Chapter 18

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After soaking in the hot water for a while, my body became increasingly warm. This kind of heat almost seemed like it was coming from inside the depths of my body, and it was becoming so unbearable that I slowly started to squirm against the the slightly cool wall of the bathtub. A very strong feeling of emptiness arose from my abdomen, and it tormented me so relentlessly that I quietly started to whimper. Pained yet somewhat pleasured moans slipped through my mouth.

“Ah… ah… ahh…”

The abrupt rise of heat and intense feeling of hollowness almost made me lose my senses. My vision was clouded over with white fog, making me incapable of seeing anything in front of me.

“Help… help me…” I helplessly pleaded.

Hearing my pleading groans, they turned off the shower and returned to my side.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong? Your face is really red and your body is very hot.” A pair of large hands stroked and slid over my body. Its caress brought a wave of crisp, ice-cold sensations.

“I’m warm… touch me…” The insufferable feeling made me unable to bear with my shame and pride. I begged them to use their cold hands to fondle me and relieve me of my suffering.

“Baby, remember how you told us to stop already?” Their hands demurely kept their distance away from my body, unwilling to satisfy my wants.

“I’m begging you…” I weeped, imploring them. The tingling yearning from the depths of my body was making me desperate to find release and salvation.

“Beg us to do what?” As the words came, a large hand without warning plunged deeply into my body, and I immediately felt a lurch of pain. Amidst the sharp pain, the fog in my eyes dispersed, and in front of me were two faces brimming with obscene malice.

It was them?! It was because they smeared that cream on my body?!

Before I could even struggle, the fog of desire attacked once again and quickly seized control of me.

I capitulated.

“I’m begging… begging you to play with me… please…” I whined as shockingly shameful words flew out of my mouth.

“So you desperately want us to play with you? Sweetheart, even though your body is clearly being lewd, why do you always keep putting on the act of a virtuous woman?” They each seized one of my lush breasts and slender legs as they began to tease me lightly, humiliating me with their words. However, the burning suffering in my body only received a tiny relief from their cruel treatment.

“I was wrong… so please… play with me…”

“Sweetie, it would be our pleasure to satisfy you.” With the abrupt straightening of his back, a thick and hot shaft penetrated deep into my body from the front.

“Ah………” The pain of being torn apart and the sensation of finally achieving relief simultaneously exploded from within my body. I arched my back from the intense stimulation and a shattered shriek escaped my lips.

It slid quickly as it moved inside my body. Then it slowly withdrew. And then it brutally pounded into me again, making me feel as if I were being skewered.

“It’s too deep… it hurts… don’t…” I wailed as my small hands tried in vain to push away this beast of a man on top of me. But what use was my pathetic weak strength against his? He simply used even more strength to thrust into my body.

Due to his movements, a pleasurable feeling slowly crept up and my resistance gradually changed into approval.

He suddenly pried my legs apart, having them circle around his sturdy and lean waist. Then he turned both of us over so that I was now riding on top of him.

“Bo, you go in from the back,” he said. I heard his voice from beside my eyes, but I was unable to understand what he meant by his words.

I felt something lightly ram up against the sensitive place behind me. I uneasily squirmed with my body, trying to escape the assault, but it very quickly made a second attack even stronger than the first. It savagely pierced my other entrance with unrelenting strength.

“Ah… it hurts…”

Excruciating pain exploded from behind me, and this kind of pain was a hundred times stronger than the pain I had suffered from before. The sharp pain ruthlessly pulled me out from the pleasure of lovemaking, and I unleashed an agonizing scream of death. My vision was pitch black while my body was wounded and rigid from being torn apart like this. Cold sweat trickled down my back.

“Endure it, dear. You were the one who begged us to play with you.”

The two of them started to thrust fiercely inside of my body; they matched each other with the same pace and the same depth. I had already reached a point where it was impossible for me to feel any pleasure as my body was drifting in the air from their cruel plunging and pounding.

“Sweetie, hold it in for now. In just a bit you will love this feeling.” Zhao Yi Bo nibbled on my earlobe as he murmured.

Very quickly, a feeling from inside my body confirmed his words. A familiar wave of warm and powerful pleasure welled up to attack me, and I once again sank into it…

The pleasure inside me gradually accumulated as they thrusted before it finally exceeded the absolute limit I could bear. It exploded inside of my body, and I began to twitch violently…

Feeling my body convulse violently, they unleashed low-pitched growls and increased the rhythm. Zhao Yi Bo was the first to climax from my behind, and scalding hot fluid spurted into my body. Soon after, Zhao Yi Xuan also reached his limit, and when he pulled out his penis, he shot his sticky and hot fluid over my snow-white breasts…

This intense session of intercourse robbed all the strength in my body. However, my head gradually cleared up as it ended. I thought about how those shameful words had actually came out of my mouth. I had crumbled. They were so cruel, going as far as stripping away the last bit of dignity I had.

However, this nightmare was not over yet. A hot feeling once again started to rise up from inside my body. I wanted to clench my teeth as I was desperate to resist it, but it was impossible. An arousing moan once again escaped my lips.

“Sweetie, this fast and you’re feeling it again?” Zhao Yi Xuan’s large hands pounced on my well-rounded breasts as he tugged and pulled me.

“What’s… going… on… with… me?” I asked, my speech broken and incoherent.

“This is a high-quality aphrodisiac cream imported from France. Actually, even the tiniest bit applied on the most experienced women will keep them aroused for a whole day and night before it wears off. As for you, since you’re a fledgling that hasn’t experienced much, and even got so much slathered on you… Take a guess, how long will we have to play with you before you’re free from its control?” Zhao Yi Bo pressed me from behind, and one of his fingers once again entered me from my rear.

I wailed from bitter hopelessness…



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