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3-5: You’re Not A Familiar?

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

QC: Ladyblue

First published on Ainushi


「Please, Leonard-sama」


As I begged, I stared directly at him. It was Leonard-sama who turned his eyes away first.


「… Very well. Milis, if you hurt Lily, I’ll get mad」

「Master, I don’t want to!」

「Milis. I’m getting angry」


Milis-san continued to express her dislike. After removing Jill from my lap and leaving her to Amdo-san, I smiled at Leonard-sama who was looking really worried.


「It’ll be fine, Leonard-sama. We’re just going to have a small talk」



Leonard-sama’s truly a gentle person, isn’t he? Forgive me for selfishly asking for this. I pray it’ll turn fruitful.  


「Uh… Milis-san」

「I prefer if you didn’t utter my name so familiarly, human!」

「For now, I would like to speak with you privately. Could you create a barrier so no one overhears us?」


When she replied back to me in a harsh tone, I requested that. I’d heard that spirits can erect barriers so I’m sure she’ll probably be able to do it.  


「Why should I follow your orders?」


Milis-san gave a hmph and turned her face away. Well, I expected that reaction from her.


「… Well, it’s fine with me if others hear it」

「About what?」

「But you’ll probably be troubled by it… Well, if you’re fine with it, then I guess it’s okay」

「Like I said, what are you on about?」

「I feel like I’ve understood why you’re so hostile to other women」


In that instant, she was shocked silent. After that, Milis-san grabbed ahold of my hand and dragged me off to a spot further away from them.


「So be it, I’ll play along」 Milis-san’s eyes were roaming about excessively. She was really shaken, wasn’t she?


Then without delay, she raised a barrier. Though I’m sure they can’t hear our voices, but to be on the safe side, I had my back facing them and tried not to move my lips so much that they could read it.


「Milis-san, you love Amdo-san, don’t you?」


「You’re stuttering a lot」


Wow~! What an obvious reaction. It’s that, yup. I did think that Milis-san was a tsundere earlier, but it seems I was spot on.  


With her ears turned red, I felt Milis-san who had the feelings of a girl in love was adorable.


「It’s not like you hate other women, you just dislike them getting close to Amdo-san」

「Th-Th-That’s not…」

「I’m not wrong. It’s plain to see」


I could see she loved Amdo-san and was desperately trying to control her own fear and unease. I understand that but—


「There’s no point in taking those actions if you don’t get Amdo-san to like you first」

「Wh-what would you know!?」


Oh, she’s mad. She’s really tearing up.


「What would a woman like you who’s feminine and know how to cook know?」

「Leaving your appearances aside, have you only thought of winning the fight with just food? 」


No, well, is that the reason she acts like that?


「Why are men attracted to women who can cook anyways? What are women who can’t cook supposed to do?」


As though she had lost all the vigor she had displayed earlier, Milis-san was now squatting on the ground, hugging her knees. That’s a serious complex. But judging by the way she speaks of it, doesn’t that mean…


「Who told you that previously?」


With a snap, Milis-san stiffened. She raised her head and told me about it.  


「Both Sid and Amdo. Sid knew that I can’t cook and then told me that as a woman, I should be able to cook and then, Amdo nodded in agreement with him. But generally, spirits don’t need to know how to cook! Why does Sid know how to cook?! And why does Amdo eat it like its normal!?」


Complaining with teary eyes.


Hmm, but in that case, there is a solution to this.  


「I could teach you how to cook」


「Cleaning, sewing, cooking, and washing laundry are things I’m able to do because I’m a maid. Do you want me to teach you?」



You don’t have to look at me with such eyes. I’ll teach you anyway.


Come to think of it, Milis will probably feel better if we’re together. At the same time, she can see that I’m not after Amdo-san.


「While we’re at it, don’t you think it’ll be worth having me as your ally? If you do, we can have these sort of discussions again」

「You’ll hear me out again?」

「Yes, I’ll be delighted to. I would love it if we could become friends」

「Friends… With a spirit like me?」


Bewildered, Milis-san repeated it back. Oh, was that a bit shameless of me?


But I do want to get along with her though. While this current situation isn’t bad, however it would be much more fun to have another girl closer to my age that I can chat with.


「Is that impossible?」

「A-Alright. If you insist, I suppose we can be friends!」


Though she said “Uh-huh” while turning her face away, I could clearly see that her eyes were bright red from hiding her embarrassment.


Yup! Once you get she’s a tsundere, she’s so cute. I should back her up. That said, if I don’t, it doesn’t seem like Amdo-san will realize her affections.


「Then, let’s get along well, Milis-san」

「Y-You can just call me Milis. I’ll call you Lily」

「Are you sure that’s fine?」

「Y-you don’t need to use keigo either! W-W-We’re friends after all!」


… Milis-san dere-ed! She definitely dere-ed. Wow~ it’s impressively destructive! Now, my heart’s just writhing in agony~!


When I grabbed onto her unconsciously, Milis-san jumped in surprised and panickly raised her voice.


「It’d be a pleasure, Milis!」



Fufu~ Scored myself a female friend! This way, Milis-san… Nope, wait. I’m still not that close to Milis and there’s still a household problem we have to solve.


In that case, I have to declare this to Milis first.


「Milis, I’m not interested in Amdo-san as a romantic love interest and so, I’ll give it my all to help things go smoothly for you」

「I-I know that … If not, I wouldn’t b-be calling you my friend」

「But it’s better if I said it so you can have a peace of mind」

「Seriously, you’re too considerate… Thanks」


Although Milis said it in surprise with her lips pursed, she immediately displayed a sweet smile on her face.


「Fufu, Milis. When you smile like that, you look doubly cute. If you show that expression, Amdo-san’s heart will probably throb as well」



Seeing her turned bright red, how cute! Now, I’m sure everyone must be worried. We better return and report back to them.


That we’ve become friends!


「Welcome back」


When we step out of the barrier, Leonard-sama met us halfway with a relieved smile. Mm, sorry for making you worried.


When she saw it by accident from the side, Milis’ eyes widened in surprised and she was rendered speechless.


「M-Master’s smiling…!」

「Amdo-san said that too but Leonard-sama usually smiles」


Well, I did first believe he was expressionless. But when I observed him closely, I had a general grasp of his feelings and as the days passed, he slowly began to smile.


「This is the first time I’ve seen master’s smile!」

「Eh? Really?」

「Yep. I’ve been serving him for five years and not once have I ever seen that」

「More importantly, why are the both of you so buddy-buddy. What did you talk about?」


When I look in the direction of that astonished voice, I saw Sid-san watching us with a somewhat amused expression on his face.


「Uh… Well… Yeah」

「Well yeah…」


Of course we weren’t going to really talk about them right here, so I exchanged glances with Milis and gave a suitable reply.


「We ended up hitting it off while talking about how much of a womanizer you are」

「Well, don’t! Because I’m not!」

「Huh? So then who was it that told me a proper woman should be able to cook a meal with a know-it-all attitude?」

「No! I was referring to humans… Milis, you’re a spirit in the first place!」

「I don’t want to hear that from someone who can do any household chores!」


Ohhh, why aren’t they casually taking jabs at each other? They’re actually quite close, aren’t they?


As I was admiring their exchange, Leonard-sama asked me in doubt.


「But what happened that you’re so close now?」

「We simply talked about something that was troubling her. Ah, it’s a secret between girls」

「… I feel a little left out」


As he didn’t want to say it, I poked at his lips teasingly with my forefinger but what came back was an unbelievably lonely smile.  


「Despite being her contractor, I didn’t notice」



I want to comfort him but I can’t really tell him the truth, hmm…


「 So you knew that Milis had a hard time expressing her true feelings?」

「To an extent」

「Whenever she gets nervous, she says and does things she doesn’t mean to. So even though she wanted to make friends, she ends up driving people away. I realized this because I know someone similar」

「I see」


That’s a lie. But it is true that as Milis is a tsundere, she’s bad at expressing herself.  


「So, will you become Milis’ friend, Lily?」

「We’re already friends」


Leonard-sama’s smile was very affectionate when he nodded his head in agreement and said “I see” at my words. I could feel he was genuinely delighted for her.


「Ever since you came here, it’s felt like a nice breeze has started flowing」


「I and everyone else have changed for the better. Thank you for coming here, Lily」


When he said that with such an amazing smile like a flower blooming, it was so gorgeous that I couldn’t bear to look at it. Umm, t-that reminds me, where’s Jill? Perturbed, I removed my gaze and soon found Jill.



「Don’t wake her up」


There on a bewildered Amdo-san’s lap was Jill sleeping peacefully. Oh, my.  


She looks so cute but Amdo-san seems troubled. I better step in relieve him from it. I leaned over and picked up Jill’s petite body.



「If you’re taking a nap, come here to okaa-san」



Taking her in my arms did slightly wake her up, but when I embraced her and patted her back lightly, she immediately went back to sleep again.


「Thanks. Sorry to bother you」

「No, it’s okay. Thank you for helping me」


Amdo-san thanked me in relief. As I held onto Jill, I nodded my head in response.


Ah, she’s so warm. Leonard-sama said since I came here, everyone has been changing for the better, but to me, the sun in this house is Leonard-sama. Everyone else is so nice and individualistic. The time we spent here is so calm.  


  Mm, I hope these days will continue on and on.

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