Chapter 12

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Trigger warnings: domestic violence, abuse

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“I was wrong… I won’t do it again…” Their dark and furious faces made me extremely afraid. I was scared that they would carry out some kind of brutal and frightening punishment on my body, and I was afraid that they would take their anger out on my innocent family. Unable to keep my pride, I lowered my body and knelt in the water, pleading with them.

They lowered their heads and looked at me; their cruel and sinister gaze coiled around me like a snake.

“Yes, soon, you will never have the courage to do something like this again.” Lifting my jaw, Zhao Yi Bo gave me a merciless smile devoid of any kindness.

His large hand went to my throat, and gently stroked it back and forth. However, this delicate movement gave me an ominous sense of extreme dread.

Suddenly, his hand grappled my thin, fragile neck and started to squeeze.

My neck hurt from the tightness, and it felt as if blood rushed into my head all of a sudden. My vision started to develop black spots, and my inability to breathe forced me to open my mouth to attempt to gasp for air. However, I didn’t dare try to shake off the huge hands that were tightly strangling my neck.

Just when I thought I was going to pass out from the lack of oxygen, he finally loosened his grip. The feeling of being threatened with my life made me unable to stop myself from starting to sob quietly.

His large hand wandered to the back of my nape, and he began to stroke my soft hair.

“Sweetie, you won’t try something like that again, right?” he asked tenderly.

The burning feeling in my throat prevented me from saying anything, so I vigorously nodded with my eyes brimming with tears. I won’t dare try that again! I’m so terrified!

However, my response did not satisfy him. His huge hand abruptly tensed, and he yanked my hair tightly. The pain that suddenly came from my scalp made my tears flow even more urgently.

“I d-don’t… I-I don’t dare… Forgive me…”

“Bo, you shouldn’t be so reckless with women.” Zhao Yi Xuan pulled Zhao Yi Bo’s cruel hand away and rescued my poor hair from his grasp.

I cast a grateful and pleading gaze towards him, hoping he would help me. He gently cradled me in his arms, and carried me over to the the edge of the bathtub. His large hand gently patted and stroked my back, trying to console me.

“How can you be so rash? You’re always looking for an opportunity to kill yourself, but do you even know what it feels like to die? The truth is, dying is very painful. Death by drowning is especially insufferable.” He gently muttered this to my ears, and his warm lips slowly kissed a sparkling teardrop that was flowing down my face.

After being comforted so tenderly, all the grievances, suffering, and fear that had been brewing inside me simultaneously bubbled forth. I buried myself in his broad chest and started crying loudly.

His large hand that had been patting and comforting me slowly crawled up my back. It began to softly comb the messy hair behind my head.

Slowly, his large hand began to tighten, and before I noticed it, my hair was readily under the control of his hand. I was unable to move my head.

When I felt the strength coming from his big hand, a feeling of alarm once again rose from inside me.

However, I didn’t have the time to react. The large hand that gripped me suddenly shoved my face brutally into the water. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have the time to hold my breath, and warm water entered my windpipe as I breathed in. The scorching pain made me open my mouth to scream, but water immediately and unrelentlessly flooded my mouth and poured into my throat.

The sheer terror of death and horrible pain once again rushed forward.

I could not help but begin to struggle frantically, and I twisted my head to try to shake free from the massive hand that controlled the back of my head. However, my weak resistance was simply incapable of contending against the increased strength he applied to my head. I desperately flailed with my arms and slapped at the water, trying to grab at something… but my consciousness gradually began to slip away from me, and my struggles became weaker and weaker…

The darkness was on the verge of consuming me, and right when I was about to give in…

Suddenly, that large hand forcefully yanked me out of the water. Air once again filled my lungs, and my nose and throat burned like mad from the water that had entered it. I violently started coughing, and in the midst of all the pain, an enormous quantity of tears spilled forward, completely obscuring my vision.

After a short while, my breathing gradually stabilized, but I still hadn’t yet stopped coughing. Zhao Yi Xuan once again grasped my head and cruelly forced me under the water again.




I weakly collapsed on the cold floor of the bathroom painfully gasping for air. There wasn’t an ounce of energy left in me. From the depths of my throat, my nose, and my lungs, there was an explosive feeling of agony. My vision was filled with black fog.

Why did I think Zhao Yi Xuan was a good person? I was such a fool!

“Have you learned your lesson?” Zhao Yi Xuan asked icily as he used his foot to prod my face.

I nodded my head, and this tiny movement exhausted all the strength in my body.

He was a sick demon! I had no idea how many times he had repeatedly forced me under the water. Each time I thought I was going to die, he’d pull me back up only to enjoy my pained gasps for breath and tears. He’d relish my pitiful and miserable pleas and then shove me back under again.

Being tormented like this over and over robbed all of my physical strength and my capacity to even think. Only then did this cruel episode finally end. Apparently, he finally got bored playing this game. He fished me out of the water and crudely tossed me onto the ice-cold floor tiles.


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