Chapter 19 – Was the royal capital such a dangerous place?

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I’m working well today, as usual. I’m cheerfully earning the money to migrate to the trading country. Today, I’m working as a merchant and am currently in the middle of delivering goods to our regular customer. The customer I’m heading for right now seems to be a pretty difficult person, who is picky about the courier. I seem to be of sound judgement and got nominated for the deliveries, thankfully.

From my point of view, he’s a stubborn and curt grandpa, who is actually nice and gives me snacks. When I tell the other merchants that he gives me snacks, they get surprised; this is what you call the magic of children.


I’ve arrived at the customer’s house somehow and knocked on the door.

[Gordo-san! Hello~ I’m Asnord from Suzuella Company. I’ve brought the goods you’ve ordered!]


The door opened just as I felt a presence moving inside while I was raising my voice. The grandpa who came out appeared surprised, so I hurriedly removed my hood and lowered my head.


[I’m sorry! I surprised you. I forgot I’m wearing a hood]

Actually, I’m wearing a robe today, despite working as a merchant.


[Ahh. Maa, I knew it was Asnord so it’s fine, but what’s going on today? Isn’t it rare for you to wear robes? Were you going to your usual subjugation quest or something?]


[No, I only have work as a merchant today. Well, the person taking care of me right now told me to wear a robe. For some reason, Suzuella-san told me me to as well. It’s not even cold. I wonder if something is going on?]


That’s right. This morning, when I was about to leave, Mooks-san told me to wear a robe without even telling me why. I wore my robe like I was told to and went to work. There, Suzuella-san also told me to wear my robe during deliveries, and to make sure to put on my hood properly. I originally wanted to work in the office without having to work outside, but there was an order from Gordo-san, so I had to go out.


[Mooks-san and also Suzuella-san, I see. It’s rare for Suzuella to talk. It just means that there’s something that made him talk. Now that I think about it, recently, I’ve felt as if like there’s tension among the aristocrats. Be careful on your way back. Here, the usual snack]


I received a snack along with the payment. I carefully tucked the snack in my bag, then checked the amount of money and handed over the receipt.


[Yes, I’ve properly received it. Thanks you for the snacks as always. I will gladly eat it during my break!]


[Asnord is really mature. I should say that you’re not child-like at all. Normally you wouldn’t wait until break time]

Gordo-san showed me a wry smile as he spoke; I also scratched my cheek as I tilted my head.


[Ehh? Is that so? I’m currently at work, so I think it’s normal]


[Haaa. I guess it would be for you. Saa, Suzuella is probably worried, so take care when you return]


[Yes, thank you. I’ll be waiting for your next order. Goodbye!]

I bowed and put on my hood again as I left the place.


So, the aristocrats, I see.


The royal capital is situated on a gentle hill, with the royal castle at the top. The capital draws circles around the castle and is surrounded by walls. It’s a common setting, isn’t it? Fantasy banzai!!

The castle is enveloped by a barrier with a moat around it. During an emergency, the bridge is raised and the castle becomes a fortress, it seems. It’s a good thing that I’ve never seen the castle like that, but I do want to see it at least once.


The town is spread around the castle, and if divided into north, south, east, and west, the main gates are located to the north and south. There are small gates in the west and east as well, but the west gate is sealed off except in times of emergency. The east gate is a gate where only those permitted by the country can use.

If I roughly explain it, the lower half of town is lined with various stores, blacksmiths or other craft shops, and lodgings. I wonder if you’d understand if I say it’s the commercial area?

The northwest quarter is the residential area and the northeast quarter is where the government offices and buildings are located.

A common feature of all the areas is that the aristocrats live close to the middle of town, with a simple barrier separating the commoner’s area spread around their periphery. Moreover, in the aristocratic area, the social class goes higher the closer one is to the castle. Even among the commoners area, the areas closer to the castle are filled with rich people. Therefore, when you have business at the castle – though that’s rare – everyone says that they get nervous, when they pass by the rich residences and the aristocratic area.


Gordo-san’s house is located near the aristocratic area. Which reminds me, the mansion the assassins the other day entered was also from that area? When I tried recalling the incident, I noticed that it was surprisingly close by here.

It’s been three weeks since then. There hasn’t been anything special, but Mooks-san seems to be busy. I wonder what happened to the curse I casted? Was there any effect? It’d be great if there was.


As I was recalling various things and became slightly irritated, I could hear several footsteps beyond the street corner. I thought that I could hear some dispute occurring.

Thinking that it’s suspicious, I stopped right before the street corner. Just as I stopped, A person rolled over!? It’s fine that a person comes over, but why is that person full of injuries!?

Since when did the royal capital become such a dangerous place!? It’s the town under the King!? Moreover, this place is the rich area close to the nobility’s residences! Isn’t the security strict here? To begin with, it’s even more strict if you’re from the aristocracy.

That’s right. The direction of the footsteps – or rather the direction that person came from – is the aristocratic district. The mansion of the men in black should be there as well.


The person that came this way was surprised for a moment and stumbled when he saw me. Originally, the person rolled over here, so his balance was unsteady, but then he also stumbled a step further so… the point is that he came flying towards me.


Somehow, I felt a sense of déjà vu. Maa, can I respond a little this time? Since I’m alone? If I don’t, the impact is going to be pretty big! The other party this time is a thin but tall man – …..

Everyone is tall from my perspective!! As I was thinking I would be happier if I was a woman, we collided. What are you doing, me.


The other party fell onto the ground together with me without being able to reduce the momentum. I unintentionally used wind magic for support, so thanks to that my butt – …no, the impact to my entire back – was halved.

The moment the man collapsed on me, I could smell blood. He seemed to be bleeding quite a bit.

Surprised, the man stared at me with wide open eyes and stiffened. When our eyes met with his I also stiffened. Because, there was… .


[Amazing…beautiful. Amazing…it’s a beautiful crimson colour]


I was fascinated by the stunningly deep crimson-coloured eyes. I’ve never seen such a colour this beautiful.

I didn’t realise how fascinated I was, but when I heard the footsteps coming from beyond the street corner, I came to my senses at once. It seems like it was the same for the other guy as well since, we both stood up at the same time though the man’s balance was unsteady from the pain.

Looking over the man’s head, I could see a black shadow running this way. That’s right, a black shadow…wait, it’s black even if it’s not a shadow!! Because it’s completely black. Moreover, it’s the same guys from the other day. Though some guys were different, I could sense my mana essence from four out of the seven. It’s highly likely that what I sensed was my magic. It’s still not working yet. That’s disappointing, but leaving that aside, are you saying that I should deal with them directly!? Is that bad luck in a sense? Not that I feel like going easy on them.


The four cursed people also seemed to have noticed me and started talking with the three other people. …Muu, it seems like a surprise attack is impossible. That’s disappointing. In any case, these guys, I’ll fight them fair and square, crush them completely, and naturally attain victory! That’s right, I absolutely can’t forgive these fellows for repeatedly hurting people using the advantage of numbers.


I started to expand my detection magic. It would be strange not to do so, because, I’m curious as to how many people there are today. These guys have a lot of free time!! There’s a lot less than before, but there’s still seven people. So, it’s seven people against one. Unconsciously, I sighed.

Unaffected, I put my hands on the shoulder of the man shielding me.


[Onii-san, are you okay? Your injuries probably hurt, but they aren’t that deep, so you can move right? Could you move to the end of the street and rest there? I have something to do, you see?]


I gently helped him up and sat him down on the ground. Meanwhile, the men in black weren’t attacking, they couldn’t attack. Because I bound their shadows with dark magic. I did it while those guys were sneakily exchanging information! However, when I used magic, I felt a bit uncomfortable. Maa, I’m probably fine. Since no phenomenon occurred, they probably haven’t noticed that magic was used. Though, since those men in black were affected by it, they probably would have noticed that something was done to them….but, it has nothing to do with me and I had to prepare a place to fight fair and square. After all, I didn’t think that they would wait for me, and a surprise attack didn’t seem possible.


Just like that, I supported the man and moved locations. As if nothing had happened, I used physical enhancement magic and  – since I’m scared to be exposed – I didn’t use wind magic. Physical enhancement magic alone should be enough. The man was in a daze. I became a little worried whether he was alright. Let’s clean up quickly and leave it to the police. Un, let’s do that.


When I tried to leave the man that was leaning on the roadside wall, he caught my hand.

[Is something wrong?]


[Those guys are people who assassinate for a living. You can’t win against them by yourself]

The man was worried about me, it seems. But, this guy knew that the opponents are assassins.

[I want to ask you something. Is onii-san friends with them?]


[No. It turned out like this after I refused to guard their master and mansion]

He replied quite simply. Maa, if he isn’t a comrade, then it’s fine.


[I’m fine, don’t worry. You can run away if it seems like I’ll lose]

I released my hand that he caught and broke free.


Then I headed towards the group of men in black and stopped about 3 meters away from them.

Now, you are out of luck to have met me here…I will end you guys with my own hands! It’s not like I involved you guys so you can forgive me, right. Un. I’ll be fine as long as I’m not exposed!!


I gently breathed out and cancelled the dark magic.





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