ANDDDDDD the results are out!

Thank you everyone for participating in the event! Thanks to you, there have been more than 50k votes gathered during the event. We were pleasantly surprised that we garnered quite a number of votes from that.

Thank you so much! We look forward to participating in more events like this so we can bring you more bonus releases. (*nudge nudge prods prods*)

Here’s the final count of all the smashing number of bonus chapter releases that we’ll be releasing today. (Yup! Outside your usual weekly releases).


Novel Results
# of chapter(s) released
Flowers Reflecting the Sky Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Correct
From Maid to Mother Q1 – Incorrect
(4 votes difference)
Q2 – Correct
Q3 – Correct
The Noble Girl Living in Debt Q1 – Correct
Q2 – Correct
Why Is the Prettiest Girl in School Trying to Talk to a Loner Like Me During Lunch Break? Q1 – Incorrect
Q2 – Incorrect
Q3 – Correct
Q4 – Correct
Q5 – Correct
Total # chapters
10 out of 12


Agni felt bad that she made the LJ questions really tricky for you guys. ;o;)

MoMoe Pom thought people would fail question no. 2 for FRS and was pleasantly surprised that people got it correct. >w<)/

I am astonished that MM had a 4 votes difference between the incorrect and correct answer for question no. 1.  Not gonna lie, a part of me was tempted to remove a chapter but y’all worked hard so you can have that one. 😀

Meanwhile BabyDalyn is partying and glad that people read DG chapter 11. All the answers for Debt Girl was in there. So fans of the recent chapter, do pat yourselves on the back. You got it all correct! ^o^)v


You can check volare’s site for the answers to the trivia!


Meanwhile, prepare for releases to launch every hour tonight till we’ve released all ten chapters.

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