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4-1: The Magician Lacks Common Sense

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

QC: Lady Blue

First published on Ainushi


  Moments later, the heartwarming feeling from the picnic was abruptly destroyed.


This happened shortly afterwards when Milis and Amdo-san returned to the mansion for her report on her mission――


Leonard-sama covered my upper body when a huge bang sound accompanied by a strong tremor occurred simultaneously.      


「… Are you alright? Are you injured?」

「I’m fine…」



Oh, yeah. It’s no wonder that she’s crying in fear, given that she was just sleeping when that sudden shock happened. For now, I recovered my footing and patted Jill, who was crying loudly on the back. Just what in the world happen? There’s a dust cloud rising up though.      




Uwaa, what is with that angry voice that’s like it crept out from the bottom of hell? Even I find it frightening!  


When I unconsciously move to reposition Jill in my arms, I realized Leonard-sama had quietly come up and was holding me.  


Ah, it feels warm. Though his dependable arms are slender, when I’m in his embrace, it definitely gives me a sense of relief that… No, no! Usually I don’t have such thoughts. It’s only because it’s a state of emergency right now. Settle down, me!


While I was wrestling with myself, a man’s voice shouting with anger came from beyond the dust cloud.


「Didn’t I say that you need to complete it by tomorrow?! Why are you taking time off?」

「The adjustments are finished」

「That’s right, the adjustments are… It’s done?」


He made a flabbergasted sound at Leonard-sama’s words at roughly the same time as the dust cloud dissipated. Standing there was a man about the same age as Leonard-sama. He was clad in a robe similar to him.


There was an earthy tone to his hair, possibly from dirt. With his macho looking countenance, he looked more like a knight than a magician.


In any case, since he purposely came all the way here, it must be because of some important business that can’t be delayed.   



「On it!」


Immediately after he responded to Leonard-sama, Sid-san submerged into the shadows. Not long after, he returned at once carrying a square box in his hand. Sid-san handed the box over to the man and said to him.


「You can check it」


The man opened the box that he received from Sid-san. He had an earnest expression when he checked the contents.


「O-Oh… You actually finished it」

「Leonard-sama, was that what you worked on?」

「Nn. I left it on the table, but it doesn’t seem like he noticed it」

「You should have left a message first. Otherwise, how is anyone going to find it if you’re just leaving the item on their table arbitrarily?」

「I see… That’s why you’re here」


Hold on, did you not inform him? Don’t think that’s the end of it. You should at least say a word to him. It’s important to communicate.


「… Why is that kid crying?」


Done with the verification, before I knew it, the man was looking at us.


「Willem, you broke the barrier and it made a loud sound」


When I lifted my head at Leonard-sama’s voice who was embracing both me and Jill, he was looking worriedly at us, his golden eyes closing in… Wait, too close, too close!  


「It-It’s alright. She’s just crying from shock, as she was sleeping when she heard that sudden, terrifying noise. Jill, come now. You have Leonard-sama and me here. There’s nothing to be afraid of」


*pon pon* As I patted her back to soothe her whilst she clung onto me, Jill stretched out her hand to Leonard-sama.



「It’s okay, I’m here」


Leonard-sama smiled tenderly, seeing that Jill was lisping from crying a lot. I’m good with that, but whilst I’m carrying Jill in my arms, Leonard-sama is clinging onto me so I can’t move away from him.


If a hunk is so close to me, I’ll weep. Someone save me! I really have no resistance against it. It’s breaking my heart!


「… Otou-san?」


A slight curious expression could be seen on the man’s face as he mumbled the word.


「Haven’t you heard that I adopted Jill?」

「No, I’d heard about it… But you? As a father?」

「Do you find it strange?」


His hand that stroked Jill’s head was brimming with complete utter affection for her. If he still thought it was strange after having seen this, then that fella over there is being seriously perverse. There, there… It looks like Jill has also pretty much calmed down.  


「Are you feeling better?」

「Nn. Okaa-san, thank you for hugging me」


Although there were traces of tear stains on Jill’s face as she gave a diminutive smile,  it didn’t seem like she was going to burst into tears again. The moment I sighed with relief, the other man suddenly raised his voice hysterically.  


「What!? Leonard, are you married!? Since when?」


Hah~ Not this again? I wonder how Leonard-sama is going to respond to this. I mean, in the end, what’s it going to be?


「Why so reserved? You should’ve told us if you were married! We could’ve brought a congratulatory gift」

「I’m not married」

「Hah? But that kid just called you otou-san and okaa-san? Doesn’t that mean you’re a couple?」

「No. Lily is just a servant」


Oh, he’s not lying to him. Then, it should be fine for me to treat him the same way.


「To begin with, why can’t we be parents if we’re not married?」

「Why? You-」

「Even if we’re not related, we can be a family and we can be parents without being a couple. Isn’t that enough? Am I wrong? If it is, tell me what I should do!」


As he fired his words, the tone of Leonard-sama’s voice became increasingly furious. Wait! Leonard-sama, wait! Stop!


「Leonard-sama, please calm down. It’s fine」

「But, But Lily, I-」

「I understand. I am well aware of why you needed a mother for Jill and how you’re not good with women. I’m here because I understand that」


Like what I did earlier for Jill, I patted Leonard-sama’s back and even if it was just slightly, I saw his shoulders loosened up.


Seriously, Leonard-sama! You’re too worked up. Besides back then, didn’t you notice that man’s brows were beginning to twitch. Hmm, wait why is he laughing?


「You really seem like a couple. Sorry, my apologies to the both of you」


「I knew you both weren’t married. However, I didn’t think anyone without an ulterior motive would agree to Leonard’s preposterous proposal」



In other words, you mean you were suspicious of me, and were just testing me out.


「Previously, there were a lot of flirtatious women that crashed our workplace. He was quite stumped by it」

「You were worried for Leonard-sama, weren’t you?」

「Well… He’s my friend」


Even if he dodged the question by turning his face away, he was exposed by his bright red ears. He sure handled it in a mature manner, not directly addressing what I had pointed out.     


「Allow me to make things clear. Many things have happened in the past to me. I have no intentions of ever getting married or falling in love. However, I do love children, so I was happy when Leonard-sama told me his proposal」


I smiled cheerfully when that man looked puzzled as I continued my words.


「I’m very happy with our current relationship and wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life like this. But should the day come when Leonard-sama meets someone he loves, I’ll gladly hand the reins over」

「Oi, wouldn’t that just be calling it off?」


Calling it off? Yup, that’s right. He really gets me.


It’s just I still wish for Leonard-sama’s happiness. I’ll hate to be in his way.


「Okaa-san, are you going somewhere?」

「As long as Leonard-sama needs me, I’ll be here. Even if it’s no longer necessary, I’ll always be your mother, Jill, and that will never change」

「No! I don’t want you to ever leave」


Ah, she’s crying again. I’m sorry, Jill. I can’t promise to stay by your side forever.


I’ve already gone back on my words with ‘him’. That’s why, I can’t make promises anymore.


「Ah~… Sorry about that」

「No, it’s all good」


Whilst I comforted a sobbing Jill, I smiled to the awkward, apologetic man and Leonard-sama who observed me with a worried expression.   


What broke the delicate situation after that was the arrival of our new guest.  


「Willem senpai, you’re going to have to write another apology」

「Geh, the noisy one’s here」


Descending lightly in the garden accompanied by a youthful voice was… a griffon?


I’m certain that’s what it is. A griffon was an animal that had the head and wings of an eagle, and it’s body was that of a hawk… Hmm, or was it’s body like a horse?


It’s a relatively famous mythical creature. In my previous life, it used to pop up quite often in the fantasy novels I’ve read. Even so, it’s so elegant~ How fascinating. I have to at least stroke it once.  


Nimbly dismounting from the back of its’ body to the ground was yet another youthful boy.


「Honestly, considering the fact that I constantly have to clean up your mess afterwards! Why did you have to forcibly break Mariel-dono’s barrier in the first place? Just how many layers do you think there were?」

「Aaa~aaa~ I can’t hear you~」

「Detonating mana to destroy a barrier is suicidal! If you weren’t sturdier than the average soldiers, you could have died, senpai! Do you understand?」

「Can’t~hear~you~ Agh! It hurts, it hurts! Stop pulling my ear!」

「Listen to what I’m telling you!」


Wow, how should put it? It’s like watching a parent with an unreasonable child. Except, the roles are in reverse.


「Willem, Cedric, quiet」

「Ah! I’m sorry, Mariel-dono. Was my senpai causing you pro…blems?」


The boy apologized in a hurry as he looked over here when suddenly, he stiffened. Why did his eyes widen… Ah.



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