Chapter 39 – 100 Points


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「Now that we’re safely through with the midterm tests, and the marks are out……. Asakura-san and Andou-kun will announce their test scores right here, in this library!」

「Yes, Class Rep!」
「Wah ~ *clap clap*


How should I put it, why is the Class Rep being the one in charge? Well, whatever. (Andou)


「By the way, if Asakura-san manages to get full marks in mathematics this time, then she will receive a reward from Andou-kun!」

「「Wah ~ *clap clap*」」


Andou-kun’s……reward. (Asakura)

Crap, I didn’t prepare anything yet…….would something like a discount coupon from Matsu*ya (1) be okay? (Andou)


「Then, when I call out the subject, both of you will answer with your marks! Let’s begin with 『Japanese』!」


「99 points!」

「67 points.」


「Andou-kun, isn’t Asakura-san helping you with your studies? How about putting in a bit more effort…」

「Hold on, Class Rep! Even so, haven’t my marks gone up?」


「Then, the next subject is the least prolific among the five other subjects, 『Social Studies』!」


「97 points!」

「56 points.」


「…….Andou-kun, did you even study?」

「I did! Hey, look at it properly! Aren’t my scores above 50?!」


「Then, next, the most hated subject amongst the five for many students, 『Science』!」

「Oi, Class Rep! Stop making enemies with all the science students!」


「92 points!」

「83 points.」


「Oo….Andou-kun, your score for this is almost as good as Asakura-san’s. That is to say, you did try your best, didn’t you?」

「Look, the science test this time was mostly about electric current, alright?」


Aa, I guess so…. (Class Rep)


「Well then, the next one is Andou-kun’s weakest subject, 『English』! The result of Asakura-san’s help in your studies is!?」


「97 points!」
「41 points!」



「I tried my best…..but, Andou-kun still couldn’t read all the words written in the textbook……」

「It rose! Even if it’s like this, my marks still rose! Look, it almost wasn’t a fail! Moreover, considering I only scored 12 points last time, this can be counted as a terrific boost!」


「Now, let’s move forward to the main event!」
「…………..」 *gulp*

「…………..」 *gulp*


Finally it’s time for…….Andou-kun’s reward. (Asakura)


Alright, I’ll kneel down and apologize the instant I hear her score…. Or, I’ll just resign myself to give her the coupon for the gyudon shop…… (Andou)


「Last subject! Your score in 『Math』 is?!」


「98 points.」

「100 points.」



「He? A-Asakura-san?」


Andou-kun’s reward……I wanted it. (Asakura)



「I’m sorry. I……couldn’t get 100 points.」

「No way…..then Asakura-san, why did you made me announce the test results in the library? Why didn’t you tell me about it when you said Andou-kun was going to be humiliated right in front of us?」

「Oi, Class Rep, hold on!」
「I’m sorry…..Since Class Rep and Andou-kun have helped me greatly in my studies, I couldn’t bring myself to say it…..」

「I see……I didn’t take into consideration that Asakura-san might have failed, my bad……」

「I’m……really sorry.」


Asakura-san didn’t get 100 points on this test? That idiot……to be honest, this test was not even hard. I also taught Asakura-san the contents which I anticipated to appear in the test……. (Andou)


「Hey, Asakura-san. If it’s alright with you, could you show me your test? I want to see where you went wrong.」


「E, eeh……….Over here」

「Hold on, Andou-kun! Doing such thing…..Won’t Asakura-san mind it?」

「Class Rep, it’s fine. After all, Andou-kun already went as far as to overlook my studies for my sake……」


This is——- (Andou)


「Asakura-san, is this the question where you made a mistake?」


「This is…….the last question? But, the answer is indeed ‘0’………wait, the ‘x’ from the equation was subtracted?!」

「That’s right… the middle of solving the last question, I subtracted the equation instead of adding it……but the final answer is correct. Therefore I lost 2 points.」

「Aa, which reminds me, for some reason, only the last question in mathematics required us to also include the equation with the answer. Because the score is split between the answer and the equation, the allotment for the scores were high……」

「That’s why, I got 98 points.」


But, doesn’t this mean……It is Asakura-san, so—— (Andou)


「Andou-kun, I’m really sorry even though I’ve been troubling you with my studies…..」

「You did your best, Asakura-san.」



W-what?! Andou-kun is suddenly patting my head…… (Asakura)


「I understand. Asakura-san, you simply wrote the equation incorrectly, didn’t you? Even though you already calculated it in your head, you carelessly wrote a different sign in front of the equation. After all in this equation, even when you wrote a 『-』 inside the 『()』, the 『-』 doesn’t change to a 『+』.  However, usually, your answer will also differ. But since you got the right answer, that’s the proof that Asakura-san had calculated it correctly in your head. I’m sure you’re the type that needs time to solve this kind of question, therefore because you were impatient, you made a mistake with your equation.

But, from my point of view, rather than say you ‘failed to get 100 points’……’s more like ‘well done for getting 98 points’. After all, even if you wrote the equation incorrectly, Asakura-san managed to solve the question, and got the right answer within the limited time you had!」


A-Andou-kun……..he’s not mad at me? Even though I failed to get 100 points? Am I dreaming? (Asakura)


「B-but…….I didn’t get…….100 points.」 *sob*

「Haaah, what are you saying? You’re smarter than me…….You’re 『silly』.」



W-what?! Andou-kun, I will cry if you say such things—- (Asakura)


「Listen, Asakura-san. Scoring 100 points on a test is pointless, as it’s no more than a numerical value. The important thing is to 『confirm』 whether you have properly grasped the subject you’ve learned so far. Therefore, you don’t have to give a damn about the 『numbers』 on that scrap of paper. After all, there wasn’t any questions you didn’t understand on this test, right?」


「Then, it’s alright. Because it’s been ‘confirmed’ through this test that you already turned all the lesson you’ve learned in class into your own knowledge! Just think of this matter as a quibble from that worthless-mathematic-teacher, against your trivial mistake. It’s not even an exaggeration if I say that writing the equation as we solve the question is merely a waste of time, since it’s been proven on this test! You’ve done your best, Asakura-san. Well done, well done…..」



Andou-kun’s hand……is gentle. Each time he caresses my head, there is this 『warm』 feeling inside of my chest. (Asakura)


「Asakura-san, perhaps…… might not be convinced by my words alone. If you’re still hung up over your marks, let me give you a new one!」


「Andou-kun?! What are you writing on Asakura-san’s test…….aaah!!」


Andou-kun, he wrote ‘100’ on my test using red pen—— (Asakura)


「Look, now you have 100 points on your test! Whatever others might say, I recognise this test as having full marks, 100 points. There’s no doubt about it since I, who achieved 100 points, said it! If there is anyone who dares to complain, even if it’s the teacher, I’ll beat him up!
Therefore, Asakura-san……….don’t worry about it anymore, okay?」

「Andou-kun………I’m so happy! It’s the first time I ever got 100 points!」


Thank God. Asakura-san cheered up. (Andou)

Andou-kun……..I knew it. I really like you! (Asakura)



I wonder why………this should be a heartwarming conversation, but if you compared both of their results——-

Asakura-san → academic rank 1st out of 123 students

Andou-kun → academic rank 49th out of 123 students

Andou-kun………isn’t it improper for someone in your position to say something like that? (Class Rep)


TN Notes:

(1) Refer to Matsuya, a cheap gyudon beef chain restaurant.

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