Chapter 11

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The sound of deep voices made me arise from the darkness. The warm and soft feeling on my body told me that I was still soaking in the bathtub. My exhausted eyes and beaten body made me really want to continue sleeping, but everything that had happened before now made me feel ill about entering dreamland.

I used my best effort to open my tired eyes, and I realized that I was leaning against the left side of the jacuzzi. While I was unconscious, Zhao Yi Bo had started the massage jets of the bathtub, and warm slow streams of soothing water tenderly pounded my sore body. It was like a gentle hand caressing me lightly.

The guest room that I stayed in at the Zhao residence had its own private bathroom with a bathtub. However, it wasn’t a high-class jacuzzi like this one. This was my first time taking a bath in a hot tub. If it were the past, I would have comfortably cried out and proceeded to research this expensive and luxurious novelty bathtub. However, I was not in such a mood right now.

On the other side of the bathtub, the two twins had closed their eyes and were leaning on the side of the bathtub. They were fully enjoying the relaxing feeling of the hot tub with their naked bodies.

Feeling the waves in the water that I had caused, Zhao Yi Xuan was the first to open his eyes.


He stood up, walked towards me in the water, and intimately sat beside me. Then, he extended an arm and wrapped it around my delicate body.

“Mm.” I didn’t dare look at his naked and toned body. I lowered my gaze to stare at the undulations of the water.

Zhao Yi Bo also came and sat on the opposite side. Their high-class bodies made me feel extremely intimidated. After going through all this, I was already unable to see them as children; and I didn’t dare think of them as children.

“Sweetie, did that feel good?” Zhao Yi Bo asked deviously.

“Nn.” My face reddened and I responded with an ambiguous sound.

“I’m already done washing, so I’m getting out first.” I endured the weak and soft feeling in my legs and flusteredly stood up. I wanted to leave the bathroom and escape from this embarrassing situation.

As soon as I stood up, Zhao Yi Xuan grabbed my arm and gave it a yank. With my center of gravity disrupted, I tumbled onto his body. Water that splashed up entered my eyes, nose, and mouth. I violently coughed.

“What a pity! How could you be so clumsy to slip?” An innocent voice spoke beside my ear.

That infuriating bastard, acting so innocent after making such a cheap move. Now whose fault was it that I ended up so “clumsy”? I angrily cursed inside my head, but I didn’t dare say a word out loud.

“I just want to go back to my room.”

“Did you recover your body’s strength? Will you be fine going back by yourself?” Zhao Yi Xuan’s eyes were filled with doubt, as if he were worried that I’d faint in the hallway. It seemed like he wanted to send me back.

“I’m fine! I can do it myself!” I hurriedly nodded emphatically. I had no intention of inviting trouble. With them in heat for 24 hours a day, if these predators escorted me back to my room, there would be no way they’d let me off for free.

I already couldn’t stand their tormenting.

In order to prove myself, I clenched my teeth and endured the pain; and I speedily stood up from the water to stride over the bathtub. This time they didn’t stop me. Just when I thought I could leave the bathroom however, my fate once again wasn’t so fortunate. As I was about to touch the bathroom door with my hand, Zhao Yi Xuan once again grabbed me.

He effortlessly and gently picked me up, lowering his head to look at my face.

“Baby, when you’re in such a rush to leave, it hurts our feelings. Furthermore, you don’t look so good, so it makes me not want to let you go.”

Before I was able to grasp the meaning of his words, my body suddenly felt light. He actually went as far as to throw me.



He tossed me back into the bathtub.

Thanks to the buoyancy of the water, I didn’t feel much pain at all. However, due to my panic and the slippery floor and walls of the bathtub, I couldn’t stand up quickly. I felt a large quantity of water rush into my nose and mouth, and I couldn’t breathe. I felt as if I’d quickly suffocate. I frantically flailed with my arms and slapped the surface of the water, struggling as if I were drowning.

Zhao Yi Bo, who wasn’t that far away from me, did not extend a helping hand or help pull me up. All he did was laugh amusingly.

My physical strength once again disappeared. I didn’t want to struggle anymore. I relaxed my body and let myself sink to the bottom. I hadn’t wanted to live in the first place. It was only because of their threats that I didn’t dare kill myself. However, if they themselves murdered me during their fun and games, they couldn’t blame my family.

Suddenly, I felt a large hand clutching my throat, and it roughly dragged me out of the water.

Cough… cough… cough… The air that once again rushed in made me cough violently.

“You dare?! It seems like you haven’t taken a thing we’ve said to heart! Fine then! Why don’t I help deepen the impression for you?!” A voice that was so cold that it felt like ice muttered beside my ear.

A frightful feeling once again creeped up my back, and through my eyes that were still stinging from the water, I saw the dark and furious expressions on their faces. The gaze from their eyes was merciless and cold-blooded.


Despite the fact that my throat was still hurting as if it were on fire, I miserably pleaded and wept.

I provoked them! And there’s no way they’re going to forgive me lightly!



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