Chapter 16

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I enjoyed yet hatefully ate these delicacies. Originally, I only wanted to trouble them, but I never expected that they’d really be able to get these famous restaurants in the culinary world to prepare their signature dishes in just ten minutes. Furthermore, they even made an express delivery to the house. Once again, this made me realize that society wasn’t fair.

Money was what made the world go round. With it, you could do anything. I bitterly sneered at this in my thoughts.

“Your appetite is so good after just having a fever? How impressive.” A teasing yet lighthearted voice came from behind me. I turned around and saw Zhao Yi Bo, who hadn’t shown up for the entire day.

I unhappily glared at him but did not pay him any attention. I returned to my food and continued taking huge bites from the fine dishes that Zhao Yi Xuan was feeding me. Unable to unleash my annoyance at the person himself, I could only vent my anger at the innocent food.

If I continued to eat as wildly like this every day and became a fatty because of it, would they let me go? I thought of this to myself as I abandoned myself into despair.

He spoke up with a lamenting tone. “Ah… the world is so unfair. Some people get to indulge in lavish delicacies at home, some get to play servant for royalty, while others have it hard by busily running back and forth. Woe is me…”

You have it hard? Pwuh! You’ve got some nerve to say that! If you have it hard, then there isn’t a single person on this planet who has it easy. I swallowed back the retort that came to the tip of my tongue. He clearly wanted to provoke me into talking to him, but I had no intention of granting his wish.

A large face suddenly approached my face and it nimbly snapped up the fine food that Zhao Yi Xuan had brought right to my mouth.

Enough is enough!

“Zhao Yi Bo, you’re too much! That was mine! Mine!” I knew it was childish of me to get so worked up and noisy over a little bit of food — which was completely unlike what a grown eighteen-year-old would do — but I couldn’t stop myself.

Shouting so loud made my burning throat feel like it couldn’t bear any more. I violently started coughing, almost as if I were coughing my lungs up.

I thought to myself maliciously on the inside: Zhao Yi Bo, remember this. If I die from this, I’ll definitely come back for vengeance.

Seeing how I had become so angry that I started coughing, Zhao Yi Bo reeled back the mocking look in his eyes and his expression became filled with worry. He lightly patted my back.

“I’m sorry, I won’t tease you anymore. I won’t steal your food.”

Zhao Yi Xuan also put down the bowl and chopsticks he was using to feed me as he warned his frivolous twin brother with a brief glance. Then, he poured a cup of water for me and slowly helped me take sips from it.

After some time, I finally managed to stop that frightening cough. By that time however, I was no longer in the mood nor did I have the energy to continue tasting the delicious food.

It’s such a pity. I only managed to take a few bites.

“Are you finished eating? There’s still a few you haven’t tried yet?” Zhao Yi Xuan asked.

I shook my head, expressing that I didn’t want to eat any more. However, I could not stop my eyes from loitering over this food that looked, smelled, and tasted great.

“If you like it, we can order it again next time. You were just sick and your stomach is still weak. It’s not a good idea to eat too much greasy food in the first place.” Seeing how sorry I looked, Zhao Yi Bo softly consoled me. He picked up a napkin to wipe away some of the sauce that was on my mouth and hinted to Zhao Yi Xuan to carry me upstairs.

Ten minutes later, Zhao Yi Bo also came to my room. But what was different from when he was downstairs was that he had already taken off his clothes. His phallus that had given me so much suffering was also dangerously erect.


This brute! He’s already tormented me to the point where I only have half a life remaining, yet he still won’t let me go?

He didn’t pounce on me immediately. Instead, he picked me up and walked outside, and Zhao Yi Xuan, who was watching over me by the bed, also followed.

We once again arrived at the bathroom that was full of terrifying memories at the end of the hallway on the second floor. In the bathroom, the huge jacuzzi was already filled with warm water. The surface of water was blanketed with a layer of white fog as the water in the bathtub was vigorously churning. There was a tiny whirlpool in the center, and the entire bathroom was drenched with a strange medicinal odor.

“I… I don’t want…” While I protested, I was nonetheless lightly placed in the hot water. The warm temperature of the stream of water immediately soothed the aches on my body, rendering my resistance feeble.

“I put essential oils and some traditional Chinese medicine [1] that will relax and improve your blood circulation. It will alleviate your pain.” Zhao Yi Bo explained as he lightly massaged my pale and naked back.

Zhao Yi Xuan hurriedly stripped away the clothes on his body and also entered the water. He picked up my legs and lightly began massaging them.

Very quickly, the feeling of comfort rushed to me, and my sleepiness once again besieged me. I’ve been sleeping constantly these past few days. I’d become a piglet if this went on any longer, but I was unable to stave off the beckoning of the God of Sleep. My consciousness slowly grew hazy…


Translator’s Notes:

  1. It’s fairly common in China for people to rely on Chinese traditional medicine, so putting oils and medicine into a bath isn’t that outlandish. [back]


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