Chapter 15

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My muddled train of thought made my sickly body feel even more tired, and in this cloud of confusion, I once again sank into darkness.

After being asleep for who knows how long, I slowly woke up. The sky was already completely dark and the room was extremely quiet. The lights were off, which made me feel slightly scared. Zhao Yi Xuan? Was he still here?

I strained to blink my eyes, trying to see what was inside the room. After some time, my eyes slowly adjusted to the dark, and thanks to the moonlight that came in from the window, I saw the figure of a man hung over at my bedside.

It was Zhao Yi Xuan. He was still here.

Seeing him, my heart somehow seemed to feel much calmer.

How long have I been asleep? What time is it?

My lower abdomen felt bloated, which was very uncomfortable. I struggled to lift my hand as I lightly patted Zhao Yi Xuan who was sleeping soundly at the side of my bed.

“You’re awake.” He immediately straightened up and his husky voice penetrated through the darkness.

After turning on the light, he looked at me with concern. “You thirsty? Want some water?”

Please, don’t mention water to somebody who urgently needs to go the bathroom. It’ll make it even more unbearable for me.

“I need… to go… toilet…” I strenuously managed to squeeze out a shattered voice from my throat.

Hearing my request, he silently turned around and walked into the bathroom that was connected to my room. I stared stupidly at his back, doubting if he had actually heard me. I said that I wanted to go to the bathroom, not for him to go to the bathroom. Was he still asleep?

A few seconds later, he came out from the bathroom carrying a strangely-shaped receptacle in his hand. I’d seen this kind of container in the hospital. Seeing it now, I felt prickles on my scalp.

He stopped at my bedside, lifted the blankets that covered my body, and then transitioned into a position to lift up my waist…

Unable to deal with the pain in my body, I hastily seized his large hand that was supporting my waist.

“What? Did I hurt you?” He stopped what he was doing and didn’t dare move further.

“I. Don’t. Want. The. Urine. Pan.” I was embarrassed and angry as I enunciated every single word through my clenched teeth. Did he even see me as a woman? To think he’d go as far as treating me like an alien that that would shamelessly pee on the bed. Even though I’ve already been bedded by him and had my body thoroughly seen through by him, I couldn’t do this. I’d rather suffocate to death.

“You can’t move. Besides, I’ve been doing it for you this way for the past few days.” He told me this tragic news with a wide smile on his face.

I can’t live anymore!

I closed my eyes and shoved my face into my soft pillow, stifling my breath. God, please have mercy on me and strike this shameless person in my room dead with a lightning bolt. Either that or strike me dead since I don’t have the means to continue living.

However, it was still quiet outside the window. The lightning bolt that I wished for simply never came. I only knew that God, like always, did not care for me, or else I would not have fallen into a horrible circumstance like this.

I felt my body be delicately picked up, and I promptly opened my eyes. His eyes were still filled with a vibrant smile, and he lightly carried me in his arms as he walked towards the bathroom.

He gently put me down on the toilet, then he leaned against the sink as he watched me.

Get the hell out! I commanded with a glare. The intense urge in my bladder made me want to desperately relieve myself immediately, but his gaze turned me away from satisfying my physiological needs.

He didn’t say anything as he silently walked out and closed the door for my sake. The expression on his face drove me mad with spite that my teeth itched. Such a shameless and disgraceful person. Only he would brazenly stand in front of someone’s face as they went to the bathroom.

I speedily finished my business.

When I lifted my head, I inadvertently looked at the mirror above the sink and saw how utterly wretched my reflection was. My entire body was covered with greenish purple bruises, and the ring of black finger marks around my neck was especially terrifying. In just a few days, my face had gotten a lot thinner…

Seeing my reflection in the mirror, my thoughts returned to that horrible day…

Frightening and painful memories caused tears to begin to flow.

“What’s wrong?” I don’t know when, but he had walked into the bathroom again. He knelt in front of me with a distressed face full of alarm and tension.

“It was both your faults… you two were the ones that hurt me… how could you be so mean… I’m so miserable… waa…” I sobbed as I lifted my aching arms and lashed at him, kicking him with my feeble legs.

“Baby, don’t cry. Your throat will hurt, and your eyes won’t be as beautiful anymore if they swell up from the tears.” He didn’t block my reckless thrashing and only wiped away my tears with a pained expression. He gently wrapped me up in his arms and headed towards the bedroom while he quietly coaxed me.

I buried my face into his chest as I burst out into sobs, letting loose all the grievances I had collected over these past few days.

I continued crying like this for a very long time. It was only when I felt like I had exhausted all the gloomy suffering feelings inside of me did my state of mind slightly calm down. I slowly stopped crying, but I couldn’t hold back the sniffles.

He diligently promised, “Sweetie, as long as you never try to run away from us again and stop treating us like kids, we’ll never treat you like that again. When we see the bruises on your body, we also feel the pain.”

I glanced at him. Restricting another person’s freedom, forbidding them from resisting as well as subjecting them to cruel punishment if they did resist, did they think they were emperors? Even if they were emperors, I wasn’t a subject under their rule.

However, I didn’t want to talk to him about this. He simply wouldn’t listen.

“I’m hungry.” Still in a bad mood, I changed the topic.

“What would you like to eat for dinner?”

“I can have anything I want?” I asked provokingly. A stupid and childish idea popped into my head.

“Of course.” He went along with my attitude.

“I want to eat fried tofu and spicy chicken from Chengdu Sichuan Gourmet, German ham hock, garlic-baked escargot, and creamy seafood macaroni from European Cuisine, Japanese-style barbecue skewers from Takamasa Land, Mexican tacos from Old King’s Ship, shrimp dumplings, red bean buns, and braised chicken soup from Tang Dynasty Palace, and for dessert I want cheese pudding from Royal Beijing, and a baked ice cream tower from Rag Tea House.” I strung together my entire order in a single breath.

Truth be told, of the things I listed, I had never eaten a single one of them. Their prices were all insanely expensive, and as a poor student, I didn’t have the money to spend on such luxurious things. Furthermore, the signature dishes of these famous restaurants only sold limited quantities, so even if I splurged my wallet to dine in, I wouldn’t necessarily get to eat it. Either way, I wasn’t particularly picky about my food. As long as I was full, I was happy. I usually frequently relied on instant ramen and stuff like bread to cover my meals. Now and then when I felt like treating myself, I’d buy some meat and seafood from the supermarket. Then I’d go home and cook, since my cooking skills weren’t that bad either. The only reason why I remembered the names of these places was because they were simply too famous.

“Is that all you want? Is there anything else?”

He sure is stupidly overconfident. There’s no way he’ll be able to buy these dishes at this time of the night.  

“For now that will be all.”

He nodded, turned around, and went down the stairs.

Hehehe~~~ Idiot! It’ll serve you right if you die of exhaustion running around to all these restaurants that are scattered about. Whose fault was it that you were so cruel to me? This is payback!



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