Hi everyone,

With the release of Crying in the Night, Unseen, I’ll like to present two new staffs that will be joining the Ainushi family. May I present both Silvia and Kiti.

Silvia, the translator for Crying in the Night, Unseen is new to the translation scene. However, don’t let that fool you. The quality that I’ve seen in her translation wowed me over. I’m certain that fans who’ve been eager to see this josei novel finished will enjoy reading its continuity and will be glad to know it’s in safe hands.

Her editor, Kiti has an amazing background. With past experiences editing for Giraffe Translations’ True Star and Shiroyukineko Translations’ Long Lived Summons and Descent of Phoenix, you can rest assure knowing that she’ll whip any projects under her to perfection.

Thank you so much for joining our family, girls! We’re happy to have you on board.

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