3-4: You’re Not A Familiar?

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

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The next day, I zealously set out to make mayonnaise immediately.


One egg yolk, a little bit of salt, a tablespoon of vinegar and about 1 cup of oil. First, add salt to the egg yolk and stir in about roughly half a tablespoon of vinegar.


「Well, the recipe is a bit iffy…」


As for the oil, add a drop at a time … As to how much to add in, it’s fine to add the whole thing in at once. Well, not really. It’s better to just do it patiently.   


Stirring continuously is a simple, laborious task, though my arms and hips hurt. But if it makes Leonard-sama and Jill say it’s delicious then this is nothing. I, myself, enjoy mayonnaise too.  


「… Jou-chan, what are you making?」

「Oh, Sid-san」


    When I turned around, there was Sid-san with a quizzical expression on his face. He saw the bowl I was holding in my hand and taking a great interest in it, drew closer.


「What is that? Is that a sweet?」

「It’s a flavouring, similar to a dressing」

「This weird thing? A dressing?」


I didn’t make a mistake with my explanation, did I? Yeah, that should be right.


「Oh, here’s the stuff you asked me to buy」


  Sid brought out a loaf of whole wheat bread that was much softer than the bread we usually eat. When he went out shopping, I asked him to get some.  


Whole wheat bread is soft, so it’s easy to eat; however, it’s not suitable to be used to soak up soup and eat with any sort of topping placed on top of it. It’s common in this country to eat bread in that manner, but I don’t have a preference for it. However, if I’m using it to make sandwiches, it’s the best.  


「Mm~ it’s almost ready」


After adding half the oil and stirring it, it started turning considerably white. All that’s left is to add the rest of the oil a tablespoon at a time. Stir, add, stir, add … Ahh~ it’s really exhausting.  


But it’s worth it as the mayonnaise was finally done. When I gave it a try, it tasted like proper mayonnaise. That’s great, how nostalgic. Watching me in a good mood, Sid-san who had seen the entire thing smiled.   


「You look really happy」

「I am happy!」


I was thinking of making sandwiches with this for today’s lunch.


Besides, today is Leonard-sama’s day off so the plan was to have a picnic in the garden with everyone for lunch whilst gazing at the flowers.


In the morning when I said we were going to have a picnic, Jill was overjoyed. So if she studied diligently in the morning, she could spend time with Leonard-sama in the afternoon as much as she wants.


All things considered, Jill sure loves Leonard-sama, huh?


Well, he doesn’t leave you with the best first impression, but he’s actually very kind and broad-minded. The sort of person anyone would like after understanding him.


Now, I spread some butter over the thinly sliced bread and added round sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and chicken. The mayonnaise was blended with a bit of mustard till the sauce was ready and then, I placed it on another piece of bread.   


While I placed some weights on top to compact it, I wonder what I should make? Since we’re having a picnic, having something that you can grab with your hands to eat would be the best. It’ll probably be worth making fried chicken out of the chicken meat we have.


Oh, but having more chicken … No, I’ll make it. Children like fried chicken after all.


Lastly, we have muffins, but come to think about it, there’s barely any vegetables. Should I just cook more vegetables for dinner?



Even though I had received his permission, I had never really stepped into the mansion’s wide gardens before.  


Currently, I was carrying the basket filled to the brim with bento boxes and walking along with Leonard-sama who had just finished his work to the garden.


「Where’s Jill and Sid?」

「They’ve gone over there, where the bowers are, to look at the flowers」

「Ah, over there!」


Just before we headed out, I was flustered when Leonard-sama nearly carried the basket but this time, I was able to defend it to the end. Although I’ve told him it’s my job, it doesn’t seem to get through to him and as I didn’t want jam-packed lunch to be mushy, I ask him if he could let me carry it and got his consent.    


「Oh, you’ve come」

「Otou-san, okaa-san, over here~!」


The place where Leonard-sama headed was where the both of them were. Just as expected of Leonard-sama. Just like I had said in passing, it was the perfect spot. We were able to see one full sweep of the beautiful flowers from here. The ground was also nicely dried. It was properly maintained with soft grass growing on the surface. As I had requested, a thick rug was spread out over there.  


When you think of a picnic, it’s about eating a bento while sitting on a sheet. I’m aware that they don’t have such cultures over here, but if they don’t have it, then we’ll just make em’.


「Do we remove our shoes?」

「Yes, we’ll be sitting on top of it」

「It sounds like the culture of an eastern country」


Leonard-sama smiled slightly and obediently removed his shoes. Yup, I’m glad he’s enjoying himself.  


「Okaa-san, I’m hungry!」

「Alright, alright. Let’s have lunch」


Jill’s cute pleading happened at the same time as her empty stomach made sounds. When we heard it, everyone smiled.


「Lily, the cup」

「Thank you, Leonard-sama」


   I climbed on top of the rug also and begin preparations when Leonard-sama passed me the cup. It seems like he used magic to brew the fragrant tea. It’s different from black tea and herbal tea. As it’s made from magic, I can’t make it.  


The tea was carefully strained. Even though he’s using the exact same tea leaves, it seems to extract only the delicious essence. The taste and smell was completely different from the tea brewed with the normal method.  


While Leonard-sama was brewing the fragrant tea, I distributed the sandwiches and fried chickens onto the plate.



「It’s delicious!」

「That’s because of my specially made flavouring. I’m sure it’s your first time savouring that flavor」

「Really? I love it~ Okaa-san’s food is always delicious」


Seeing Jill grinning away with joy, I smiled as well. As long as she tells me that, it was worth making it.


「Your food is certainly delicious, jou-chan」

「I don’t feel like eating if it isn’t your food」

「Master, you need to just eat more. Although recently, you have been eating if it’s her meals」


Fufu, it was fresh seeing the sight of Leonard-sama ignoring Sid-san who was seated beside him, scolding him. It was the first time I’d seen Leonard-sama act that way towards a worried Sid. They’re on good terms, aren’t they?


「Okaa-san, it’s tasty~!」

「I’m glad to hear that. Eat up」



It looks like Jill really likes it. I’ll have a bite of one too. … Yup, I did good.


I knew it! Meals taste the best when there’s more people around.




「Make more next time」


As Leonard-sama requested whilst smiling, I thought as usual that he didn’t act like a master and felt amused by it.


「If that’s what you want, of course」

「M–Me too! I also wanna have some too!」


  Oh, Sid-san too? I’m pleased but most will be for Jill. Just kidding.

The calm lunch hour came to an end when the sound of Leonard-sama’s voice was sharp unlike before.    


「Lily, she’s here」

「Understood. Jill, come here」

「Otou-san? Okaa-san?」


When I held onto Jill who looked puzzled on top of my lap, she tightly hugged me. I brushed her head feeling relieved. Seeing her figure clinging to my chest was utterly adorable. Although, this isn’t really the time for that.

The truth is, the reason why we’re having a picnic outside is because Leonard-sama requested it. If by any chance Milis-san was to behave recklessly, it would be safer if we were all outside the building.


I wonder what sort of spirit is she? Even if she is a water spirit, I bet she must be a very beautiful woman. Why am I looking so forward to it…


「Master, I’ve returned!」


   Making a gentle appearance on that spot was certainly a beautiful woman. Although from her outer appearance, the girl looked younger than me.


Her mysterious nearly light blue hair shined as though encased in a glitter of stardust. She had clear eyes that resembled an aquamarine. Fluttering, the dress she had on was a pale bluish white and was up to her knees.  


Yeah, it wasn’t quite like how I imagined it to be but as expected, this spirit too was a beauty.


「I’ve completed all of the tasks you assigned me. By the way, master—」


Smiling sweetly, Milis-san pointed at me and Jill, and asked in a completely chilly voice.  


「Who are these people?」


Woah~ a beautiful girl getting mad sure has quite the impact. Jill’s terrified already.


「My name is Lily. I started working here as a maid recently」


When she saw me smile and greeted her, she most certainly glowered at me … Thanks for not hiding your hostility.


「I am firmly against allowing such a suspicious woman to remain by master’s side!」

「I desired it」


Leonard declared it plainly to Milis-san and took a sip of the fragrant tea.


「Is it not enough that I want to?」


At Leonard-sama’s words, Milis-san chewed on her lips and hung her head in frustration. Even if she remained silent, I can feel her hate radiating out from her body. I wonder what her reason for going that far and hating other girls of the same sex?


「It smells nice」

「Oh, Amdo-san! It’s a chicken sandwich but would you like some?」


Amdo-san who made a sudden appearance in his tiny bird form, gave a slight nod, then turned around to Milis-san and opened his beak.


「Welcome back」

「I-it took you long enough!」


… Hmm? Did I just … sense something?


Whilst I was confused, Amdo-san promptly reverted to his human form, sat on the rug and sank his teeth on a sandwich that he had pulled out from the basket.  


「Mm, tasty」

「Right? She’s great at cooking」


Amdo-san along with Sid-san sang praises. That’s fine and all but Milis-san looks so scary.  


「You two are spirits, act more like it! Why are you eating human food!?」

「But, delicious things are delicious」

「Shut up, Sid! I don’t even want to look at your girly face!」


Milis-san made a hmph and turned away, making a fleeting glance at Amdo-san. It didn’t look like Amdo-san who was eating in earnest noticed it but could it likely be that?


If I’m reading it correctly then I understand why Milis-san hates women. Hmm, I’ll have to ask her directly. Having made that decision, I turned around to Leonard-sama to obtain his permission first.


「Leonard-sama, I have a request」


「Could I speak with this spirit for a moment?」


Leonard-sama’s eyes widen when I held out my hand and pointed it towards Milis-san.  

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