Chapter 36 – Doubt

TL: Jaon

Editing: Puissansa

First Published on Ainushi



「—And thus, that’s basically how the study session the other day went.」


「I see…… I’ve got the general idea. Thanks, Andou-kun. And so, was your sister’s misunderstanding resolved?」


「More or less. I was stuck with the compensation of buying an expensive pudding from the convenience store, though……

Hey, Class Rep?」

「What is it?」

「Why do I have to be reporting to you on how the study session with Asakura-san went anyways?」


Seriously, she called me first thing this morning at school to the library and thoroughly questioned me about what happened at yesterday’s study session. (Andou)


「That’s ‘cause, even if you call it a study session, it’s still being done at your home, right? Before being students, the two of you are a guy and a girl, so of course as the Class Rep I’ve got to confirm that any mistakes didn’t occur.」


Well, the real reason is to keep track of the progress between you two, and rather I’d actually prefer it if a ‘mistake’ really did occur. (Class Rep)


「Well, speaking of mistakes, or rather accidents, there did seem to be some though?」


「Uuu…… 」


So it’s about how I touched Asakura-san’s chest huh? (Andou)


「But, there’s no point if I was lying in my reports right?」


「No problem. I’ll properly ask Asakura-san about yesterday over the phone as well.」

「Then, there’s no need for my report is there!?」

「It is important to get both perspectives.」


Just the two of you already cause so many misunderstandings between each other…… To see what you two think about each other, if I don’t get both opinions it’d be really hard to get a clear picture.

But, even though Asakura-san is basically an amateur at skinship and physical contact – to think that she would let her chest be touched…… You’re pretty good eh. (Class Rep)


「So, even if you say it was an ‘accident’, how was it when you touched Asakura-san’s chest?」


With this, if I could get Andou-kun to become conscious of Asakura-san as a member of the opposite sex then— (Class Rep)


「To be honest, it really made my heart pound.」


Oh? This is…… (Class Rep)


「Is that, cause Asakura-san is really pretty after all? Well, that’s right isn’t it. After all for a regular guy to be together with Asakura-san is—」


「That’s…… I’m not so sure.」




What was that? (Class Rep)


「Andou-kun, what do you mean when you say you’re not too sure?」


「Ahh, let’s see…… How should I explain it. Basically, up till now I’ve been a 『loner』 so this is the first time I’ve touched a girl’s chest.」


「Well, that’s right.」


「That’s why, the 『heart pounding from touching Asakura-san’s chest』 that I felt at that time, whether it was a pounding from 『Asakura-san』 personally, or whether it was from just『touching a girl’s chest』I have no idea! Hey, Class Rep? Could the feeling I have here be 『love』for Asakura-san? Or is it just 『lust』, what do you think!? 」

「I think you should go die.」


Haa…… I can’t believe that Andou-kun was such a loner that he can’t distinguish 『love』from 『lust』, this is beyond my expectations…… But, even if it’s just slightly, he should have some awareness of his 『attraction』to Asakura-san. So, I’ve got to somehow make him fully realise it……  (Class Rep)


「Haa, I guess it can’t be helped.」

「Class Rep?」


「Andou-kun, you don’t 『like』me as a person of the opposite sex right?」


「Haa, what are you saying? Isn’t that obvious. Class Rep, are you overly self-conscious or something?」


「 …… Can I hit you?」

「Why!? You’re the one who asked right!」


「Haa…… Well, whatever.

Then, Andou-kun. Please touch my 『chest』.」




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