Chapter 37 – Adultery


TL: Agni

TLC: Kriz

Editor: Lady Blue

QC: Kittsune

First Published on Ainushi




「Class rep! W-what do you mean touch your breasts!」

「Aa, I conveyed it poorly. Of course it’s only a 『pretense』? I’ll beat you up if you really touch it, you know?」

「Y-yeah……of course.」


That was close! So it was only a 『pretense』. I was about to reflexively touch it…… After all, Class rep’s breasts are more ‘apparent’ than Asakura-san. (Andou)


「But, why are you putting on such an act?」

「It’s to ascertain your feelings. Look at me, I have such splendid breasts, do I not? Nn, it’s about a 『C』cup. But, Asakura-san’s breasts are—–somewhere around a 『B』, right?」



That’s the impression I got when I touched it. (Andou)


「That’s why even if it’s just for show, I’ll have you touch my breasts. By doing so, you can tell if the feeling was 『different』 than when you touched Asakura-san’s breast. If your heart beats fast like yesterday, then Andou-kun, you are simply a pervert.  But, if your heart doesn’t throb like yesterday when you touch my breasts, which are bigger than Asakura-san’s, that means you are  in 『love』 with her. Therefore, isn’t it because you have such feelings, your heart pounded hard when you touched Asakura-san’s breast?」

「I see!」


Class rep is a genius! (Andou)


「If you get it already, let’s begin.」

「Y-yes…… then, here I go.」

「Go on, but if you really touch it, I will kill you, okay?」

「I know!」


Well, I can tolerate it somewhat if it’s Andou-kun, but it’ll be scary if this matter is leaked out to Asakura-san. Taking that into consideration, making the touch only a pretense was the safest option. (Class Rep)


Bring my hand—–closer—–to Class rep’s breasts! *thump thump* (Andou)





*Thump Thump*


「…………..Andou-kun, what——-are you doing?」

W-what’s with that timing?! (Class Rep)


Asakura-san is hereeeeeee! (Andou)


Translator notes:

Asakura: Omae wa mou shindeiru!

Andou: *cold sweat*

Class rep: *runs away*


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