Chapter 38 – Boobies


TL: Agni

TLC: Kriz

Editor: Isalee

QC: Kittsune

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「Now…….Would you like to explain what just happened?」


Andou-kun…… Leaving aside that h-h-h-he had touched my breasts….. D-d-don’t tell me, he had the guts to touch Class rep’s breasts too. There is no comprehensible explanation for this situation—–  (Asakura)


Hiiiiiiii! Why am I kneeling in ‘seiza’ before Asakura-san in the library?! Shit…… The main culprit, Class rep was like——-

『Andou-kun, here, I entrust this matter to you. I’ll be leaving first! It’s alright. Don’t worry about me…… as I don’t give a damn about you too!』

——–Saying that before she completely disappears……. That damn woman! (Andou)


「Now, I wonder what the heck just happened? I saw you about to touch Class rep’s breasts——-」

「I-it’s not like that!」

「What——-is ?」

「It was just to be sure!」

「To be sure? Of?」

「That is—–」


Shit! How should I answer that? I can’t possibly be honest and say ‘to ascertain my feelings for you’……. Right! (Andou)


「That is—— to be sure ‘whether my heart pounds at Class rep’s large boobs’!」


「Hiiiiiii! I-I’m sorry!」


What? Why is Asakura-san super mad at me when I’m telling her the truth?! (Andou)

W-w-w-w-what! I knew it! Andou-kun is fond of large-breasted girls! E-e-even though he had touched my breasts! Since mine were small, his heart didn’t ‘throb’. Isn’t that what he’s saying?!  (Asakura)


「Fu———n, I see….. You’re very fond of large boobs. Hmm, my boobs are small after all…… you know since you’ve touched it. Surely you must feel disappointed comparing mine with Class rep’s, right?」



C-craaaaap! I see! The words I said just now were taken by Asakura-san as ‘Hey, small breast’! This is bad! Rather than making Asakura-san misunderstand, being honest and saying ‘it was to ascertain my feelings for you’ would have been a hundred times better! (Andou)


「A-Asakura-san, that’s not it! T-that was—-」

「What is it? You still want to make excuses….. It’s not like my tiny breasts are—–」


Say it! Go on, tell her! Tell her I tried to touch Class rep’s breasts to recognise my 『feelings』! When I was about to touch Class rep’s breasts, my heart did pound, but it was obviously different from the throbbing I had for Asakura-san. When I touched her breasts, my heart didn’t just palpitate merely because I was touching breasts….. By touching Asakura-san, the ‘prettiest girl’ and coming into direct contact with ‘that’, I realized it!

That towards you, I——-  (Andou)


「I like Asakura-san’s boobs more!」

「Fue!? A-Andou-kun?」


W-What did he just say——Andou-kun…….. He L-l-l-likes my boobs?! Boobs as in breasts…….right? Breasts is a body part, yeah…… And my body is a part of me. That means I can apply this equation as boobs=me or me=boobs. Then, Andou-kun’s words just now becomes—— 『I like Asakura-san (‘s boobs)!』! (Asakura)


「——Eh, Ah……! Wait, just now I don’t think I communicated it sufficiently……」

「Do you really find…… my boobs  more……. to your liking…… than large boobs?」

「Eh, Aa……yes」

「Really? Compared to Class rep’s boobs?」


「T-Then! Compared to Class rep’s big boobs, my…… Even so, you like my boobs more?」





Andou-kun……..likes me! Me—— he said he 『likes』 me! (Asakura)


「Nnnn, *ahem*!」


「It can’t be helped then. I-I’ll let you off this time.」


「Yeah, but on one condition!」

「Condition…….tell me! I’ll listen to whatever you want!」


If Asakura-san is willing to let me off, whether it’s one or two conditions, I’ll accept them all! (Andou)


「Then, I’ll tell you…….the condition.」

「The condition is……..T-that—— 『from now on, except for mine, Andou-kun is prohibited from touching other girls’ boobs!』」


C-come again? (Andou)


「W-what? Don’t tell me……you can’t accept it?」

「No……. Rather, I don’t get why you gave me that condition.」

「You, you don’t get it?! Andou-kun, you touched my boobs, didn’t you?」


「That’s why, it becomes your responsibility!」


「Of course! I’m not the type of woman who simply lets someone touches her body——-much less feel my breast! If despite this, you who has touched my boobs still recklessly touch other girls’ breasts at school, wouldn’t the 『value of my boobs』 plummet?!」


T-that’s right! *pishan*(1) (Andou)


「That’s why, as it’s your responsibility to protect the ‘value’ of my boobs since you’ve touched it, you aren’t allowed to carelessly touch other girls’ boobs!」

「S-so that’s what you meant!」
「Besides…….A-Andou-kun, you like my ‘boobs’ the most, right? If that’s true, then you don’t need other people’s breasts since you’ve touched the best boobs!」

「It’s exactly as you said!」


Asakura-san! You’re wrong! There is no such thing as unnecessary boobs in this worlddddddddddd! H-however, so as not to fan her anger, I could only do as she said….. Besides, even if I don’t make such promises, there won’t be any other girl that will let a 『loner』 like me touch her boobs! Hahaha, it’s sad to say so myself! (Andou)


「Good! S-So it’s a promise!」


「Looking at other girls’ boobs is off limits!」





Ever since I escaped, I’ve been listening to their entire conversation from outside the library, but……

Andou-kun and Asakura-san, why aren’t the both of you getting together? (Class rep)


TN notes:

(1) The sound of enlightenment (lol)


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