Chapter 40 – Reward


TL: Agni

TLC: Kriz

Editor: Lady Blue

QC: Kittsune

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「Isn’t that great, Asakura-san? You got 100 points from Andou-kun.」

「Yes, I’m so happy!」


Thank god. With this, Asakura-san’s smile is—— (Andou)


「After all, I thought that I wouldn’t receive a ‘reward’ from Andou-kun!」



S-shitttttttt! That’s right! I have to give her a reward if she gets a 100 points! I completely forgot! I mean, if I hadn’t done anything, I wouldn’t have had to give her a reward! What the hell was I doing?! Damn it……..If I didn’t give her 100 points——– ‘Aah~ how regrettable. It can’t be helped then, I’ll give you one more point to raise your points to 99’———and said that instead, I would have been safeeeeeeeeeee! (Andou)


「A-Andou-kun…….when you said 『Ah』, don’t tell me you…….」

「Eh, the ‘reward’…….Andou-kun, you don’t have it?」 *depressed*


T-this is bad! Class Rep seems to have seen through my agitation and noticed that I didn’t prepare a ‘reward’! Moreover, Asakura-san, do you have to be that depressed over my non-existent reward?! (Andou)


「No no no! S-sure, I don’t have a ‘reward’ for Asakura-san right now, but I’ll have it prepared right away!」

「What’s that supposed to mean, Andou-kun? If you don’t have it, you should have said so sooner.」

「Class Rep, shut up! I am desperately trying to think right now! 」

「Andou-kun, I didn’t put that much expectations on the ‘reward’ so it’s okay even if you don’t have it.」



Asakura-san! What a sweet girl you are! (Andou)


It’s a lie! Actually I reeeeally really wanted Andou-kun’s ‘reward! B-but…….in my heart, the words that Andou-kun said earlier was already a form of ‘reward’ itself, sooooooo, I’ll forgive you this time! (Asakura)


……….But, that won’t cut it! I promised Asakura-san that I’ll give her a ‘reward’ if she gets a 100 points. Moreover, since I acknowledged her full marks, I want to give Asakura-san a ‘reward’ that will make her happy!

But, what kind of ‘reward’ will she be delighted with……think, me! For example, if Asakura-san were to give me a ‘reward’, I’d be happy with——-

  • A kiss on the cheeks!
  • Reading our favorite light novels together.
  • Your reward . is . me ♪

What an idiot I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! There’s no way Asakura-san will be happy with that! How can Asakura-san, the most beautiful girl in school, be happy with things like ‘a kiss on the cheek’, ‘read light novel together’ or ‘your present is me!’ from a ‘loner’ like me!

Damn it! If it comes to this—— (Andou)


「Asakura-san, I’m sorry! I haven’t prepared any ‘reward’ that you would be happy with! 」


My last resort! Dogeza(1)! (Andou)


「Wait! A-Andou-kun! You don’t have to suddenly kneel. I’m fine even without a ‘reward’. After all, this test with 100 marks from Andou-kun is already the best ‘reward’ for me.」



How kind of her……… that test which I’d marked isn’t even of any value, yet she regarded such a thing as her ‘reward’——- (Andou)


「Well, it’s from you that’s why she believes that……….Fufufu, Andou-kun! Being a very kind-hearted Class Rep, I’ll give you a good suggestion!」

「A good suggestion…….?」

「Of course. Andou-kun, you couldn’t prepare a ‘reward’ for Asakura-san because you didn’t know what would make her happy, did you?」


「Then, isn’t it fine if you let Asakura-san choose the ‘reward’ herself?」


「Eh, Class Rep?」

「Andou-kun, think about it. In the first place, it was a mistake to consider that a ‘loner’ like you would be able to choose a present that can make Asakura-san happy.」


「Eeeeeeeeeeh, Andou-kun?!」


Don’t agree with her, Andou-kun! I’ll be happy with whatever ‘reward’ you choose for me! (Asakura)


「So, since tomorrow is a holiday, how about the both of you go to town together, and whilst you’re walking about, if Asakura-san finds something she likes, just give it to her as a present.」

「Ooooo! That works, Class Rep! Asakura-san, is that fine with you?」
「Eh? Ah, yes.」

「Then, Andou-kun. I think you should meet her in front of the train station.」

「Okay! What time?」

「Naturally 12 p.m., at lunch time!」

「I don’t get what you mean by ‘naturally’, but, OK! 」




Andou-kun, that………isn’t that what you usually called a ‘date’?! Hou?! That means…….tomorrow I’m going on a date with Andou-kuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!!! (Asakura)


TN notes:

(1) Kneeling down on the ground….


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