Chapter 17

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In the haze, I felt a weird sensation arise from my body, and a feeling of neediness crept up from my abdomen. I could not help but let out a moan.

“Ah… ahh…”

“Sweetie, your body is so sensitive.” An alluring voice crooned at my ear, and a hot moist object extended into it, making me squirm and fidget.

A naughty little snake also buried itself into my vagina in my lower half. It slithered back and forth inside my body, drawing out a wave of pleasure wherever it went. My body started to unrelentlessly contract due to its stimulation.

The peculiar feeling finally pulled me back to my senses. As I forced my eyes open, I saw two faces that were inflamed with desire.

Thrown into a panic, I flusteredly pushed them away. Even though I knew I had basically already become their personal toy, rationally speaking, I didn’t want to have any kind of sexual relationship with them. At the very least, I didn’t want to do it with the two of them simultaneously. That would make me feel like a slutty prostitute. Their brute strength and threats had already forced me to give up the moral values I treasured by relinquishing my physical body and abandoning my soul. Even so, I still couldn’t give up my self-respect. This was the only thing I had left.

“I don’t want this… my body hurts…”

Let me go. Don’t steal away the only thing I have left…

They narrowed their eyes and looked at me. Due to the thick fog, I was unable to see the mood and intent in their eyes, which made me feel extremely uneasy.

“Okay. Never mind about today then.” They agreed.

“Hurry up and come over. We’ll help you finish washing, then we can quickly get out of here. If we stay longer, we won’t be able to stop ourselves from gobbling you up.” Zhao Yi Xuan pulled me, as I was cowering in the corner, back in front of them.

I was afraid they’d break their promise, afraid that they were only tricking me. I stiffened and readied myself. However, they didn’t make any movements that crossed the line. All they did was calmly wash my hair and body. I gradually relaxed my tense body.

Zhao Yi Bo abruptly stood up from the water, walked out of the bathtub, and opened a small cabinet to the right of the sink. From inside, he took out a tube-shaped thing.

What was that? I stared at the thing in his hand with distrust. I was demoralized to find out that the label on the tube was written in French. My English was alright, but I didn’t know a single word of French.

“This is a massage cream. It’ll do a lot to help improve the blood circulation around your bruises. If you don’t treat it, your bruises will heal very slowly. You don’t want to go back to school covered with bruises, right?” Seeing my eyes filled with distrust and apprehension, he explained.

School?! Holy fudge, how many days has it been since I’ve been to school? Furthermore, I didn’t request an absence, so I’m screwed for sure! I wanted to cry just thinking about it.

“On the second day you had a fever, I already went to the school to request an absence for you. I even brought a doctor’s note from the hospital.”

There’s still light in the world.

I never imagined that he’d be so meticulous.

With the crisis averted, I thoroughly relaxed my guard. I leaned against the side of the bathtub and allowed him and Zhao Yi Xuan to apply the ointment and massage my body.

With his hands full of medicine cream, they slowly wandered to my chest and circled around my bright red tender nipples.

“Don’t be like this…” I grabbed his large, vulgar hands that were on my chest.

“You were also injured here. If you don’t take care of it, it won’t get better,” he said innocently.

Indeed, there were a few injuries on my nipples. That was from the episode of violent sex in the basement when Zhao Yi Xuan roughly bit me. However, this was a place that even I was ordinarily embarrassed about touching, so naturally I didn’t want anyone else touching them.

However, I knew I was powerless to stop him.

I’ve already been groped everywhere, stared at naked, and toyed with to the limit. It’d be such a joke to keep feigning modesty at this point, right? I mocked myself in my head. I closed my eyes and tried to forget about what they were doing to my body.

No matter how much they enjoy a toy right now, in the end it’s just a toy…

As I capitulated, Zhao Yi Xuan’s slender fingers also carried a large quantity of cream and entered my vagina. They were even thoroughly applying it inside my body. He used his other hand, also smeared with a generous amount of ointment, to travel along my buttcrack to my small anus, where he gently poked the tip of his finger through. The sudden penetration made my body jerk violently, but I didn’t resist.

I finally understood what kind of position I had in their lives, and I myself resigned to it.

They did love me. In fact, they loved me extremely feverishly and fiercely. But this kind of love isn’t normal. It carried with it the passion to destroy, and the obsession to control. Perhaps their experiences made them unable to truly love a person, but I already no longer had the energy to keep attempting to fix them. I was tired, afraid, and I had never before experienced such profound insignificance.

It would be better if I submitted. That way my struggles wouldn’t make my dismal and pitiful life even more miserable and horrible than it already was. As long as I listened to them, at least my body wouldn’t receive that abuse and physical harm.

I’m so afraid…

His finger slowly applied more pressure, and it gradually entered my body. Even though it was well lubricated with the cream, it still brought me intense pain. Tears came to my eyes, partially due to the pain that was coming from my behind, but also because I recognized the pain in my heart.

I don’t know after how long, but they finally finished playing with my body. They let me slump on the side of the bathtub to rest while they themselves walked over to the shower head and began cleansing themselves.


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