said, being a light novel otaku has nothing to do with that riiiiiiiiight!!」


A-Andou-kun…… are you still not going to do it? (Asakura)


Jaon: If you didn’t figure it out the thing with the dictionaries is probably referring to how that’s where he hides all his porn.

TL note:

[1] This is a parody to Isekai Shokudou, ‘Restaurant to Another world’ which currently has an anime adaptation as well. The title here sounds the same, but the character changed from 食堂 (shokudou: restaurant) to 食道 (shokudou: esophagus). Additionally, you can also see this as a term for ‘Way of the Food’ much like the Japanese term 武士道 (bushidou), for ‘Way of the Warrior’

[2] This is a parody of a similarly named story called Isekai Izakaya ‘Nobu’, where the name was changed from ‘Nobu’ to ‘Wata’.

[3] I believe this is parodying the story translated as ‘Parallel World Pharmacy’ (Isekai Yakkyoku), the name here is ‘Isekai Drug Store Matsumoto’.

[4] The Familiar of Ero is a parody of The Familiar of Zero aka Zero no Tsukaima, Nekokami is a reference to Inukami(thanks to reader RKain for catching this one), and My little brother can’t be this cute is, well, obviously referring to the series My little sister can’t be this cute aka Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai aka Oreimo.

[5] Same meaning but different character

[6] Yukadon is like kabedon if you’ve heard of that, but with the guy pushing the girl against the floor instead of the wall.

[7] Apparently ‘erogappa’ was a term used by an old manzai comedy duo from around Kyoto. Basically another way of saying pervert.



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