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20 – Ascertaining What’s In the End, And a Tiger’s Tail1

When the tempestuous Onee left, the three ossans in the conference room were at a loss.
According to him Seeing the three of you, whom I had seen at the performance, gracing the front cover of a magazine, I made a decision!, was what happened.
Yoichi was overwhelmed. He had never even thought that a trivial affair intended for making memories would possibly become so huge.

Well, But it’s still at the planning stage…….

What’re you saying! That Onee Kamo , saidHandsome ossans becoming Idols, it’s interesting!; and didn’t he say that the plans will steadily come up, and that we should cheerfully go home?

……Shiju, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.

Well, it’s fine. Nevermind me, isn’t it tough for Yoichi the ossan?

If it comes to the worst, I’ll turn to Fumi. Because that girl comprehends almost all the business operations. I’ll do the settlement of accounts though.

Fumi-chan‘s high-spec, isn’t she? How cool……

Miroku was reminded of the briskly working Fumi with her hair lightly bouncing about, and showed a smile that seemed as if it would melt.

Ugh…… This guy again, control your sex appeal!

Sex appeal? What’s that?

Seeing Miroku tilt his head with a click2, Yoichi placed his hand on Shiju’s shoulder with a slap.

Shiju, it’s useless saying anything to an unaware lady-killer. Because he’s anyhow unaware.

Sorry, I’m nothing but powerless……

Just what do you mean! I didn’t do anything!

Miroku, who got angry in a huff, lightened the atmosphere of the room. The person in question himself had not realized it, but just by him being in that place, even the most complicated problem could be naturally resolved.
Yoichi and Shiju, both felt they were saved once again by such a Miroku.

Well, because Onee-san said that he’s hiding the fact that he himself is producing, basically he might Miroku-kun act as the main straightforward…… Is what I feel.

Aah, that seems to be the case, but a job addressed to the three of us came in just now.


It’s from the magazine the other day, GAINA. For modelling.

Well, such a thing is also constitutes an activity, so we have to do it

The three, mutually looking at the others’ worn out faces, disbanded while gulping down their worries of the future.

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Eh, Oji-san’s serious?

That’s right. Even I myself am surprised

Yoichi was giving an outline of the matter to Fumi, who had been left behind in the office. Why this happened, even he himself didn’t know. It was just that he was taken in by Onee saying the words If it’s the three of them, it’ll definitely be interesting!.
He ended up wanting to see his vision, who didn’t sayIt’ll sell, but rather It’ll be interesting. That was his bad habit.

Well… But Miroku-san‘s not alone, so that might be a relief

Haha, Fumi’s super protective of only Miroku-kun, I see. Anyhow, I won’t be able to do my work while moving about. Sorry for increasing Fumi’s responsibility.

Not at all! To be involved in a work that Onee-san is producing is sugoi! I’ll also do my best!

But Onee-san‘s matter is a secret. We don’t even know if we’re actually debuting. It’s just the three of us doing activities, so in a hurry, I left the scheduling of the GAINA shoot to Shiju. I hope Fumi is not troubled by ours and Miroku-kun‘s matter.

Yes, Director.

Fumi looked at her uncle again.
The operations of the office had not been going well, and she had been worried of him putting on a lot of weight due to stress, but on top of returning to the cool uncle he once had been, he even started doing showbiz activities with Miroku……..
A few of his slightly long set bangs had fallen, his actions while brushing of them up, was charming, unchanging from the past.
She wasn’t Onee, but thinking of what would happen if he came on TV and became famous, Fumi felt, it’d be Interesting.
Furthermore, if you added in Miroku’s prince-like charm and Shiju’s beast-like appeal…… It’d be Interestingafter all,

Director…… No, Oji-san

What’s it?

Are you going out with Miroku-san’s elder sister?

Yoichi, who was drinking tea in sips, spit it out with all his strength.

Cough cough…… W-Why’re you talking about that?

Because I saw the two of you meeting up.

With just that?

After all, Oji-san is careful about such things, right? Like being alone with someone else. That too, with Mihachi-san.

We were talking about Miroku-kun

It’s not just that.

When Fumi, who was standing in front of Yoichi’s desk, slowly moved to his side, a smiling Mihachi was standing there.

Good evening, Fumi-chan, Yoichi-san. You seem to be taking about something interesting?

Ah, Um, Mihachi-sa
Mihachi-san! What do you think of my uncle?

Cutting off Yoichi’s words, Fumi boldly asked. Cutting others off at good places was Fumi’s strong point.
At such a Fumi, Mihachi smiled bewitchingly.

What do you want me to think?

The two froze with flushed faces, seeing her giving such a smile.
The elder sister of the natural airhead lady-killer, Mihachi unintentionally smiled, placing the cosmetics samples, and left with a See you laterafter stroking the two on the chin with her index finger.

The two of the Kisaragi family were at their wits end, and were defeated by the eldest daughter of the Osaki family3.


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Next time will be about Miroku-kun and the worrying ossan Shiju.

T/N –

1.It’s a plant https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sansevieria_trifasciata


2. Japanese says コテリ, this is the closest translation. Imagine the sound when anime characters tilt their head.

3. Incase you forgot, Yoichi and Fumi’s family name is Kisaragi and Miroku’s is Osaki.


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